Diy Letters To Santa Mailbox

Diy Letters To Santa Mailbox – We’re launching the 2021 Handbuilt Holiday Series with a quick and easy project perfect for anyone with kids. Today, Ana White and I are sharing the plans for this Letter to Santa mailbox.

A DIY tutorial to build a mailbox for letters to Santa. Create this holiday mailbox for kids of all ages to send their letters to Santa.

Diy Letters To Santa Mailbox

Diy Letters To Santa Mailbox

Every Friday before Christmas, we’ll share plans for a new gift building idea. We have been doing this Handbuilt Holiday series since 2013 (excluding 2020). That’s why we’ve compiled 7 years of gift ideas to create for all your friends and family members. View the entire Handbuilt Holiday collection here.

Diy Christmas Mailbox Decor Ideas

Almost every child wants to send that very important letter to Santa Claus. Why not create this cute mailbox so your family has their own place to post those letters?

First, create the mailbox frame by attaching the sides to the base. Follow Ana’s plans here for the remaining steps.

Thanks for joining me for this mailbox build. Please leave your questions in the comments below and be sure to follow me on social media for insights, tools and project inspiration: I love decorating for Christmas! But I love it even more when I can do it without spending all my money. And this DIY Santa mailbox is perfect for a budget Christmas.

But it is made up of 2 empty cereal boxes! Yes, a little glue, paint and 2 cereal boxes will create the most amazing mailbox for all your letters to Santa.

Santa’s Mail Box

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If you’ve seen my DIY Letters to Santa’s Mailbox from a few years ago, you’re probably noticing a theme. I like to use empty cereal boxes to create these simple Santa Claus mailboxes.

Cereal boxes are made of chipboard. It is a material similar to pressed cardboard, but without the corrugation of normal shipping boxes.

Diy Letters To Santa Mailbox

Chipboard gives structure to boxes, but is easy to cut. Also, since my kids love breakfast cereal, I tend to have a good supply of these empty boxes.

Mr. Christmas 7.85 In Decoration Santa Battery Operated Christmas Decor In The Christmas Decor Department At

Instead of recycling them, why not recycle them? And I’m happy to report that my letters to Santa’s mailbox from a few years ago still look brand new!

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The secret to recycled (chipboard) cereal boxes is to make them look like metal. Nobody wants a cardboard mailbox from Santa Claus.

This red DIY Santa mailbox looks like a shiny red mailbox because of its paint job. A few coats of bright red high gloss spray paint and it transforms it!

Start shaping your cereal boxes by cutting an arch in the sides. My cereal box was just over 3″ wide. I found a children’s cup of similar width and traced it in an arc.

Crafting A Memory Mailbox For Mom

Be sure to leave at least 1″ above the arc so the front and back can cover the curve with a bit of overlap.

Also, leave a small tab at the top of the bow to secure the front/back. Cut out the shape and remove the flaps on the top of the cereal box.

Add hot glue to the underside of the front piece and glue it to the side of the bow and to the tab at the top. Repeat on the other side.

Diy Letters To Santa Mailbox

Then the same for the back. Finish by gluing the back to the front completing the arc.

Diy Mailbox For Santa (two Ways!)

Use the x-acto knife to cut a mailbox slot in the top. Make sure it’s big enough for an envelope to fit.

To allow the letters to be removed, cut a hole in the middle of the mailbox front.

I measured 1 1/4″ on each side (this measurement will be used later to do the detailing so be sure to remember which measurement you are using).

I also left a few inches down and a few inches up under the arch.

Alpine Corporation 54 In. Tall Metal Letters To Santa Red Barnhouse Mailbox Garden Stake Yhl380hh

I used the bottom of my box for the top because there were slicked spots. So I also had to hot glue the bottom tabs.

The second cereal box doesn’t have to be the exact same size, just close. Remove the flaps at the top and bottom of the box.

For the legs, measure 1 1/4″ from the edge (or whatever measurement you used to cut the hole in the mailbox earlier).

