Deep Love Letters For Him Tumblr

Deep Love Letters For Him Tumblr – On November 5, 1917, 100 years ago today, Wilfred Owen wrote a beautiful love letter to another World War I poet, Siegfried Sassoon. It continues to be one of my favorite newsletters of all time.

My angel, my everything, myself – a few words today, and also a pencil (it’s yours) – until tomorrow I’ll be stable. What an abominable waste of time in such matters — why such deep sorrow, when necessity speaks?

Deep Love Letters For Him Tumblr

Deep Love Letters For Him Tumblr

Can our love continue in any other way than through sacrifice, rather than wanting nothing? Can you change it, that you are not mine, I am not yours? Oh, God, look into the beautiful Nature and set your mind to the inevitable. Love wants everything and it is right, so it is for me and you, for you and me – you forget easily, that I have to live your life with me – if we were united, you would realize this painful feeling. as I should…

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…Maybe we will meet soon, even today I can’t tell you what I’m talking about, what I talked about my life these days – our hearts were close, I shouldn’t say such words. My chest is full, to tell you more – there are times when I find that talking is nothing at all. Light it up – remain my true and only treasure, my all, as I am to you. Everything else that the gods should send, that should be ours and that will do for us.

“I know your last letter word for word and then I read it forty times a day. Oh please send me another one like that. I wear it in my left pocket. I’ll put it in the safe for safe keeping. Decomposing it.. You don’t know I’m so soft and sensitive. for me, I’m satisfied with it, but I would die if I could talk, tell you on paper how much I love you and what I think of you as a great woman, but I can’t tell you, I’m always afraid that I’d do something stupid so that you’d laugh, then I’d die. A person who expresses his most sacred thoughts is easily depressed. A boy who lives and the sight and the girl’s mouth doing Sir Lancelot.) no carr y you, and I can’t swim – I have to go to work and earn enough to pay my debts and then take you to take me for what I am: a common everyday man whose instincts are dirty, willing to be right. You won’t have any problem with me because I’m very nice, and I’m sure we’ll be happy afterwards. I am writing this at 1:00 A.M. because I can’t help it and if you get tired of it, as Agnes’s Beau said, put it in the kitchen sink.”

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From all appearances I’m not a very religious person? Apparently some things messed with my mind so that it was dry instead of wet. I think we’re all going to have to drink whiskey if it doesn’t rain soon. Water and potatoes will soon be as successful as pineapples and diamonds.

Speaking of diamonds, can you wear a solitaire on your left hand for me? Now that is a personal or specific question depending on how it is interpreted. You know, if I were Italian or a poet I would start by using all the good languages ​​of two continents. I, too, am but a worthless American farmer. I always had a sneaking thought that one day I might be something. I doubt it now though as much as anything. It is our family’s failure to be financially responsible. I’m lucky that way. However, this does not stop me from thinking that you are everything a girl can be and impossible. You may not have guessed but I have been going crazy since we went to Sunday school together. But I never had the strength to think that you would look at me. I don’t think so now but I can’t tell you what I think about you.

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“I told you, and I told you honestly, that I love you very much. You enter my mind so deeply that I cannot think of anything else—you not only use my mind all day long, but you disturb my sleep. I meet you in every dream—and when I wake up I can no longer close my eyes because of the sight your grace. I believe that in my life you are a lover of magic; but I have tried in vain, if not, to weaken the charm, you keep your kingdom despite my efforts. -and after each new one, I separate myself from my loyalty my little heart still returns and clings to you and unites great. for the difficulties that keep me from being away from you, yet the hope grows as I go forward.”

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Leupagus:arrghigiveup:astrangertomykin:conan-doyles-carnations:I can’t believe that Bram Stoker once sent a 2000 word love letter to Walt Whitman that was about his height, weight and how much he loved his poetry and wanted to be friends with him. , and that Whitman also wrote that he liked her letter and hoped to meet one day, how beautiful. him” HOW SHORT AND BUSY BRAM JUST mailed walt whitman his history like that huh Ok, I went to see this, and it’s amazing. Bram Stoker actually wrote this long autobiography that is about 2000 words long and—according to most places—had 0 paragraphs and just went on and on about his feelings. He then kept the letter in his desk for four years because he was too shy to send it. Finally he sent it, along with a slightly smaller letter, on fuckin Valentine’s day in 1876. In it are surprises like: If I were in your presence I would like to shake hands with you, because I feel that I would like you. . I want to call you Comrade and talk to you as men who are not poets rarely speak. I think that at first one will be ashamed, because one cannot in a moment give up the habit of comparison which has become second nature to him; but I know that I will not be ashamed to be normal before you. You are a true man, and I would like to be one, so that I will be to you as a brother and as a disciple to his master. In this generation no one becomes worthy of a name without effort. You have broken the chains and your wings are free. I have chains on my shoulders, but I have no wings. […] If you care to know who is writing this, my name is Abraham Stoker (Junior). My friends call me Bram. I live at 43 Harcourt St., Dublin. I am a clerk in the Crown service on a low salary. I am twenty four years old. I have been a champion in our athletics (Trinity College, Dublin) and we have won twelve cups. I have also been president of the College Philosophical Society and art and theater critic for the daily paper. I am six feet two inches tall and weigh twelve stone naked and I was forty one or forty two inches around the chest. I am ugly but strong and determined and I have a big tumor on my eyebrow. I have heavy jaws, a large mouth, and thick lips, sensitive nose, nose and straight hair. I am equal parts aggressive and calm and reserved and I am naturally reserved from the world. I’m happy to let people I don’t like—people who are mean or mean or sneaky or cowardly—see the bad in me. I did

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