Clarinet Notes With Letters

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In the Alpine Symphony by Strauss; oboe In Eflat clarinet and bass clarinet/C clarinet, these D and E are scattered around the back half of the piece in parts and scores. She didn’t think it was a change from the Eflat clarinet to the D clarinet because it was in the oboe. Some of the switches were also impossible…he didn’t think they were drills because they were rotating. Bflat clarinets and flutes are basically the same thing, so it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the important part… It’s not a key change…

Clarinet Notes With Letters

Clarinet Notes With Letters

In large orchestras, 2 Flutes, letter D, from rehearsal. Oboes, Whenever the letter D appears in the E♭ and C clarinet parts, these parts must be doubled. (Editor’s note: The letter E appears twice in these same sections.)

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I’ve never seen this unique notation myself, but it may be related to the German “doppelt besetzt” (double) and “einfach besetzt” (single-voiced) or “einzeln” (single).

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