Falicia Blakely Letters From Her Pimp

Falicia Blakely Letters From Her Pimp – Returning to some level of normalcy after incarceration is difficult, especially when the system is set up to perpetuate a bad life. August Dorothy Hall, a writer from Georgia, overcame the stigma of writing about poverty and crime when she discovered her calling to write and help others hear their stories.

Being incarcerated with the Black community became clear to me when I started participating in publications and networking events organized by people of color. The more I watched people on stage share their struggles and redemptions, the more I realized that incarceration is embedded in the American experience.

Falicia Blakely Letters From Her Pimp

Falicia Blakely Letters From Her Pimp

African Americans represent only 13% of the US population, yet account for 38% of the 2.2 million incarcerated in the United States. It is not surprising that the effects of incarceration seep into other areas of public health.

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While in prison, Hall wrote long letters to his mother, and when one called, his mother asked if Hall had actually written the letters. “I wrote from the heart and poured out my feelings in my letters, especially when I wrote to my mother. He asked me to write books. ”

Some may fall into despair and anger, but for Hall, he spent his time reading urban novels, because these stories reflected the life he led before his incarceration. The work of Wahida Clark, an author and writer who has appeared on the New York Times and Essence bestsellers with her Thug Love fiction, has inspired her. Like Hall, Wahida Clark began her publishing career—within prison walls.

From the 1970s to the mid-1980s, the U.S. incarceration rate was 300 per 100,000 people. Now it’s more than 700 per 100,000, the federal government’s ‘war on drugs,’ which focuses more on punishment than rehabilitation, and creating a profitable prison industry, leaving many like Hall serving long sentences for non-violent crimes.

“If we do something as bad as a drug crime, you’re not going to give us life in prison for selling drugs. Don’t think we can’t come back and change our lives for the better. I don’t think they should treat us like that,” said Hall, reflecting on how the system is limiting them instead of giving them a chance to reform. The difficulty of finding a job, especially renting a house in their name is impossible for criminals.

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Hall began writing her first novel about a young woman from the South who lives in poverty where crime is a way of life and unrequited love leads to destruction. After the book was finished, Hall sent inquiries to various publishers including Wahida Clark. “Wahida emailed me and asked me to send the document,” says Hall.

“After a few months, he wrote and told me that I was accepted. I was very happy. It didn’t feel right. Being locked up, the door is closed and everyone outside is forgotten. To find something good in your life, what you did, and not do it illegally… In that moment, I felt liberated. ”

A year after his release, Hall published his first book, Feenin’ under the name Serenity Hall in 2010. Describing the themes in his books, Hall says, “I try to show all the badness in my stories. Young girls hook up with grown men as if all is well until their hearts are broken. Whether it’s drugs or sex, they carry those burdens into relationships later. I try to include those things in my books. ” Writing the series, Still Feenin’ in 2013 through Wahida Clark Publishing, Hall began connecting with other incarcerated writers and started her own publishing company, 7 Figures Published. He has published two additional books and represents a number of authors.

Falicia Blakely Letters From Her Pimp

A friend of his imprisoned sister, he told the inmate about Hall and his record company. That prisoner happened to be Falicia Blakely, a woman sentenced to life in prison for multiple murders. Her story was recently adapted into the TV One movie ‘When Love Kills,’ starring Niatia ‘Lil Mama’ Kirkland and Lance Gross. Blakely contacted Hall to help him get his story out, as the film company offered advice to Blakely. “We had a lot in common, not in murder, but in terms of looking for love in the wrong places, and coming up with old people. It’s a story that a lot of African-American girls fall into,” Hall said, explaining why she accepted the project. Last September, Hall wrote and published, The Hustle Hustle: Beating the Lick for the Love of a Pimp, the true story of Falicia Blakely. The hope is to reach more people with the goal of helping save the lives of young girls.

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As a publisher, Hall’s main goal when looking for writers is to find ‘the best story’. “I talk to my writers instead of stopping their dreams,” he complains. “With my first book, I thought my editor would hate my book. Bashing me – that’s what I call it – was the best thing that ever happened to me. It taught me how to tell a good story and how to pay more attention to what I write. The writer/author relationship is really important. ”

Ten years out of prison, Dorothy Hall’s pace is one of empowerment. Since speeding on the streets, she now lives with her husband and three daughters, runs a hotel, runs her own writing company, and works as a life coach for her writers. “I like to stay in touch with my writers. Their people outside counted. I try to encourage them. It doesn’t matter if they get a year or a life sentence, they still have life to live. ” Dorothy Hall is a true testament to changing one’s life, living one’s dreams, and helping others achieve the same success!

Roseann V. Warren is the founder and CEO of MuphoricSounds.com, and a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, NY. He proudly calls himself a prince, and believes that Hersey’s chocolate is a crime. Follow him on: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | RoseannWarren.comFacebook: Author Sereniti Hall Instagram Author Sereniti Hall Twitter: Sereniti Hall Website: www.serenitihall.com Text Sereniti to 22828 to stay updated on books and events If you are looking for an author, send your artwork to [email protected] Sereniti Hall is an urban fiction writer draws his creative juices and characters from everyday life, from the people, places, and things he sees and experiences. While serving time at Marianna Federal Prison, Sereniti didn’t want to waste her time without a job and wanted to have a foundation to build on after her release. After reading urban fiction by the “Queen of Thug Fiction,” Wahida Clark and many others, Sereniti was inspired to begin her writing career shortly after. He asked Ms. Clark, who signed him to a two-book deal. The rest, as they say, is his story. In 2011, Serenity House became the first Wahida Clark Publishing (WCP) author to have her novel Feenin’ listed among the top ten best street fiction books in Book Magazine. Since then he has released the hot and furious series, Still Feenin’ and his latest book Traces Of My Blood and continues to surprise his readers with book after book. Although urban fiction sometimes gets a bad rap, Serenity believes that urban fiction is a creative art form and that it is clearly written as fiction, meaning it is not true. Mainstream movies and movies are also fiction and show the same thing, and Serenity asks the question, how is it different from street books? He wants the general public to understand that urban fiction doesn’t rule life, but at the same time what he and many others write is like a trumpet blasting a powerful message about the impact, regardless of race, of their beliefs. , or color. Currently, she is working on her next project and lives with her husband and three daughters in August, Georgia. Serenity Hall also wrote Falicia Blakely’s Biography, the story that inspired the hit movie When Love Kills. The book is called The Traitor. In 2016 Serenity Hall stepped up and is now the President and Owner of 7 Image Publications LLC. Check out Sereniti Hall @ www.serenitihall.com www.7figurepublications.com

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The story inspired the T.V. ONE movie, “When Love Kills”. Everything is here in Falicia Blakley Biography. Many years ago, Falicia Blakely, the mother of a teenager who fell in love with the bad fruit, introduced her to the world of the strange dancing fruit. It worked

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