Away In A Manger Piano Letters

Away In A Manger Piano Letters – How to play Away in a Manger on the piano or keyboard. Note that this is the English version of the melody. This is a song made famous by Away in a Manger.

Like Silent Night and Merry Christmas, Away in a Manger is in 3/4 (Waltz).

Away In A Manger Piano Letters

Away In A Manger Piano Letters

It is written here in F major, which is a comfortable key for most people to sing it in.

Letter Notes For Two Hands

With the exception of the last few notes, which are alternated, almost the same melody is repeated twice in each verse. However, there is little change in the chords of the accompaniment.

Here is the full melody written on the treble clef, as you would play it with the right hand:

Listen to the melody (a MIDI file, it should play directly in your browser. Alternatively, iTunes or Quicktime will play it).

Here’s how to add one bass note to each bar to add a little harmony. In fact, he only uses three different notes — C, F and G.

Free Choir Sheet Music

If you just want to play suitable chords so you can sing or have another instrument play the melody, these are very simple ones. Note that the chord in bar 8 in the first inversion is G major (this is significant because it requires you to play B natural rather than B flat). It’s not bad if you play a G minor chord here, but I prefer this version.

In the final version the chords are played on the right hand, with the melody note being the highest, plus two bass notes eight notes apart in the left hand.

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Note that the lowest note or two in each bar is held to the right for the duration (three beats) of playing the melody notes. This can be done by physically holding the notes down (if they are comfortable), using the sustain pedal, or a combination. See what would sound best – usually keeping a whole bar with only a few melody notes each will still give a pleasing sound without the fear of notes crashing into each other too much.

Away In A Manger Piano Letters

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