Apple Known By Its First Three Letters Crossword

Apple Known By Its First Three Letters Crossword – If we go by the New York Times crossword puzzle, Lake ERIE is the most stunning body of water on Earth. Mining ORE can be a very profitable business venture. According to, ERIE is the third most popular word in the New York Times crossword puzzle. It has appeared over 1,350 times. ORE ranks seventh with over 1,200 appearances.

ORE and ERIE are examples of crosswords that appear frequently in crossword puzzles but rarely in everyday conversation. One of the reasons they appear so often is that they are very useful in crossword construction. An alternating pattern of vowel-consonant-vowel-consonant fills in tricky corners or ending layers with ease.

Apple Known By Its First Three Letters Crossword

Apple Known By Its First Three Letters Crossword

For a long time, the main tools of the crossword constructor were graph paper and a dictionary. Among today’s constructors, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t used software like Crossfire or Crossword Compiler. These programs introduced a new tool that automatically fills in part of a crossword puzzle using a word list. By using auto-completion, the constructor’s job becomes easier. But as a result, Crossword is stuck in a pre-internet era.

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Most construction programs come with pre-installed word lists, but they also allow the user to create their own or import lists downloaded from the Internet. There are many free and paid word lists around, ranging from a few hundred entries to several hundred thousand. Every constructor I’ve talked to has found these word lists to be a huge boon when they first started.

The higher a word scores on the list, the more the software uses it. Internet word lists tend to place more weight on words that have appeared in previously published puzzles, so crosswords like ORE and ERIE appear disproportionately often. Each constructor has a different method of obtaining their personal word list, in the same way that a painter prefers one brush or pigment to another.

Many constructors said they felt crossword puzzles were art or at least a form of self-expression. Anyone can download a word list, but it’s how they use it that makes it great, and a good word list can’t replace the skill and thought required to create a great puzzle.

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Few constructors take the time to sharpen their word lists. For example, Amanda Ruffkin, associate puzzle and games editor at Andrews McMeel Universal, says she sometimes spends two or three hours retrieving words in her word list.

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Matt Ginsberg, who published 50 Riddles in The New York Times, told me that he used a machine learning algorithm to get his word list and then used websites like Wikipedia and online dictionaries to find words to add to his collection. However, Mr. Ginsberg also noted that this style of word list management could sometimes make his puzzles feel “artificial”, and he envied constructors who used their own unique language.

“There are a lot of rivers, and I don’t know them all, even though they have a lot of good characters,” said Kate Hawkins, who published seven puzzles in the New York Times. “If I’m displeased to see it in a puzzle, I take it out. If I think it’s offensive, I remove it. If I think something’s meh, I take it out.

Ms. Hawkins wants to add what she calls “utilitarian language” to her word list. “I really like the signs and instructions in the world around you,” he said, “the words and phrases you see, they’re everywhere, they’re not on a word list.” A puzzle she gave me with the phrase LANE CLOSED, which she added to her word list after seeing it on a road sign.

Apple Known By Its First Three Letters Crossword

Many constructors have told me that in order to add a puzzle, they will remove a word if they think a teacher won’t accept it. Ross Trudeau, who published 40 Puzzles in The New York Times, told me that many constructors’ word lists are actually very similar because the list of acceptable words for teachers is so long.

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“Any new three-, four- or five-letter word is gold” and is immediately added to his word list, Mr. Trudeau said. PSAKI is the latest example of him, as is White House press secretary Jen PSAKI. He gives extra weight to new sayings, movie titles, and anything else he thinks will make for a particularly interesting theme or revealing entry.

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“As a human being, your tastes change, and it all depends on how the pieces fit together,” said New York Times digital puzzle editor and creator Sam Ezersky. “A word list is not going to tell you that there are two answers that are difficult for each other.”

Mr. When Ezerski gets stuck in the tricky part of the build phase, he uses answers like AC TO DC or ATOMIC GAS. Crunchy phrases like these might not appear in a normal word list, but with some clever gluing, they can work well to glue together some smooth filler.

“We can tell when some human, nuanced thought has gone into a puzzle,” he said. “We love when it truly feels like a craft, something that was designed by a human being.”

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There are resources for constructors who want to diversify their word lists, such as an expanded crossword name database. The database was created by Skidmore College professor and crossword organizer Erika Cheung Wojcik as a way to increase representation in word lists after noticing that white men were overrepresented in crossword puzzles.

Some of the database additions seemed to Ms. Wojcik to be obvious puzzle words. For example, ERHU is a two-stringed instrument with Chinese roots that lends itself to crosswords, but at the time of writing, it has never appeared in the New York Times crossword. Meanwhile, ED ASNER, the actor best known for playing Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show that ran in the 1970s, has appeared 41 times in the New York Times crossword. His last name? One hundred and fifty one times. If you click on a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy.

Like many, my day begins with Joel Fagliano and his mini crosswords in the New York Times. And then, I’m sad to note, my day often goes downhill. Whole hours pass in which I don’t have to solve the clues so I can put the letters in the little boxes. This is not correct. Fogliano makes one of his minis every day—and it seems wrong to ask for more than that. Yet the day is long and mini mini.

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Apple Known By Its First Three Letters Crossword

This is why the appearance of Tiny Crossword on Apple Arcade is so delightful. I missed this when it was an App Store game, but Arcade works to keep things focused. Tiny Crossword’s crosswords are American style. No cryptics, unfortunately, and the real crossword glory lies elsewhere, with those who know which words represent anagrams and which phrases to think about in international circulation marks. Instead, you get straight question-and-answer fun, which is really cool! This is the stuff Fogliano trades on (and can be a little cryptic when he wants to). If, like me and Joey Tribbiani, your idea of ​​a crossword clue is “three letters: not dog but…”, “weirdly resonant – it’s loud (10)”, then you’ll be very happy here.

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Small Crossword+’s crosswords are often smaller and more like mini. They’re also a pretty breeze: often you don’t even have to look at the clues below because you’re covered all over. They take seconds, and you can chew a surprising amount in one sitting. The campaign takes you around the world and boosters and what have you, but most of them can be ignored.

Things scale up, and there are some really big crosswords and very steep challenges in store. But there’s also – hooray! – Daily challenge unlocked in the first few minutes. A mini away from the mini. A few pointers and the day is bright again.

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