Doctor Who Theme Piano Notes Letters

Doctor Who Theme Piano Notes Letters – The material described below is based on the original Derbyshire theme. Subsequent versions of the theme will be reviewed in the future, and their differences will be described in separate sections.

Melody 1 is a hollow, sliding melody consisting of six notes: a low B with a portamento rising two octaves to C, and then stopping at a high B a semitone lower. This is followed by a high D, with a portamento descending two octaves to a low A, followed by a low B. Note that the high B at the end of the first movement of melody 1 (melody 1a) continues throughout the second movement (melody 1b).

Doctor Who Theme Piano Notes Letters

Doctor Who Theme Piano Notes Letters

Melody 1a is defined as the first three notes of Melody 1 (B, C”, B”) and Melody 1b is defined as the last three notes (D”, A, B).

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Melody 2 begins with a descending melodic figure starting with a high B, then G and B an octave lower, implying (along with the E played in the bass line) an E minor chord. Then comes another si, re, do, and another si. Then, an octave lower, is low A, low B, low C, low D, low B, and finally C and an octave higher, followed by B, which continues for several beats.

Melody 2a is defined as the first seven notes of melody 2 (B”, G”, B’, B’, D’, C’, B’), and melody 2b is defined as the last eight notes (B’). , A, B, C, D, B, C’, B’).

The bridge (also known as “Middle-8”) provides a melodic and harmonic counterpoint to the main theme, with a key change to a relative major key (G). The melody of the Bridge section can be divided into two parts. The first movement begins in the same way as the beginning of Melody 1, except for a higher A instead of a lower B. This is followed (as in melody 1) by C and B, followed by G, B, A and G, F# and G. The inclusion of F# is interesting, since earlier in the theme the bass line uses the natural F.

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The second part of the bridge starts with low G, followed by D two octaves higher, then high E, high D, high C, high D, and high G. Then these six notes are repeated. (except for the second time, the high G is two octaves lower), followed by a final figure consisting of high B, high A, G, F# and G, which continues for almost 4 bars. summer posts. That means three things: I got myself a decent digital camera, I refuse to let go of summer, and the girls are still digging into their summer fun. Song Of Silence: 9781426791499: Ruchti, Cynthia: Books

Chula has been writing music for a long time. Last summer, Chula sat with paper and pencil next to Melissa and Doug’s wooden piano. She played one of her favorite songs, rehearsed the sounds over and over again until she got the line right, and then wrote down the keys.

(Twinkle twinkle star…. CC GG AA G….. How I wonder who you are…. FF EE DD C…)

This summer, Chula found her in front of a keyboard with a pencil and paper. The difference is that she first wrote the notes and then checked them on the keyboard. If this satisfies her, she will continue to add words to the notes and try to turn it into a song. What about my almost non-existent musical talents (here is the material for the post 🙂), I was amazed to see how a child does it.

Doctor Who Theme Piano Notes Letters

Is Mieha supposed to surpass him somehow!? She came with dance choreography!!!! She traced her foot on paper, cut it out, cut out a few general directions, and laid it out on the floor. Introducing Miei’s choreography for Chula’s recent musical composition…..

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PS: The child is a terrible teacher. Absolutely no patience, I say. She walks with all those fancy steps, sliding-and-sliding-and-jumping-and-tumbling-and-rolling, and expects me to keep up. She gets so upset if I don’t do justice to her vision. All I ask is to sit with your head between your knees to control the dizziness from perfecting the spin. It’s too much? So if she invites me to a class, I have learned to say that my tailbone hurts and that my doctor told me not to dance.

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