Neon Bulletin Board Letters

Neon Bulletin Board Letters – I absolutely love DIY classroom decor so I wanted to show you how to make your own bulletin board letters in any font, size, style and color you want! I promise it’s easy!

Making bulletin board letters is super easy and, best of all, cheap! All you need is colorful paper and a printer to print with black ink! You can then tag your entire classroom as much as you like for super cheap!

Neon Bulletin Board Letters

Neon Bulletin Board Letters

This simple step-by-step guide uses PowerPoint on your computer. It might be different on a Mac or with a different version of PowerPoint, but I imagine it’s pretty similar! I can help if you need it in the comments section – I’ll help support you so feel free to ask any questions there!

Printable Letters & Numbers For Bulletin Boards And Signs 4

This is to make your own bulletin board letters in any font/color/size/etc. that you want like MATH letters on my math board. Large colorful letters are perfect for creating a “Word Wall”, “Our Best Work” or any board you want to title!

If you’d like to see chalkboard math activities, I show these fun activities in action in my First Grade Number Sense post with tons of ideas for introducing numbers at the beginning of the year!

Step 1: Open a new, blank PowerPoint slide and adjust its paper size. This is the step that seems the most technical, but I promise it’s easy and, once you’ve done it once or twice, you’ll be able to do it in your sleep.

When you open a new presentation, it will most likely be set to “Widescreen” by default and will be widescreen and landscape in size. I prefer to make a “Portrait” page by clicking on DESIGN at the top, then the SELECT SIZE drop down box, then CUSTOM SLIDE SIZE.

Lettering Alphabet, Neon Alphabet, Text, Logo, Number Png

This will give you a normal PowerPoint page that you can print on regular copy paper. I do this before creating anything! Because of this, the page is printed in portrait style on plain copy paper. 🙂

And now the fun part! Choose the font you want to use! I LOVE fonts. There are tons of free fonts on TpT for personal use. For this example I’m using KG Shake It Off Chunky which is one of my (many) favorites.

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Click TEXT BOX. Click somewhere on the page, hold down the mouse, drag the mouse diagonally to create a frame, then release. It doesn’t matter how big you make the text box or where you place it – you can change it all later.

Neon Bulletin Board Letters

Create the size you want by typing a number in the font size box (usually the drop-down list to the right of the font name). I entered 600 for my example.

Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas + Tips

To move a letter to the desired location on the page, click on the dotted line of the text box to turn it into a solid line, allowing you to select the entire box. You can then drag that box to the desired location with the mouse. Make sure your letter remains white (that’s the page and how it will look when printed).

Highlight a letter by clicking on one side of the letter and dragging to the other side, then release. This should make a gray box above the letters like this:

Click on the A with the small rectangle below it. (It looks just like an A with a rectangle underneath that you always click to change the font color.)

Click Fill with text. Click on No Fill. Your letter will disappear for a second, don’t worry, it should.

Pacon Self Adhesive Paper Letters

Then click on Text Outline. Click on Full line. Your letter should reappear as an outline (most likely in blue).

Then you’ll see a box just below that called Width. It is most likely at 0.75. Make it as thick as you like…play with it by clicking the up and down arrows until you get the thickness you want. For my example I used 18 pt so I clicked the up arrow a lot. 🙂 [If you don’t want a border and just want a light color letter with no border, leave it at 0.75 so you have a super thin line to follow when you cut it out.]

Repeat for any other letters you’re trying to make for what you’re saying. You can easily do this by clicking on the slide you just made on the left where a small version of the slide is displayed. After clicking on the slide, hold down CTRL + D (hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press the letter D). This will duplicate the slide in an exact copy so you can easily change the letter. You can press CTRL+D as many times as needed to spell whatever you want! 🙂

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Neon Bulletin Board Letters

Simply cut out the letters! I personally like to leave a black wide border on them and cut it around the edge.

Purple Chevron Alphabet Letter Clip Art Resizable And

If you want the borderless letters to be just that letter in a light color, you would leave the width at 0.75 in step 3 and just cut it along that line.

For letters that have an inside, I recommend using a small knife from a craft store to cut out the insides like this:

This is the base for my rotary cutter that I love for cutting centers. You can see it on this list of classroom must-haves full of great classroom stuff that also has the bright paper I use and other fun things.

You can do this to create so many bulletin board tags for your classroom! Your word wall, your math wall, your student worksheet, whatever! Create and label to your heart’s content! I just love making my own letters because it’s so cheap – just colored paper and black ink – and I can make them HUGE to brighten up any display. I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or need help! I will reply to that post to help you out. 🙂

Happy Rainbow Bulletin Board Letters & Numbers {uprint}

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Neon Bulletin Board Letters

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What better way to light up your billboards, banners and signs than with NEON letters? Simply print, cut and display – it’s easy! Created using the Happy Monkey font, each letter has a thin, black outline to make cutting a breeze! The capital letters measure approximately 5 inches in height.

“Special characters” vary in size and include the following: * ? ! . ‘ – + @ # $ & Barker Creek 2

PDF zip file containing 4 complete printable PDF sets (letters, numbers and special characters). Color sets include neon pink, green, blue and yellow. These are non-editable files.

Please note that colors may differ slightly from what you see on your screen, depending on monitor variations and the selected print material.

As there are no refunds, cancellations or exchanges (due to the nature of the product), please ask questions before purchasing and let me know if there is a problem with the file. I will do my best to solve the problem.

Neon Bulletin Board Letters

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How To Make An Easy Bulletin Board

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Neon Bulletin Board Letters

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