Diy Letters To Santa Mailbox

Then shape the bottom of the legs by drawing a line 3/4″ from the edge on the bottom 2″. Draw a diagonal line from the 1 1/4″ line to the 3/4″ line.

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Holiday Time 13in Metal Red Mailbox

Also, measure 1″ in front of the edge on the side of the box. Cut out the legs to get the corner piece.

Repeat for the 4 corners of the 2nd cereal box. Align the legs with the body of the mailbox.

The point where the leg begins to be 1 1/4″ wide should be flush with the bottom of the mailbox body. The vertex should be right where the arc begins. Cut the top off if it’s too high.

Use leftovers from the 2nd cereal box to add filling between the legs in the front/back and sides.

Letters To Santa 2021 — Ross Auxiliary

I made my trim pieces 1/2″ wide and measured and cut each one to width so they would fill the space between the legs.

From the rest of the scraps, cut a door for the front of the mailbox. Make sure it overlaps the hole by at least 1/4″ on each side.

Now the mailbox is ready to be painted. I learned that the red spray paint did not cover well. It took 5 coats of paint to hide the cereal box design.

Diy Letters To Santa Mailbox

So I would suggest using black or white paint for the first coat to cover the words and pictures. Then add 2-3 layers of red on top.

Harrybrooke Park, An Official Letters For Santa Drop Off Location

You want a nice, thick coat of paint to give your mailbox a powdery look. But use multiple layers of thinner coats to avoid drips.

Also, I lined the inside of the hole so I don’t get any overspray inside the mailbox.

To add the “Santa Post” and “Special Delivery” design to the mailbox, I used white vinyl cut with my Silhouette Cameo.

If you don’t have an electronic cutting machine, you can also hand paint a design on your Santa’s mailbox.

Dear Santa

Stick one of the magnets inside the mailbox opening with the super glue. This will be one side of the door latch.

For the second magnet, paint it (if desired) with acrylic brass paint so it looks like a small pull and matches the hinges.

Note which side is the correct side to stick on the magnet already stuck inside the mailbox. Paint only the top and sides.

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Diy Letters To Santa Mailbox

Remember that magnets have poles and one side attracts and the other repel, you want both magnets to attract when the mailbox door is closed.

Holiday Happenings In The City Of Stow

I don’t recommend using hot glue for the hinges and magnets because it won’t stick permanently to metal or shiny spray paint. But super glue will!

Glue the other side of the hinges to the outside of the mailbox with super glue. Only use a small stitch so it doesn’t leak around the sides of the hinges.

It was easy to let the magnets fit together by showing me where to attach them. But be sure to open the door while the glue dries in case there is pressure or you stick your door closed.

And now you can show off your beautiful new DIY Santa mailbox! No one but you would ever guess it was made from 2 old cereal boxes!!!!

Letters To Santa

My kids love putting their letters to Santa in the mailbox. Then at night Santa’s elves come to pick up the letters and give them to Santa Claus 😉

And I love how Santa’s classic red mailbox fits into the red and white Scandinavian Christmas decor this year. It looks amazing on our fireplace.

And if you need more Scandinavian-inspired Christmas decorations, be sure to check out all of my DIY Christmas decorations here. Hello everyone ! Have a good bump day! Today is day 9 of my 12 Days of Christmas and for this DIY I bring you this fun mailbox you can make for your little ones to send their letters to Santa.

Diy Letters To Santa Mailbox

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Diy North Pole Mailbox

I got this cute little mailbox from my local Dollar Tree. My daughter helped me share everything on our last shopping tour.

I spray painted it with primer, then applied two coats of my favorite white chalk paint.

Then I painted the little flag red. It took me several coats to completely cover it, but I managed to get most of it in the end!

Then I cut some scrap paper I had on hand to add to the mailbox door as trim. I just applied it

My Gra 8 Life: How To Create A Mailbox And Letter For Your Elf On The Shelf

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