The Whalestoe Letters Download

The Whalestoe Letters Download – 2 Letters to Johnny from his mother Pelafina while he is institutionalized at The Three Attic Whalestoe Institute Found in Appendix II Section E. The Three Attic Whalestoe Institute Letters (page ), or alternatively in the separate novella The Whalestoe Letters, published in Begins in July of 1982 while Johnny is in foster families and ends in May of 1989 when Pelafina allegedly hangs herself.

3 The Whalestoe Letters (Novella) Additional 11 letters and a Foreword by Walden D. Wyrhta (Information Specialist) Walden Wyrhta with his wife, Waheeda = WWW (World Wide Web) these additional works are meant to be analyzed/decoded in online forums Two of the new letters [play] with typography (Pressman) Text at different angles like the walls of the House, big breaks between words (as on pg ) Pelafina Lièvre’s type is wrong as Ms. Livre. [sic] Livre means book in French Emphasize the connection between the letters and the House/book

The Whalestoe Letters Download

The Whalestoe Letters Download

4 Themes in letters Religion, sin, light, future, words, interpretation, Greek mythology, sound, use of foreign languages ​​(Spanish, French, Latin, Old English), hidden messages, Hell

Only Revolutions: Danielewski, Mark Z: Books

5 Foreign Language Translations It’s really sad. Son of gold. Great is the fear of the Lord where the world stands still (from The Seafarer). This place no longer exists. Anger is a brief madness. The courage must be greater, the heart braver, the spirit greater, the more our strength is diminished. Shame on the thinker here. I’m not what I used to be. If you are not yourself. I’m broken Fortune favors the brave. The fear! Stairway wit. Look for me, keep me. I am a stranger in this place without you. Of gold, of gold, sad. Espirit de l escalier = stairway wit; French; when you think of the perfect response after you leave the room

6 References to Greek and Roman Mythology Mars, the Roman God of War; Ares in Greek; God of destruction and bloodshed but also seen as a path to peace (pg 594) Hades, Greek God of the underworld and the name of the underworld; Hecate, Greek Goddess of Hades; Acheron, the river of Hades; Clytemnestra, killed her husband Agamemnon and his wife Cassandra’s war prize in Greek mythology (pg 597) Apollo, the Greek and Roman God of music, truth and prophecy, healing, light, plague, poetry, and more; Odysseus, Greek king of Ithica and tragic hero in Homer’s The Odyssey (also appearing in The Iliad), known for his cunning; Hermes, the Greek God of transitions and boundaries and the patron of thieves, guardian of animals, oratory and intellect, literature and poetry; Olympus, the Greek abode of the Gods (pg 599) Styx, the Greek god and river that forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld; also the confluence of all the rivers in the Underworld (pg 600) Orpheus, legendary Greek musician, poet, and prophet; known to be very attractive; I couldn’t look behind him as he saved his wife from the Underworld (but he did and his wife drowned in the rivers of the Underworld and Orpheus killed himself) How can you… just look twice.. .Orpheus (pg 604)

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7 Letter: April 5, 1986 Page 615 [Decoded] So really sad. So many years have been destroyed. Endless arrangement–re. zealous reliefs, medical prescriptions, and other wonders, however obvious–weak in deed; you must understand – let such evil happen? suffering, creating a huge mess indeed, a travesty for the ages, my ages. My dear Zampano, who have you lost? o King Zampano, who have you lost? It was mentioned again. means King in Latin…or could be taken as Regarding Zampano, who did you defeat? Connecting to pages 542 & 543: A child that tears through the darkness and Perhaps at the edge of darkness, I can create a child that never disappears.

8 Letter: May 8, 1987 [Decoded] use the first letter of each word to form subsequent words and phrases (619) Dearest Johnny, They found a way to destroy me. Rape of a fifty-six-year-old bag of bones. There is nothing worse and don’t believe otherwise. Helpers do this. Others do it. Not every day. Not every week. Maybe not every month. But they do it. There is always someone coming that I don’t know. When it’s dark. it’s too late. I learned not to scream. Crying out gives me hope and unanswered hope is broken hope. Think of your Haitian. Better to choose rape than broken hope. So I submitted and I drifted. I let whimsy and a certain degree of free association take me away. Sometimes I’m still far from doing it. After he’s gone, the stranger, the attendant, the custodian, the janitor cleaning man, waiting man, dirty MAN– the night that settles after him. I’m in hell giving into heaven where sometimes I think of your beautiful father with dreamy wings and only then I let myself cry. Not because your mother was raped again but because she loved so much what she was never allowed to keep. What a stupid girl. You must save me, Johnny. On behalf of your father. I have to escape from this place or I will die. I love you. I only have you P. (A FACE IN THE CLOUDS, NO TRACES OF THE COMPASS.)

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The Fifty Year Sword: Danielewski, Mark Z. + Free Shipping

9 After this letter… Pelafina vents her conflict in subsequent letters. Begins to use P. to sign letters more often than Mom until some letters become messy.

10 Random August 30, 1982: Felicities my felix feline boy, Felicities are the ability to find an appropriate expression of one’s thoughts or a particularly effective quality of a work of literature or art or simply happiness; Felix and Felicity are names that mean lucky; Felix the Cat is a cartoon character from the silent film era that has been reinvented several times into the 2000s. Known for being attractive and brilliant. Cats have been mentioned several times, I will hug you and caress and mold you with sloppy wet kisses the way mother cats mold their young in the wild. (pg 587) If only I were there to lick your wounds…the young child. (pg 590) Uses blister several times, as in Heart blister in love (pg 599); worth noting because she burned Johnny when he was a boy Constantly returning to the old self, Practicing my smile in a mirror the way I did when I was a child, (pg 615)…Karen Green did this too My darling J, I remain single Maria. Why the biblical reference? (page 611)

11 Pelafina as an unreliable narrator Clearly brilliant (use of words, mythological references, Shakespeare, poetry, use of codes, foreign languages) But, she is in an insane asylum And now, undoubtedly, you see your mother is angry ( pg 597) has a double meaning…she is angry because her foster father beat Johnny, but she is also crazy. Did someone abuse her or rape her? He is suspicious of the staff…they mock him (probably) and put his pills in his food and water because he refuses to drink them. They don’t (possibly) deliver his letters. When they kill me how will you feel? (pg 619) On page 635, she tells Johnny that she has no memory of him visiting her (this happened before too…the New Director is convinced there is an impersonator). He also says that the New Director is in fact none other than the Old Director

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The Whalestoe Letters Download

12 Pelafina as an unreliable narrator I am hopelessly unreliable (pg 636) Indicated several times that she is afraid she will never see Johnny again. Institute stating that Pelafina’s condition may decline again and a month later her mother wrote saying that It is remarkable how much I continue to improve. For the first time ever, the Director has suggested I even be able to leave. On page 642, Pelafina’s last letter to Johnny. He said the worker bees stole his stuff, and the Director didn’t leave (he actually retired at the end of March). There is something sinister in [the Director’s] manner now, very slight, but noticeable all the same, an ugly, twisted wire woven into the fabric of a perfectly decent man. Donnie pick me up as soon as possible, as soon as possible, but you my dear child, you must stay a while. Do that for me. Mmmm. On the next page, a letter from the Institute states that the day after his last letter, he hanged himself with his bed linen in his closet at the age of 59. The last page of this section states that there is a receipt of Johnny claims a piece of jewelry that once belonged to his mother.

Scrapbook Of My Revolution: Spitzley, Amy Lynn: 9781620071878: Books

13 Pelafina as Mother She almost idolized her son,

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