Drunkards Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Drunkards Crossword Clue 4 Letters – A relatively simple puzzle for the most part this week. There were a few sticky patches that held back the steady progress I liked a bit, but there were good ideas to compensate.

You can find the grid I completed below and an explanation of my solutions here. Hope they help you. If Jumbo has been taking advantage of his height recently to tape all his shoes to the ceiling, you’ll find comfort in my Just for Fun page, where you’ll find links to hundreds of solutions. Elsewhere, there are ancient book reviews and my story.

Drunkards Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Drunkards Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Thanks again for your kind words and input. It’s always interesting to hear what other solvers have been up to once they put their pen down. Next time, keep your kids safe outside.

The Cross Word Puzzle Book: Third Series

Answer: SUBATOMIC (ie “small”). The solution is SUB (ie “warship”, short for submarine) followed by ATOMIC (ie “its type of weapon”, atomic bomb). Not foreshadowing, I hope.

Answer: CORGI (aka “pet”). The solution is GI (eg, “grunt” or US military) after COR, or “else” (ie, exclamation point for both), COR-GI.

Answer: EMGOT (that is, metal “tiger”). The solution is GO (i.e., “make way”) in “INT” (an accepted abbreviation for “international”), and IN(GO)T.

Answer: Georges SIMENON (ie “novelist”, author of Maigret and many others). The solution is SIM (i.e. mobile phone “card”), then NONE (i.e. “anyone”) once reversed (indicated as “reversed”), etc.: SIM-ENON.

The Byron Shire Echo

Answer: FREE (eg “farm birds”). The solution provides a covert representation of how FREE is an anagram indicator and RANGE is an anagram of “anger”.

Answer: GRAVEN IMAGE (ie “idol”). The solution is GRAVE (i.e. “serious”), then IN once reversed (indicated as “back”), then MAGE (i.e. “wizard”), like this: GRAVE-NI-MAGE.

Answer: RAMJET (ie “aircraft industry” engine type). The solution is JET (eg “black”) and RAM (eg “sheep”) placed “out of order”, for example: RAM-JET.

Drunkards Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: George STUBBS (ie, the eighteenth-century “painter” who painted horses). The solution is BUTS (i.e., “opposition”) reversed (indicated as “refusal”) followed by the associated BUTS “remove them” (ie, removing the middle letter of BUTS), such as: STUB-BS.

The Auburn Plainsman

Answer: OSIER (ie “basket maker”). The solution is COZIER (that is, “more comfortable”) minus the C (“when it’s not cold” – the C is an accepted abbreviation for “cold” used on taps).

Answer: SCOTCH (ie “drink”). The solution is CH (an accepted abbreviation of the word “check”) once wrapped or “swallowed” on SOT (i.e. “drunk”) C (i.e. “the last letter of alcohol”, i.e. the last letter of an alcoholic) “on” or placed after etc.: S(C)OT-CH.

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Answer: SIAMESE CAT (ie “blue-eyed pet”). The solution is to “insert” SAME (ie “invariable”) followed by SEAT (ie “chair”) once wrapped or “interrupted” by C (an accepted shorthand for “constant”), as in: S( I) AME-SE(C)AT.

Answer: NON-RESIDENT (ie “resident”). The solution is IN, followed by H (phonetic “hotel”), then A BIT (eg “a bit”) and ANT (eg “soldier”).

The New York Times Crossword In Gothic

Answer: TALENT (ie “special gift”). The solution is TALE (ie “story”) followed by NT (ie “books and goodies”, ie the New Testament of the Bible).

Answer: ROBIN (ie the legendary “Hood”). The solution is ROBE (ie, “formal dress”), with the last letter dropped (noted as “not final”), and the rest as I and N (an accepted abbreviation for “note”), such as: ROB-I-N.

Answer: ECONOMICS OF SCALE (i.e., “a way of reducing costs,” specifically “declining unit costs as larger quantities of goods are produced”).

Drunkards Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: BRUTUS (ie “assassin”, the person who stabbed Julius Caesar). The solution is BRUTE (ie “brutal types”) where the “final” letter is “replaced” by “US” (ie “our side”) and BRUT(E) => BRUT(US).

Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Hairstyle That’s Short On The Sides / Sat 10 3 20 / Larva Of Dragonfly Named After Greek Myth / Sauce Ingredient In Londoner’s Pie Mash /

Answer: Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (ie “Austria”). The solution is TRAM (ie “transportation”) reversed (pronounced “back”) and wrapped or “collected” OZ (ie informal “Australia”), eg: M(OZ)ART.

Answer: OLIVER TWIST (aka “young hero”). The solution is O LIVE! (i.e. “don’t die” in your best am-drama voice) followed by R (an accepted shorthand for “right”) and TWIST (i.e. “surprise”).

Answer: COMPETITORS (aka “candidates”). The solution is THERE (i.e., “offer”) followed by CON, or “taken” (an old word for “research” and often seen in cryptic crosswords): CON-TENDER.

Answer: LEERING (ie “unpleasant expression”). The solution is FLEE RING (ie “fleeing the group”) minus the F (marked as “do not follow” – the F is an accepted abbreviation for “follow”).

Lucian Poll’s Web Ramblings

Answer: UNION (ie “marriage”). The solution is BUNION (i.e. “problem outside”), with the first letter removed (indicated as “head off”).

Answer: SWARTHY (ie “not at all fair”, about race). The solution is SHY (i.e., “to be ashamed”) wrapped around “skin blemishes”, like this: S(WART)HY.

