Brushes Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Brushes Crossword Clue 5 Letters – The themed clues each have an intentional “typo” because the lowercase “RN” is written as a lowercase “M”. An example of such a “typo” would be STEM/trunk coming from STERN/stern:

Back in the late 1800s, long-distance bicycle races were used as a promotional event, traditionally to help increase newspaper sales. These races usually took place around the track, but in 1902 supporters of the struggling sports publication “L’Auto” decided to organize a race that would take competitors across France. The first Tour de France took place in 1903, starting in Paris and passing through Lyon, Marseilles, Bordeaux, Nantes and then back to Paris.

Brushes Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Brushes Crossword Clue 5 Letters

The acronym “EGOT” stands for “Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony”, and is a reference to the players who have won all four awards. Also known as the “Showbiz Award Grand Slam”, relatively few individuals have been awarded the award. The first five people to do so were:

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The tailless primates known as apes (also “hominoids”) are divided into two main branches: gibbons (small apes) and hominids (great apes). Hominids are great apes, and belong to the primate family called Hominidae. The extant genera that make up the family Hominidae are:

When RKO released the 1933 film “King Kong”, promotional material listed the ape’s height as 50 feet. During filming, a statue was made for the 40-foot-tall ape, as well as a full-size hand used for the 70-foot-tall Kong.

17 Homer’s self-satisfied statement? : VERY GOOD BOY AM I (“Horner” from “Homer”) Little Jack Horner Sitting in the corner, Eating Christmas cake; He put in his thumb, And took out a plum, And said ‘How good I am! 19 Aurora Friend : EOS

Aurora was the Roman goddess of the dawn, and the equivalent of the Greek goddess Eos. According to myth, the Aurora renews itself every morning and then flies across the sky to announce the rising of the sun.

May 2022 Interactive Crossword Puzzle

“AIG” is an initialization used by the American International Group, a giant insurance company. After repeated bailouts by American taxpayers starting in 2008, the company made some major PR mistakes by spending large sums of money on executive entertainment and middle management awards. This includes a $444,000 California retreat, an $86,000 hunting trip in England, and a $343,000 vacation to a luxury Phoenix resort. Poor rating I would say…

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A lug nut is a nut with a tapered side. Lug nuts are used to secure the wheels to the vehicle.

Our word “repast”, which means “to eat”. came to us via French (where the language “repas” is “food”). Ultimately the term comes from the Latin “repascere” which means “repeatedly graze”.

Brushes Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Robert Burns is a cultural icon in Scotland and Scotland around the world. As a poet, Burns was a pioneer in the Romantic movement in the second half of the 18th century. One of his most famous works is the poem “Auld Lang Syne”, which has been tuned to the tune of a traditional Scottish folk song and used to celebrate New Years in the English-speaking world.

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The United States Tennis Association (USTA) is the national organization that regulates the sport of tennis in the United States. USTA was founded in 1881 as the United States National Lawn Tennis Association.

Influenza (“flu”) is an illness caused by a virus. The virus is easily deactivated with soap, so washing hands and surfaces is helpful in containing flu outbreaks, and other viral pandemics…

The name of the province of Québec comes from the Algonquin word “kebec” which means “where the river narrows”. It refers to the area around Quebec City where the St. Lawrence narrowed as he flowed through the gap lined by the steep cliff.

The trumpet is a brass instrument that resembles a trumpet, although it is slightly shorter. Despite the difference in length, cornets and trumpets have nearly the same length of pipe. The trumpet tube is rolled once, and the trumpet is rolled twice.

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The dance called Watusi is almost as popular as the twist in the early sixties. Watusi takes its name from the Batutsi tribe of Rwanda.

“Bae” is a contemporary term dear. This is a pet name that stands for “babe, baby”, although I’ve also read that it stands for “before anyone else”.

