Examples Of Palanca Letters

Examples Of Palanca Letters – I like to write and receive letters, whether by email or regular mail. It’s a different feeling when I write or receive a letter in the mail. This is because handwriting is good evidence that someone really wrote a letter expressing their thoughts and feelings.

Just last week I was packing up my things and came across a bag and a small cabinet full of letters and memorabilia from my elementary school, high school, and college where internet is unheard of (except when I was in my third year of college, the library has internet access). and the fad was beeping rather than texting. Mobile phones are huge and heavy with no camera, no MMS, GPRS, 3G, touch screen and all these new features.

Examples Of Palanca Letters

Examples Of Palanca Letters

As I rummage through the little closet, here are a few letters I’d like to share with you.

Letter To My Niece On Her Confirmation (stay With Me On This)

Letters from my high school friends, with whom I’ve been in touch to this day, via cell phone, landline, email, social media, and the occasional lunch, dinner, or coffee. Now you know that New Kids on the Block was a huge hit when I was in high school.

Long before palm pilots, phone organizers, and tablets, I have a Peanuts planner to keep track of my coursework, exams, nights out, and ummm dates. (hahaha!) Yes, the results for my college application were sent in a letter that was printed on a dot matrix printer.

It’s the year 2000 and the internet is always available. That said, letter writing is always personal and we always look forward to it. Now it’s either a bank statement or mailbox bills. So you can imagine how happy I am when I receive a card from my friend who happens to be a nun in the US without internet access, or a colorful card from my friends here and abroad. I also enjoy birthday cards and Christmas cards.

Before she was known as Mareng Winnie, I got this signed message from Professor Winnie Monsod when she attended our Women’s Round Table in 1998.

Confirmation Letter Or Speech For Nephew Or Niece

I really enjoy all of these letters (and more in the cabinet) and yes, I’ve left the love letters out of this post on purpose, maybe that’s the claim to fame of whoever wrote it. (hahaha!)

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Bacolod Banaue Bohol Bontoc Books Boracay Bulacan Cebu Churches Davao Dear Siomai Ilocos Iloilo Issues Kiangan Laguna Lists Manila Milestones Old House Out of the Blues Paranaque Poetry Quezon City Quotes and Thoughts Sagada Summer 2012 Summer 2013 Tuguegarao Uncategorized Because this Covid-19 virus is keeping much of the US in indoors, we might be inclined to simply turn on Netflix and bide our time. What if we can do something more efficient? How would you write to people who are truly isolated: the elderly in nursing homes, people with immune diseases, and many others? If the thought of writing a letter to a complete stranger freaks you out, I’ve got you covered! Below you will find some great ideas on what to write.

You may feel very excited to have a few days off work and spend some time at home. But for many people, this is already a reality in everyday life. Seniors in nursing homes don’t leave their residences as often as you and I, perhaps a few trips out throughout the year is their highlight. With extra precautions to protect their physical health, the vast majority of seniors will see few or no visits in the coming months. Loneliness is already very common among the elderly. While I’m all for keeping them physically healthy, I can only imagine what these measures do to their emotional well-being. And while we have many online ways to reach each other (Facetime, Zoom, etc.), not all seniors are so tech-savvy.

Examples Of Palanca Letters

Writing a letter takes one away from the daily routine a bit. What’s more, when they see their name on an envelope, it tells them that someone is thinking of them – that they are loved! That someone took the time and effort to write them a letter, share a story, tell them they matter. It has a big impact on someone! And while a Skype call can lift someone’s spirits a bit, a letter is something they can look back on and read over and over again. Never underestimate the power that the written word has on someone. It can calm their nerves and help create tangible memories.

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How To Write A Palanca Letter

Now: what the hell can I write to someone I don’t know? Below are some ideas to get you started.

Starting a letter to a stranger may seem intimidating, but once you get started, I can assure you – the words will begin to flow. My best tip: write like you’re starting a conversation with someone in line at the grocery store. Tell them about the weather, what’s going on in your life, or a funny thing you read on the Internet. Everything goes!

While it may be easy to pour out your worries and frustrations on paper, letters to strangers are an act of kindness: make yours bring joy! Write something that will encourage someone in their time of loneliness. Perhaps write an inspiring anecdote, recite a poem that inspires you, or share a life lesson. Something that may seem small to you can have a big impact on an outsider, so be brave.

One thing lonely people don’t hear often enough is that they matter. That someone is thinking of them. That they have value. Seeing those words on paper can reach someone deep in their heart—and can be even more powerful than hearing those words spoken in person. Something about words on paper makes them real, solidifies them, makes them more real. And as already mentioned, letters can be read over and over again.

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Another way to approach a letter to a stranger is to write something about yourself! Write about the family you have and how it brings you joy right now. What life lessons do you learn? Maybe talk about your grandparents, what did you learn from them? Reading about someone’s life can be a huge distraction for a lonely person. It allows them to live vicariously through your story and gives them hope for the future. When talking about yourself, still focus on the other person: don’t make it all about you!

When writing a letter to a stranger, remember: they are strangers! This seems very logical, but you don’t know where they stand on things like religion and politics. Therefore, it is best to avoid such topics. Some top tips:

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As we mentioned before, the elderly in our community will really feel the effects of this Covid-19 virus. I’m doing my part to value this group with a new project: Love Notes. You can send me your letter to a stranger and I will send it in a calligraphically addressed envelope to someone in my database who really deserves it. You can also contribute to this database by entering an address if you know someone who needs a little more snail mail love at this time.

Examples Of Palanca Letters

Another way to make a difference: order a letter kit that comes complete with a beautiful custom flat card addressed to your loved one and a calligraphically addressed envelope – ready to go with postage.

A Letter To A Stranger: What Should You Write

Now, if you still need some inspiration, here are two letters I wrote to the first two strangers sent to the mailing list.

We don’t know each other but I just want to encourage you today in this crazy time we live in!

I don’t know your situation right now, but know that you are not alone. Someone is thinking of you.

My name is Charlotte and I am most likely not in the same position in life as you. But we have something in common: we are probably both missing our loved ones at this time.

How To Write A Confirmation Letter: Examples & Format Rules

My family is abroad in the Netherlands and I was supposed to visit them last week after not seeing them for a year and a half. Of course I was very upset that I had to cancel the trip.

Now I could bury myself in this loss and let it affect me and my activities this week. But I’m not a victim and I don’t want to let my emotions dictate my actions.

So I started to look at the positive things that this situation brought me – I see my husband more, since his shop is closed and he is at home. I talk to my mom more, just to catch up – and also to my sisters. Yesterday I got to make a video about making that will help bring joy and a way of expression to some kids! I certainly wouldn’t think so

Examples Of Palanca Letters

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