Dear America Letters Home From Vietnam Worksheet Answers

Dear America Letters Home From Vietnam Worksheet Answers – This worksheet was made by me. Includes a reading and writing exercise about a woman on vacation in a foreign country. She describes some of the places she visited and what she did on her vacation. The grammar focus of this worksheet is far from simple. The reading contains two exercises, one is multiple choice and the second is a true and false exercise. Also, in the written exercise students must make use of linking words that were already taught during the previous lessons before I gave this assignment. However, if you prefer, you can start inserting the links while teaching the studs how to write postcard letters.

The downloadable booklet above is recommended for middle school and adults at Primary (A1) and Pre-Intermediate (A2) levels. It aims to embed the Past simple tse in the language and is useful for strengthening your class’s reading and writing skills. It focuses on the theme of the Holidays.

Dear America Letters Home From Vietnam Worksheet Answers

Dear America Letters Home From Vietnam Worksheet Answers

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The Impact Of Bloody Sunday In Selma

Become a supporting member and, as a direct match, you will see NO ADVERTISEMENTS. Thanks for your help!3 Vocabulary Task Define each term and explain how it was important to the Vietnam War. Remember, all homework is due on test day Chapter 30 Unit 1 1. Nguyen Tat Thanh 2. Vietminh 3. Domino Theory 4. Geneva Accords 5. Ngo Dinh Diem 10.2 Chapter 30 Units 2 and 3 6 .Gulf of Tonkin Reso Ho Chi Minh Trail 8. Agent Orange 9. Credibility Gap 10. Teach-In 11. Doves and Hawks 12. Tet Offensive 10.3 Chapter 30 Connecting Modules 14. Vietnam 15. My Lai 16. Kent State University 17. Pentagon Papers War Powers Act 3

4 History of French Indochina and US Involvement 1800 Various US-Backed Presidents President: The US Backed Me Before Because President: The US Backed Me Because The President: The US Backed Me In 1954, they were defeated in the. 4

5 2 provisions of the Geneva accords: Now, the US supported Me President: The US supported Because I became increasingly unpopular. Because of this he supported a coup. 1. Describe America’s relationship with Vietnam (generalize, don’t go game-by-game). 2. Imagine you are LBJ and have inherited the Vietnam situation. what would you do after taking office? 5

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6 Gulf of Tonkin It led to the Vietnam War: (in each box, create a simple picture to show what happens) French colonialism in Vietnam: 1800-1941 Japan occupied Vietnam during World War II. When Japan was defeated in 1945, Ho Chi Minh declared the independence of Vietnam. But the French came back and tried to take over again. The US supported the French (pledged $15 million in military aid). Diem proves to be very oppressive and unpopular. He canceled elections, suppressed Buddhists and caused great discontent in South Vietnam. October 1955: South Vietnam is declared the Republic of Vietnam. The US supported South Vietnamese leader Ngo Dinh Diem. July 1954: Geneva Convention calls for France to withdraw and divide Vietnam into North and South, with the idea that free elections will be held May 1954: France is defeated at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu November 1963: US backed coup and Diem was overthrown and killed. South Vietnam has a weak government that allows communism to grow stronger. North Vietnam smuggled weapons through the Ho Chi Minh Trails into Laos and Cambodia. August 1964: North Vietnamese attack a US destroyer in international waters, this is known as the Gulf of Tonkin incident. August 1964: The US Congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution authorizing President Johnson to use military force in Vietnam. Analysis: Looking at the information above and the information from yesterday’s lesson, do you think the United States was planning to go to war with North Vietnam before the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was passed?

