Balloon Mosaic Letters Template Free

Balloon Mosaic Letters Template Free – Who else loves these beautiful textured frames? While not something completely new, Balloon Mosaics ™️ and Balloon Mosaic Frames are another balloon trend that is on the rise!

Self-confessed “Pink” fan and lover of all things festive Lilly Jimenez, founder of The Creative Heart Studio, used her artistic skills and design background to create the fresh approach that is Balloon Mosaics.

Balloon Mosaic Letters Template Free

Balloon Mosaic Letters Template Free

Rewind to February 2017 when Lily shared one of her first projects, Unicorn Kisses and Rainbow Wishes. In this initial experience she showed her inspiration and design ideas to create a beautiful Unicorn themed party, and her first Balloon Mosaic was born. To read the full article just click on the link above or visit

Diy Balloon Mosaic Letter

If you’d like to learn how to make this Pineapple Balloon Mosaic, Lilly provides complete instructions in the how-to video below.

Lilly has an amazingly wide selection of Balloon Mosaic Patterns available for purchase. To see the full range click HERE

As with all great new trends, it won’t take too long for an idea or concept to start gaining traction in its popularity. Last year at the Qualatex Event Mexico, Zoe Adam-Jones, CBA, of Jaz Trading, Queensland, Australia used mosaic frames as part of her entrance decor for the event! The frames were beautifully handcrafted by Garlis Bolivar, CBA, of La Globeria in Mexico City, Mexico. Zoe wanted to do something a little different from the norm and created an “out of the box” look with her letters!

Luc Bertrand, CBA , of WAW Balloons, Vichte, Belgium also teaches attendees of his What’s Hot Air-Filled Fun class how to make foam board structures, along with other framing techniques. For more information on Luc’s course click HERE

Balloon Letters Psd, 2,000+ High Quality Free Psd Templates For Download

It is now possible to buy Mosaic Frames for Balloons, which only require assembly and filling. These kits are made of hard Styrofoam, which forms the base of the decorative frame. These are first created in puzzle-like pieces that fit together and then securely glued together using a low temperature/cold melt glue gun. The edges are made from a corrugated cardboard roll that is glued in place. These frames are available for purchase through a number of distributors worldwide. Click HERE to find out more. Balloons are not included with the kits.

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I have yet to make a Mosaic frame, but I think when I do, I’ll start with the ready-made frame that requires little assembly for my first attempt. Maybe in the future I’ll try to make my own. I’m excited to start exploring this technique, and discover the pros and cons of remade and DIY mosaics. Happy ballooning! Sue Follow me on Instagram -@suebowler

Tags: Lilly Jimenez, Mosaic Frames, Mosaic Frames for Balloons, The Creative Heart Studio, Whats Hot Air-Filled Fun, Zoe Adam-JonesGeometric Balloon Letters and Numbers is the latest balloon decoration idea to join the growing trend of balloon decorations. Although similar to Mosaic Letter and Number Balloons, they have a unique look that is a standout piece to any balloon decor.

Balloon Mosaic Letters Template Free

Geometric Balloon Numbers and Letters are elements used in balloon decorations that form a 3D outline of the alphanumeric characters they represent. The draft is usually made of metal or PVC pipes and fittings. They are used to spell words like BABY, LOVE, ONE, etc or numbers representing birthdays or anniversaries.

Balloon Mosaic — Paper And Luxe

Geometric Balloon Characters are usually the focal point of the decoration that includes them. Therefore, they tend to be as large as 5 or 6 feet tall. Smaller sizes can also be used to lesser effect. Regardless of size, geometric balloon letters and numbers give a unique look to any arrangement.

If you are ready to do it yourself (DIY), you will need to make sure that you either have the tools and materials necessary to cut and weld metal, or you can reproduce any letter or number with PVC pipes and fittings.

We took the time to build each letter using PVC pipes and fittings and you can get the measurements to make your own 5ft Geometric Balloon Letter/Number.