56 Really … or clues to unscramble some of the lowercase letters in these four puzzle clues : FROM STEM TO STERN

Brushes Crossword Clue 5 Letters

The expression “from trunk to stern” means “totally, from beginning to end”. It comes from the sea. The stern is the rear end of the sailing ship, and the trunk is the vertical beam at the bow.

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Frequency Adverbs Time Expressions Interactive Crossword Puzzle For Google Apps Links

Aden is a port in Yemen located on the Gulf of Aden with an eastern approach to the Red Sea. Aden has a long history of British rule, from 1838 until the very messy withdrawal in 1967. The natives of Aden are known as an Adeni. Some believe that Cain and Abel were buried in the city.

The most famous D-Day in history is June 6, 1944, the date of the Normandy landings in World War II. The term “D-Day” is used by the military to designate the day on which combat operations will be launched, especially when the actual date has not been determined. What D stands for seems to have been lost in the mists of time despite the tradition that D simply stands for “Day”. In fact, the French have a similar term, “Jour J” (J Day), with the same meaning. We also use H-Hour to indicate when the attack will start.

Lake Tahoe (often referred to simply as “Tahoe”) is in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and lies right on the border between California and Nevada. It is the largest alpine lake in the country, and the largest lake in general behind the five Great Lakes. Tahoe is also the second deepest lake, with only the beautiful Crater Lake in Oregon deeper. Given the location, there is a high-rise casino located right on the beach on the Nevada side of the state line where gambling is legal.

The American Sierra Nevada range is located in California and Nevada. The Spanish Range Sierra Nevada is in Andalusia, with a name meaning “snowy range” in Spanish.

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To grok is to understand. “To grok” is a slang term really only used among “techies”. “Grok” is a creation of science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, who created it in his 1961 novel “Stranger in a Strange Land”.

Edward Vernon was a naval officer with the nickname “Old Grog”. In 1740, Vernon ordered that the daily rations of rum for his sailors be reduced, to reduce the disciplinary problems caused by drunkenness. The diluted rum is sweetened with sugar, and lemon or lime is added to help preserve it on a long journey. This recipe, discovered to reduce scurvy among sailors (because of oranges) spread throughout the Royal Navy, and “booze” was born. In addition, George Washington’s half-brother named the famous Mount Vernon Washington Plantation in honor of Edward Vernon. We use the derived term “groggy” which means “unsteady on the feet”, as if under the influence of “grog”.

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Work began on what became the first “Oxford English Dictionary” (OED) in 1857. Several interim versions of the dictionary were published in the years to come with the first full version appearing, in ten bound volumes, in 1928. A second edition of the OED appeared in 1928. 1989 and consists of twenty volumes. The OED was first published in electronic form in 1988 and online in 2000. Given the use of modern computers, the responsible publisher feels that there will never be a third printed version of the famous dictionary.

Brushes Crossword Clue 5 Letters

The table saw consists of a circular saw blade mounted vertically under the table. The edge of the knife protrudes through the slot in the table. The wood is (usually) supported by the table because it is cut with the blade.

How Word Lists Help — Or Hurt — Crossword Puzzles

BRAKE. is a rock band from Athens, Georgia formed in 1980. Apparently, the name “R.E.M.” randomly selected from the dictionary.

Psi is the 23rd and penultimate letter of the Greek alphabet, and one that looks like a trident or pitchfork.

Córdoba is a city in Andalusia in southern Spain that is sometimes referred to as “Cordova” in English. Córdoba might be the perfect destination for anyone looking for a warm getaway in Spain. The city has the highest average summer temperature in all of Europe.

Asti is in the Piedmont region in northwestern Italy. It is perhaps best known for its sparkling white wine Asti Spumante. Moscato d’Asti is produced from the same grape (Moscato Bianco). Moscato is a much sweeter wine with a lower alcohol content, and is usually served as a dessert wine.

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Checks and checking accounts caused me some language problems when I first came to the US. Back in Ireland (and the UK) we write “checks” using funds from our “giro” accounts.

“SNAFU” is

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