Analyzing U.s. Involvement In The Vietnam War

7 Please label the map, include the following: North Vietnam South Vietnam China Laos Thailand Cambodia Gulf of Tonkin Draw the Ho Chi Minh Trail and label it Answer the questions. 1. List the supporters for each side, explain the role of the NVA and VC and the objective. North Vietnam South Vietnam Proponents: Proponents: North Vietnamese Army (NVA) Viet Cong (VC) Objective: Objective: 2. Explain why the Domino Theory kept the United States involved in the conflict in Vietnam. 7

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8 3. Explain what happened in the Gulf of Tonkin. 10. How did the United States try to deal with the tunnel system? 4. Describe the powers given to Johnson in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (seeing in particular Section 2 of the document). 11. How was napalm used during the Vietnam War? 5. Give details about the Rolling Thunder feature. 12. What is Agent Orange? 6. Predict the expected impact of Operation Rolling Thunder on the North Vietnamese. 13. How was Agent Orange used during the Vietnam War? 7. What advantages did the VC have over American soldiers? 14. What was the purpose of the Ho Chi Minh Trail? 8. Give details of the tunnel system created by VC. 15. How did the Ho Chi Minh Trail help the North Vietnamese and the VC? 9. Explain the advantage VC gained with these tunnel systems. 16. In what ways did the US try to deal with the Ho Chi Minh Trail? 8

9 1968: Tet Offensive and My Lai Massacre Background The Vietnam War was by the US involved by Vietnam, and Total deaths for US soldiers died Why did the US get involved? 1954 Vietnam split in half Aggressive North South Wed leads up to attack Wed Describe graphic at right 1965 US gets involved Sends troops to Wants to prevent Southern government from collapsing in Khe Sanh January 21, 000 troops attack Khe To Sanh NVA under the command of General Khe Sanh was an isolated air base, about 14 miles from the northern border General Giap’s Plan The US Marines surrounded themselves with South Vietnamese forces. this to

Dear America Letters Home From Vietnam Worksheet Answers

10 What is Tet? Tet Holiday Truce 1968 Tet Offensive Begins January 31.000 VC with NVA assistance Attacks more than 100 cities and towns in the South Aided by the element of surprise due to the battle for Saigon January 3 March 7 units 50 units can hold Saigon from capture Battle for Hue January 31 March 2 NVA and VC storm this historic city Hue is not counterattacks by US and Southern forces fighting the entire Tet Offensive Objectives 35 of 44 provincial capitals Southern capital in Saigon Attack on US Embassy Jan 31 Soldiers stormed US Embassy VC MPs killed VC attack pinned down by Marines All 19 VC were Massacre in Hue More than 3,000 enemy people by VC and NVA in Hue Including SV government officials, SV Officers and Catholic priests were found Liturgy: people were buried and sometimes alive. Estimates May Be Closer to 6,000 Executed Tet Offensive The Big Picture Turning Point of the War Credibility Gap The Living Room War Political Fallout of Tet 10

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One Step From Nuclear War

11 History of the My Lai Massacre March 16, 1968 My Lai is a small village in South Vietnam Company American soldiers said that VC troops were passing through the area They were told by their captain that all the people in My Lai were either members or sympathizers What happened? rounded up hundreds of civilians Many were raped, beaten and/or tortured Many were then Among civilians killed Casualties Of those killed: Many were and many suspected to be US soldiers Killed by guns, grenades and bayonets Cover-up and investigation Despite the photographs, this fact was covered up until 1969 (but not made public until 1969) Photographs were key elements in the investigation. Eventually, the soldiers were charged One was convicted (Lieutenant Calley) but served only months Army concluded there was a widespread failure, discipline and the Americans increased their demand for one of Vietnam It is still considered the worst case of American war Tet Analysis What was the immediate impact of the Tet Offensive? In the US and Vietnam? My Lai Analysis How did this event brought to the attention of Americans help the anti-war movement in America? What was the long-term impact? 11

12 Vietnam War Protests Vietnam Protests and Music Invasion of Cambodia Demonstrations in Kent, Ohio, May 4, 1970 and The Numbers Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) Details from Analysis of the Evidence: In What Ways the National Guard Was Justified to open fire? In what ways was the National Guard not justified in opening fire? 12

13 Song Title: Artist: Details: What does the term tin soldiers mean in the song? What does the reference to Nixon mean? Song Title: Artist:

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