Animals With 9 Letters

Animals With 9 Letters – Exotic animals provide audio cues for learning letters and reading words. 26 letter cards, 6½ inches x 8½ inches each, and numbers 0-9 with counting dots.

Create fun worksheets or match words/word families, math facts and more. 36 riders in 6 colors, 10 gondolas, 32 inches x 35½ inches two-piece wheels w…

Animals With 9 Letters

Animals With 9 Letters

Stimulate active learning and improve reading fluency with the Sight Words flashcard set. Count on this classy series to learn…

Russian Alphabet All 33 Letters Cyrillic Stock Vector (royalty Free) 563925406

Introduce 10 basic shapes: circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, square, rectangle, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, and octagon. Rich content involved in viewing…

Use this festive balloon theme to celebrate birthdays all year round. Rich content attracts viewers and aligns with learning standards. …

Smiling crayons and familiar objects teach colors and color words. Used for matching activities or highlights of student work. 10 boxes of cinnamon…

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