Du Words 5 Letters

Du Words 5 Letters – Grab a pencil and get ready to dive into your book! The Grabbits caught so much stuff in the story that they lost track of what they took and what they left. Make a note whenever you recognize one of the items on the list. Then count them all to see if you found them all. This activity builds counting skills.

Race to clear the messy desk before the rabbit attacks it! Put things away and count them. For an extra challenge, time yourself or race a friend. To build your art skills, you can draw each item in its proper place. This activity builds all kinds of skills.

Du Words 5 Letters

Du Words 5 Letters

Ouch! Someone forgot to put the words, and now the wind blows on the grass. Even Grabbits can’t find them in the jumble of letters. Looks like it’s up to you!

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Alas! Someone forgot to put the words down, and now the tide has taken them. Even grabits can’t see floating in this sea of ​​letters. Looks like it’s up to you!

Ouch! Someone forgot to wrap the words. Even grabits can’t pick them out of a sky of letters. Looks like we need your help! Can you find the ten missing words?

Oh Someone left their words out again, and even Grabbits can’t find them in this mess of letters. Looks like it’s up to you!

What kind of trouble do the Grabbits get into on Halloween? Find out by writing your own spooky story of adventure! What will the Grabbits find when they pop out of their portal to the mysterious mansion at the moribund manor? It’s up to you! Be silly, be scary, be weird. If you’re playing with others, try listening to the words first and then surprise them by reading the story after you’ve filled them all in. Like your finished story? Show it on Facebook or Instagram and @tag! Or, email us!

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Letter Words With O As Second Letter

Why not imagine what they will do at the Constitutional Convention? Let your imagination run wild and be silly! If you are playing with others, try listening to the words first and then surprise them with the story after you fill in the blanks. Want to showcase your masterpiece? Email [email protected]!

Why not write a story about what the Grabbits can do there while everyone else is away! Still working on your writing skills? No problem! Print the sheet and get creative by filling in the blanks using a part of speech in the space below each row. Feel free to be silly! If you want to play with others, ask them for words and fill them in before telling them about the story. Then, laugh together as you read it out loud! This activity builds language skills.

If you got a free finger puppet postcard with your book, here’s an illustrated guide to putting it together. This activity builds motor skills and, if used dramatically, communication skills.

Du Words 5 Letters

If you didn’t get the postcard with the book, here’s a version you can print and color yourself. For best results, color first. Then, cut the dolls and pieces. This way, everything stays sturdy while you paint. (As a bonus, you’ll also trim any spots outside the line.) This activity builds planning and motor skills.

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Saying no to visiting grabbits is simple with this door hanger activity pack, complete with grabbit prevention inspector badges! The pack includes a color-your-own version and easy-to-follow instructions.

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If grabbits have taken your stuff, you may have to bribe them to get it back. Don’t worry! Here’s an easy gradient (currently the Grabbit version) that you can do. This activity builds motor skills.

Have an old sock, four rubber bands and some stuffing? If you do, you’re waiting to make a sock bunny! No sewing, no sticking, no cutting, no printing required. And you know who loves sock bunnies? Grabbits, that’s who. This activity builds motor skills.

Make a cozy ornament or pop-up with Grabbit’s Home for the Holidays Paper Craft Packet. Mix and match the interior and exterior decorations from the two versions to create your own unique 3-D scene! This activity builds planning and motor skills.

Michael Jordan Inspired Word Search Instant Digital Download

Color and cut out these gift certificates to give a gift certificate as a favor to your special someone! Everyone loves getting a helping hand! Brainstorm some ideas of what you can do to be helpful. Don’t worry about making it fancy. People often appreciate simple favors more. This activity builds motor skills and empathic awareness.

Why not make a gratitude necklace to show someone you appreciate them? It’s easy! Print out the sheet, cut out the hearts, write what you appreciate on each one, and tape them to thread or string! A great gift for mothers on Mother’s Day or anyone on any day. Everyone loves feeling appreciated! This activity builds social skills and motor skills.

Download the Grabbits Secret Decoder Packet and track Grabbits on Facebook and Instagram to intercept secret messages. Some messages also offer prizes. Check out the Grabbit Report for a how-to video! This activity builds motor skills and language skills. It helps lay the foundation for STEM skills.

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Du Words 5 Letters

Here’s the first code-breaker puzzle of the summer. To play, download the puzzle and use your Grabbits Secret Message Decoder to crack the code. Email your answer to [email protected]. The first 5 kids to send in the correct answer will win a prize!

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Grabbits raided Pirate Pete’s ship and looted the mess in his captain’s quarters. Can you use facts to track down their precious toys? This activity builds logical reasoning skills.

Indy supervised as I printed out a card template and clipped from magazines to wear my Grabbit card with a bold outfit. Indy thinks he looks pretty. Hopefully the Grabbits will be nice enough to return my keys.

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