You can find our store on Etsy to get a full list of all our letters and numbers that we have available. Mosaic Balloon Frame Light Up Marquee Pre Cut Kit Number 1 Cut Out Extra Large Foam Board First Birthday Backdrop 1st Birthday Boy Girl Party Anniversary Decorations

Balloon Mosaic Free Mosaic Letters & Numbers Balloons Creator Create a free mosaic for any Letter or Number Balloon Balloon Mosaic Video Tutorial If you like these, you’ll love our PVC Balloon Geometric Mosaics View the Tutorial

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Helium Free NO Helium Floating Balloon Ceiling Decoration [Video] In this article, we will show you the easy steps we used to create this spectacular helium free floating balloon ceiling decoration. What you’ll needYou’ll need at After making a 12 mosaic balloon sculpture for my son’s birthday, I knew I wanted to make another one for more birthdays to come. I enjoy making these giant numbers filled with balloons. For this tutorial I ended up making a 3 and 8 giant mosaic number. It’s an easy DIY you can do that looks great at any party. Without further ado, check out our tutorial on how to make your own 5ft giant number sculptures filled with balloons.

Don’t forget to check out how to make a Balloon Mural, mosaic balloon number, fringe backdrop and balloon garland.

Balloon Mosaic Letters Template Free

The amount of balloons varies. It will depend on how many numbers or letters you have. For my project I used about 60 balloons for the number 38.  My suggestion is to buy more balloons that you think you will need and return what you didn’t use.

Diy: How To Make Balloon Numbers • Hey, It’s Jenna

Disclaimer: We are an Amazon affiliate, which means we earn a commission if you purchase through our Amazon links. At no extra cost to you. Our commission is very small, so shop local if you can, but if you can’t, we appreciate the pennies.

I created these giant mosaic numbers in word and saved as a PDF. You will want to open your Giant Balloon Mosaic Number Template PDF in Adobe. Here is the giant number 3 pattern and number 8 pattern.

Even these large templates were created in Word, I find it easier to print in Adobe. This app is a free download. When printing your template in Adobe Acrobat select the poster option; change the tile scale to 500% and overlap to 0; choose grayscale to save ink; and print The preview window will show you how many sheets will be printed and how to line them up.

Then arrange all your printed patterns. You can check the print preview window again to make sure you lined up all the papers correctly. When you know it’s right, start taping these papers together. Finally you will want to cut out the number. When this is done, your template will be ready to use.

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Diy 16th Birthday Balloon Number Mosaics

6 Foam Boards are usually used to create a balloon number sculpture. I bought mine from the Dollar Store, but you can find foam boards at any craft store, Walmart, or Amazon.

Tape 3 of the 20×30 boards together with packing tape. Turn to tape the other side. Banding both sides will help keep the giant moshiach number strong.

Take your template and place it on your glued together foam boards. You can either tape this pattern or trace it onto the foam boards.

Balloon Mosaic Letters Template Free

Once you have your number cut out, you will need to make the 6″ side pieces. Using your ruler, measure 6″ the length of the foam board and cut. You can use your first cutout as a template to make more 6″ side pieces. You should be able to get 3 sides from 1 foam board.

Free Balloon Mosaic Letters Numbers Creator

For rounded edges lightly score the foam board about 1″ apart. On tighter corners inside the #8 giant mosaic, you’ll need to score the foam board closer. You can use your ruler as a guide to help you score straight lines. Gently press the foam board to open the scored lines.

Use a hot glue gun to attach the side foam boards to the 8 giant mosaic number. You can add glue to the edge of the number to connect the sides or add the glue to the foam sides and then connect.

Using your hand pump, fill the balloons. You will want to have a variety of sizes to create a nice mosaic look. I don’t fill them completely. 1, 2, or 3 pumps for the 5” balloons. To make the color even press the balloon and twist the top before tying.

Once you have filled all your balloons, use a low heat glue gun or glue dots to attach the balloons to the balloon number sculpture. Place a drop of glue between balloons to keep them together and in place.

Letter H Cut Out Stock Images & Pictures

Keep attached balloons until you’ve filled the balloon number sculpture and achieved the look you’re after.

Finally sit back and look at what you have done. If you need another number, repeat the process again.

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Balloon Mosaic Letters Template Free

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