Baby Shark Piano Letters

Baby Shark Piano Letters – We know it’s not always easy to know where to start when it comes to learning music. With so many YouTube videos, it’s overwhelming to know what to do. Click here for more info.

I think it’s safe to say that Baby Shark has officially taken the world by storm. It’s like Sharknado meets pre-school! I think some of our popular Baby Shark is coming but it’s still coming. The interesting thing is that I knew a few different versions of the song before I heard it on YouTube by PinkFong, who is immensely popular, which now stands at 2.5 billion views! Yes, billions with a “B.”

Baby Shark Piano Letters

Baby Shark Piano Letters

While the origins are up for debate, according to Wikipedia, it most likely originated as a field song or song. But the popularity is much more and more running and even the dance version of “Baby Shark” was published online in a YouTube video in 2007 called “Kleiner Hai” and published by Alexandra Müller, also known in the stage name alemuel.

Baby Shark Sheet Music Xylophone

Later, South Korean education brand PinkFong exploded onto the pre-school scene in 2015 and the rest is Baby Shark history.

For more on the Mozart Color Me Mozart™ music course, click here to find out more. Your child can learn music, piano and xylophone with real music education that can be applied to any instrument in the future. Give the gift of music to your child or student.

Here at Color Me Mozart™, we believe that every kid can learn to play music. Most importantly, we feel that every child should have the opportunity to learn music, piano or any other instrument. Music is such a rich language that supports cognitive, emotional and social development.

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That’s why we created a curriculum that was not only effective in teaching music and piano, but also affordable to add to anyone’s home or school.

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