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Blog Feed Letters Crossword Clue – Shadow Game Genre / FRI 6-25-21 / Post-Wedding Quick Getaway / Group Co-Founded by Eazy-E / First Bassi Wife to Earn a Ph.D. in Science / HBO Hit Series Based on Liane Moriarty’s Novel / Bead Point on a Surfer’s Necklace / The World’s Largest Pasta Producer

Word of the day: LAURA Bassi (7D: ___Bassi, first woman to earn a doctorate in science (University of Bologna, 1732)) — Laura Maria Caterina Bassi Veratti (October 29, 1711 – February 20, 1778) was a physicist and Italian academic. Recognized and represented as “Minerva” (goddess of wisdom), she was the first woman to have a doctorate in science and the second woman in the world to obtain the title of Doctor of Philosophy. Working at the University of Bologna, she was also the first paid professor at a university. At one point the highest-paid employee at the university, at the end of her life Bassi held two other professorships. [3] She was also the first female member of any scientific establishment, when she was elected to the Institute’s Academy of Sciences. from Bologna in 1732 at the age of 21. Bassi had no formal education and was tutored privately from the age of five to twenty. By this time, she was well versed in all major disciplines, including science and mathematics. Realizing her ability, Prospero Lambertini, the Archbishop of Bologna (later Pope Benedict XIV), became her patron. With Lambertini’s arrangement, she publicly defended forty-nine theses before professors at the University of Bologna on April 17, 1732, for which she obtained her doctorate on May 12. A month later, the university appointed her as her first female professor, albeit with the restriction that she was not allowed to teach all-male classes. Lambertini, by then the Pope, helped her receive permission for private classes and experiments, which were granted by the university in 1740. Bassi became the most important popularizer of Newtonian mechanics in Italy. Academy of Sciences) as an additional member in 1745. She assumed the chair of Experimental Physics in 1776, a position she held until her death. She is buried in the Church of Corpus Domini, Bologna. (Wikipedia)

Blog Feed Letters Crossword Clue

Blog Feed Letters Crossword Clue

This was good. Like, aggressively good. Like, really coming at you with all the sparkly padding. A totally dazzled puzzle. Do you remember the Bedazzler?

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Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Shadow Play Genre / Fri 6 25 21 / Quick Post Wedding Getaway / Group Co Founded By Eazy E / Bassi First Woman To Earn Doctorate In Science /

So, yes, like this, but in puzzle form and a little less vulgar. She is stridently feminist and has a great sense of fun. Colloquial phrases are the real highlight of the day. I was completely sold from the start with “I COULD EAT”, and thankfully that wasn’t just one time; we also get “GOOD, OK” and “CAN WE TALK?” All the long padding is at least solid: just solid in the NE, a bit livelier in the SW, and then just fantastic in the NW and SE, not to mention the center console, which is wonderful. Any problems I had with the puzzle (don’t worry, I’ll take care of them! 🙂 were minor. Overall, this puzzler is exactly what a Friday should be: playful, polished, and sassy.

It was also easy to get around, *except* when I tried to get out of that NW corner and into the rest of the grid. I finished that corner, but as you can see there are only two tiny exits from that corner, both the width of a square. So I passed PUKA SHELL through one of the exits (having earlier changed it to PAWA SHELL… “Pawa” is a misspelling of “Paua”, the Maori (and New Zealand in general) word for abalone… whose shells surfers wear are generally not worn around the neck…sometimes being married to a kiwi can create language confusion). And I assumed that LAUR- was a LAUR*A* , but neither that “A” nor the HELL hanging from the NW corner toward the center of the grid helped to get more traction. This is because I couldn’t figure out 22A: Partner of the Day (AGE) with just A- and I really couldn’t figure out 25A: Spirals during winter break? (HAMS) of just H- (needed every crossing for that and only then remembered that there is such a thing as a spiral ham(?)…Not like HAMS). So, small exits = total stoppage. End of flow. That’s why I’m not a big fan of small outlets. Additional aggravation: Trying to get some traction with the short stuff, I was met with not one, not two, but three “?” followed tracks. That HAMS track was bad enough, but then having the next two tracks I watched (26D: Did you have a good trip? / 38A: Stub hub?) make the same sheepish wink “?” thing for me, blargh. Space these “?” clues please. Anyway, stuck, here:

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But I restarted pretty easily in SW with ANI RICA AGATE ANSEL etc, and once I got that corner to the center of the grid and weaved it with the “HELL” dropping from above, I was in business, and things really took off. from there. Ever since I had the first letters in place, that center console quickly fell off, bam bam bam. Here was the first bam:

After this, everything went downhill (in the sense that things got easier, not in the sense that things got worse…not the best metaphor). Only one other thing about the grid stopped me, and it’s exactly what I’d expect it to stop me if you’ve been reading me for an extended period of time: it’s a potentially troublesome crossover. Of proper names not universally famous. In the vowel. Right, DIANA Taurasi is pretty famous if you follow basketball (I knew her name), and NIALL Horan was a member of an *extremely* famous band (One Direction). But still, for many solvers, crossing their names on that “I” will cause some nervous guesswork. Now, DIANA > DEANA and NIALL > NEALL, so the “me” seems like the most reasonable guess by far. So I think the cross is just, ultimately. This felt like a close call though, because I can imagine someone guessing “E”. When you cross trivia on a vowel like this, no other vowel besides the correct vowel should really be plausible. So even though I knew “I” was right there, that cross HIT A NERVE. I’m fine now though. And as I say, this puzzle was overwhelmingly delicious. Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for those who create, solve and study puzzles. It only takes a minute to register.

Charlotte Jewish News February 2022 By The Charlotte Jewish News

Hint: -1 Across: Interstellar ichthys makes the protagonist end up as a newborn and cut off her father’s head. Solving Tips (Massive Tips): Try to solve the horizontal clues first using the length in parentheses, not on the grid. Why is the Cross format so strange? When can the same word have more than one length? What is the meaning of the crossed out letter?

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… cross-responses seem to be off. We can find reasonable words for down entries, but horizontal entries have two word lengths: one in the grid and one in parentheses after the hint. Clearly, something is up.

…is useful and is a cryptic clue. Narushiteli has resolved it in a comment to a now-deleted answer. Babelfish = BABE (newborn?) + L(ady) + anagram of (HIS P(pather’s)) The Babelfish is an animal from The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which you can put in your ear and have it translate everything . (Sneaky way to get rid of subtitles.) Babelfish was also the name of one of the first online translators. (I think it was a precursor to the boringly named Google Translate.)

Blog Feed Letters Crossword Clue

… cross-cutting responses. The numbers in parentheses indicate the duration: 1. Rattle or knock, for example 5 NOISE 2. Never done before 8 ORIGINAL 3. Burning pit 4 HELL 4. Exam solution 8 ANSWER 5. Very good 4 BEST 6. Not so lose while traveling 7 BAGGAGE 7. Fruit or vegetable quality 7 ORGANIC 8. To use as an alternative 7 IMPLACE 9. Immediate successor 4 NEXT 10. Podcast guest 5 GUEST 11. Intensive reading 10 LITERATURE 12. -a-Rm articulation 5 ELBOW 13. Provider 8 PROVIDER The first letters of these responses spell No hablo Ingles, which is “I don’t speak English” in Spanish. (Stiv has found the acrostic). So we are looking for an answer in another language or languages.

Plagiarism Scandal Leaves The Crossword Community Puzzled

… we’ll see. HELL, for example, is enfer in French. If we plug it into the grid, we see that what is needed for an omelette, which must surely be eggs, ends with an F. The French word for egg, oeuf, conveniently ends with an F. But the answers aren’t all in French. Each track numbered horizontally and vertically is written in another language. We can find out which one by looking at the first letters of the horizontal and vertical clues. The number 3 is “Fiery Hole” and “Required to make an omelette”, which gives fr = France, where the French

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