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Answer: NO INSTRUCTION IS GIVEN (ie, instructions are not “followed”). The solution is DIS (i.e. “detective”, i.e. detectives), then OB (i.e. “two observations”, especially the first two letters of “observation”), then EYED (i.e. “seen”).

Drunkards Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: MY NEIGHBOR’S BEGGAR (ie “the game”, specifically “continues until one player has taken all the other cards”

Answer Daily Celebrity Crossword

). The solution is B (the accepted abbreviation for “British”) and ARMY (ie “land force”) wrap or “defend” EGG (meaning “bomb” or mine) followed by an anagram (suggesting “explode”). . ) of OUR, H (chemical symbol “hydrogen”) and BEING, like this: B-(EGG)-ARMY-NEIGHBOR.

Answer: LETTER (eg “full details”). The solution is to “emphasize” or TOT(HE-LET)TER in HE LET (ie “man allowed”) or TOTTER (ie “overflow”).

Answer: MISFIT (ie “strange”). The solution is after both IS and FIT (that is, “attack”), or “hold up” – this is a signal to go down – M (an accepted abbreviation of the word “motorway”), for example: M-(IS-FIT) .

Answer: Fought (eg “fought”). The solution is COMB (eg, “one with teeth”), followed by A and TED (eg, teddy “bear”).

The New York Times Crossword In Gothic: 02.17.13 — Mark My Words

Answer: CONCERT PITCH (that is, the “performance standard” – again in Chambers: “which has varied greatly throughout the history of music, but is now internationally standardized, the upper middle A is at 440 hertz”). The solution is C (the accepted abbreviation for “clubs” used in some card games), followed by RT (the accepted abbreviation for “right”) once “Once” (eg “once”), then GROUND (eg in sports area). or “pitch”) such as: C-(ONCE)-RT-PITCH.

Answer: CONCLUSION (ie “conclusion”). A “host” indicates a homophone. The solution is the homophone IN (eg ‘worn’) followed by FUR (eg ‘sable’).

Answer: MASS (ie “the common people”). The solution is SUBJECT (that is, “subject”), with the last letter removed (marked as “almost”), and the rest is ASSES (that is, “idiots”).

Drunkards Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: KIRK DOUGLAS (eg “actor”). The solution is an anagram of SO DUG (marked by “place”) for KIRK “after” (ie, the Scots word for “church”).

Animal Farm Crossword

Answer: Santa Claus (ie “night visitor”). “Reduced” indicates that the solution is hidden within the clue, for example: PLEA(SANT A)TITUDE.

Answer: PRESTO (i.e. “instructions to players”, especially musical slang for “very quickly”). The solution is PRESTON (ie “city”) with the last letter removed (indicating “finally failed”).

Answer: JUDGE (eg “the one with the tea tray comes in”). The solution is SRAINERS (ie “shoes”), with the last letter placed at the front (indicated as “back front”).

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Answer: RETURNABILITY (ie “flexibility” – Chambers don’t want to know (although it may be later than the version I have) but my Oxford lists it). The solution is B (an accepted abbreviation of the word “black” used in chess), followed by OUNCE (e.g. “cat”, another name for snow leopard), then BACK (ie “back home”) and ABILITY (ie “ur ability”). Worked well. Maybe the adjuster is a

Thomas D. Baxter Puzzles

Answer: CORSET (that is, the variant of the word “stay” – residence is a support in a corset). The solution is CO (that is, an abbreviation for “firm”, company) and SET (that is, “certain”) wrapped around or “holding” R (an accepted abbreviation for the word “resistance”): CO-(R)-SET.

Answer: A MELTING POT (ie “a general mix”, perhaps “a place where several races and cultures are mixed together”

). The solution is E (an accepted abbreviation of “English”) and LT (abbreviation for i.e. “officer”, lieutenant) in MING POT (i.e. “valuable Chinese vase”), or “ploughing”: M(E -LT) )ING-POT.

Drunkards Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Answer: TO, FRO (eg “the sea”). The solution is TO (ie the “closed” gate state), followed by AND (ie the electronic circuit’s “gate”) and an anagram of FOR (ie “drunk”).

Children’s Sunday School Lessons

Answer: SHEEP (ie “meat”). The solution is NOT (ie “nothing”) and TUM (ie “stomach”) are all the same in reverse (marked with a “turn”): MUT-TON.

Answer: FAWLTY TOWERS (ie TV “comedy”). The solution is the homophone FAULTY (ie, “defect”) (marked by “sound”) followed by TOWERS (ie, how the “breakdown brigade” tows a vehicle).

Answer: A BOOSTER SEAT (ie “extra cushion”). The solution is BOO (ie “exclamation of surprise”), followed by SAT (ie “steady”) wrapped once or placed “across” TERSE (ie “compact”), like this: BOO-S(TERSE)AT.

Answer: A RULE OF RIGHTS (ie a “practical” way of doing something). Based on how hitchhikers raise their thumbs, this solution provides a complete “guideline for fixing the lift”. You get the point.

Games World Of Puzzles

Answer: DISPLAY (eg “[moving] picture specifications”). The solution is that the SNP (i.e. “politicians”, i.e. the Scottish National Party) surround or “want” the CREE (i.e. “Indians”, especially “Native Americans living in Montana and parts of Canada”).

Answer: NO CHANGE (i.e. “regardless of heart”). The solution is UNTIED (i.e. “free”) wrapped around or “confiscated” P (an accepted abbreviation for “authority”) and I (i.e. “[Rome

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