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Fau Arts And Letters Advising – The Department of Visual Arts and Art History, an integral part of Florida Atlantic University’s School of the Arts, provides a forum for students to actively engage and expand their creative and scholarly capacities within a disciplinary and interdisciplinary setting. The program is dedicated to offering diverse courses dedicated to educating artists and art historians. There are more than 800 majors currently enrolled, making it one of the largest arts programs in the state of Florida. It attracts national and international students, who study with more than 20 full-time faculty and active artists, whose areas of expertise include art history, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, ceramics, printmaking, digital imaging and graphic design.

The department offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Studio Art or Graphic Design, a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History, a Bachelor of Arts degree with teacher certification, and a Master of Fine Arts degree. in visual arts (painting, ceramics) or graphic design. The University Galleries work closely with the School of Arts and the Department of Visual Arts and Art History to serve the community of students, faculty and staff and public audiences in South Florida by presenting a wide range of local, national and international artists. Exhibitions and public events related to exhibitions.

Fau Arts And Letters Advising

Fau Arts And Letters Advising

The Department of Visual Arts and Art History is dedicated to the advancement, practice and theoretical understanding of the visual arts. The department’s central mission is to enable students to understand art in the context of its rich historical heritage, incorporating the constant changes, innovations and achievements made by creative artists and art historians.

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The department seeks to prepare both undergraduate and graduate students for professional careers in the creation and interpretation of the visual arts. Deeply related to this focus is a commitment to uplifting and sustaining the study of art as an essential mode of understanding and dynamic expression of human experience as it relates to an increasingly complex global society. To accomplish this goal, students must develop technical skills related to various artistic media, as well as an understanding of the creative impulse and the emotion that motivates it.

The faculty of the Department of Visual Arts and Art History, through its important research and creative activities, promotes the preservation of artistic heritage with an interest in originality and innovation within artistic and research practice. These educational goals are enhanced by visiting lectures, workshops, internships, conferences and exhibitions held at two university galleries, the Schmidt Center Gallery and the Ritter Gallery in Boca Raton and the Second Avenue Studio Gallery in Fort Lauderdale. School of Public Administration (SPA). ) was founded in 1981. Our Bachelor’s and Master’s programs provide professional education for leadership and management by providing a broad-based core curriculum that addresses the needs of both in social, economic, political, local, national and increasingly international contexts. .

We offer five degree programs: Ph.D. in Public Administration, Master of Public Administration, Master of Nonprofit Management, Bachelor of Public Management; and a bachelor’s in public safety administration, with minors in disaster management, nonprofit management and public management.

The LeRoy Collins Public Ethics Academy (LCPEA) and the John Scott Dailey Florida Institute of Government (IOG) are both part of the School of Public Administration. Both LCPEA and IOG offer training and classes.

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Visual Arts & Art History

SPA faculty is committed to providing opportunities for students to discover, apply, and disseminate knowledge, and to recognize life-long learning as a pathway to successful public service. The faculty is committed to providing an inclusive environment for learning that allows for the pursuit of academic excellence. This environment for learning focuses on excellence through mutual respect and concern for all students, openness to questioning and risk-taking, and engagement in active learning. Our pedagogy emphasizes a combination of theoretical foundations and practical applications in both individual and group settings. We strive to inspire research, scholarship, and creative activity while continually enriching the educational experience for all of our students. And use your advising sheet to help you plan which courses to take. If you need a copy of your advice sheet, click on the links below. To retrieve your unofficial transcripts, you need to log into your My Account and select “Student Self-Service”. After reading all of the information below, if you still have any problems or additional questions, please email theatre@

** It is important to prepare for your counseling session. Please use the following guidelines to prepare for a successful appointment:

2. List the classes you want to take so we have a place to guide you

Fau Arts And Letters Advising

6. Please email your advisor with your z number, course listings and CRN before your meeting so they can verify the information.

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If you were accepted into a BFA program, you must submit a change of major form. Please make an appointment with Tom Shorek to do this.

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If you want to add a minor, you will need to submit a form to add a minor. Please make an appointment with Tom Shorek to do this.

Liu will send an email (and copy it to you) that will include all recommended courses and a copy of your updated advice sheet. Please keep a copy of this sheet in a safe and accessible place on your computer for future reference.

You will then receive a confirmation from Liu that you have been granted permission to register for the courses. It is very important that you register for summer and fall at your earliest convenience. If you have any problems with registration, please contact us

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