Feat Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Feat Crossword Clue 4 Letters – Orange-Nosed Muppet / MON 4-20-20 / Not Waterproof / Huge TV Like In A Stadium / Rhythmic Heartbeats / Blown Up / Hip-Hop Performed

THEME: BOY OH BOY (66A: “Wow!” … and a hint in both halves of the starred clue answers)— The word “boy” can be placed after two words in the theme answers to create familiar terms.

Feat Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Feat Crossword Clue 4 Letters

A Latin (from French Latin, meaning “Latin”) or Latin American rig is a triangular sail set on a long yard set at an angle to the mast and running fore and aft. From the time of Roman sailing, the Latin became the favorite sail of the Age of Discovery, mainly because it allows the boat to stand “against the wind”. It is common in the Mediterranean and northwestern parts of the Indian Ocean, where it is standard equipment for feluccas and dhows (wikipedia)

Puzzling: Rye Makes The Nyt Crossword

Hello everyone and happy Monday! I’m new here so let me introduce myself. My name is Ben and I am a junior at the University of Pennsylvania. I’ve been doing crosswords every day for over two and a half years now, and I’ve been reading Rex’s blog for just as long. Now that we’re introduced, let’s jump in and talk about this Monday.

All in all, it was a pretty easy and enjoyable fix. A few hang-ups here and there, but mostly smooth sailing due to the lack of crossword puzzles that often plague early-week puzzles. Had ANODE for ONOFF and ACACIA for ACADIA. Also jumped to put “Memory” for “Account of one’s previous days” (6D), which messed up the middle section until I could sort it out.

The theme works well for four of the five responses, but HIGH OFFICE just doesn’t hold up. Both terms, HIGH (boy) and OFFICE (boy), are dated and drag down an otherwise simple theme. I particularly enjoyed BALL GAME for two reasons. 1. The GameBoy isn’t just a different kind of boy, it’s more of a handheld video game system, and it brought back the nostalgia of playing my Game Boy Advance (pictured below) on long family car rides. when i was young And 2. I’m currently missing the BALL GAME of the baseball season, Let’s Go Mets. In the absence of baseball, I happened to catch a few rounds of Thrilla in Manila (44D) the other night and saw ALI bob and weave.

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As for some of the other additions, BREECH (birth) doesn’t pass the breakfast test and could certainly be assumed otherwise. I had to look up what an almond (48A) looks like and it turns out to be a very nice looking bird, so I’ve included a picture of one.

Ny Times Crossword 4 Jun 22, Saturday

I don’t really like seeing ADOBES pluralized, though I happen to love the rest of SE with a conversational YES YOU next to the elegant KIMONO. Also, LIBIDO is an interesting answer that I haven’t seen in many puzzles, so very varied. And if you’re wondering why the symbol for TIN is Sn, so am I, and the answer is that it comes from the Latin word for tin, “stannum.” So now you can add this to your list of useless chemistry facts.

In honor of Carl Sagan, I leave you with one of his quotes: “We are made of star material. We are a means for the universe to know itself.” Channel your inner star stuff and stay strong, everyone!

P.S. Last week, ELMO and his friends showed kids (and their parents) across the country how to properly social distance with a virtual game starring Lin-Manuel Miranda and Anne Hathaway. Well done, Sesame Street! Gymnastic rings with arms fully extended / FRI 10-9-20 / fashionable sport throwing / Prez with the same initials as New York landmarks / A tribe that traditionally spoke Chiwere

Feat Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Found this solid, if a bit flimsy. Attempts at currency, hypnosis, and stinginess felt forced at times (who *ever* responded to a knock on the door with “WHO DAT???”) (the X-ray is really fancy? Ever), and the fill could have been longer. I’ve been much more charming, but the puzzle holds up well for the most part. Unfortunately, the part that didn’t hold up for me was the part where I finished, so I ended up with a pretty bad aftertaste. I’m talking about the SW corner, which is a pile of paving stones. (GWBUSH) and awkwardly spelled numbers (US TEN) and unique numbers that should never be unique (MOB … TIE? Just one?) and whatever you want to call “AH, I SEE”. Yes and yes to all of that. However, there was no other focused strainer that I could see. ARMATA di Mare is a total “????” was: and of course I wrote ARMANI in the beginning, but I guess that “fashion label” is *massive* and that I just don’t know it because I don’t really follow fashion labels (actually, I don’t have to (assume the latter part, as it is definitely true). CALICOES with an “E” in the plural sounds super dumb, but I guess they’re plural fabrics… I guess I don’t like plural fabrics (plural cats would just be nice anyway). I just didn’t have the usual number of “cool!” moments while solving this one. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had one. Sorry, I mean, “I believe I’ve had NARY A ONE.” Feel the weirdness.

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Ny Times Crossword 31 Aug 22, Wednesday

Why are there olive pits in your Greek salad? Are most Greek salads made with pitted olives? Or the idea that the pits “remained” during the *making* of the salad? And what does the ATE track have to do with it? Why! NYTXW relies so heavily on “moaner joke” humor in general in many of its themed puzzles, does it really need to insert “moaner joke” here for a simple word like ATE? Also, the “joke” is … terrible, even from a “sigh” point of view, since ATE is a homophone of EIGHT, so I assumed there was some real joke going on at the beginning (“ATE a clock” / 8 o’clock ???). But no, the ATE joke is the “consuming” part… it’s so bad, on so many levels. The hardest thing for me to get today was HANGS. it’s a very reasonable (if highly slangy) synonym for “Shiver,” but wow, I needed every cross. I think that’s it for me today. Please enjoy the splendor of autumn. Mini Manufacturing Company / FRI 4-16-21 / Former Name of Kazakhstan’s Capital / Device Obsolete by Smartphone / Seaport Derived from Arabic for Obstacle / The Big Aristotle of NBA

Word of the day. SQUIB KICK (38A: Football Tactic to Prevent a Long Return) – A term used in American football to mean a short, low, linear kick that usually bounces to the ground before it can be picked up by a member of the receiving team; The ball is hit so short that it forces the slower players on the receiving team to recover the ball first instead of their quicker hitter. Second, an unpredictably bounced ball can be more difficult for the receiving team to pick up, allowing more time for members of the kicking team to get downfield to surround the ball carrier. (Wikipedia)

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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the secret to good themeless puzzles isn’t Scrabbly letters. It seems to me that somehow in 2021, the fifteenth year of this blog’s existence, there is still this idea that Q’s and Z’s and J’s are special sauce where Friday and Saturday puzzles are concerned. This puzzle wasn’t bad by any means, but it seemed more interested in placing crooked letters than actually putting in interesting long fills and creating an overall enjoyable solving experience. It also felt oddly dated. Slightly WIZEN ed. SNIPE HUNTs seem weird and Johnny OLSON has already gone over and called them TUSHES and TOGS, it seems Nana-ish and wow, it’s hard to imagine anyone under 60 saying in unison ” party down” as an exclamation, let alone as a past tense verb phrase (? ) Isn’t a HYPERLINK just a … link? I am now on the World Wide Web. I don’t know. The tendency to display scrabbly tiles, as well as the general sensibility of the fill and trim, left me feeling a little musty. IPOD is obsolete and ASTANA is obsolete and so on. It’s a solid network, it is, but not once did I smile or think “oh cool”.

One big comprehension problem today, which was HUSH (1D: echo when someone touches the mic, maybe). I just assumed the “reaction” would be a shout of “HUSH” because who wants to hear someone touch the mic…but it seemed like a weird prompt for such a reaction. It’s not like tapping the microphone + “HUSH !” is a classic combination. So it confused me, that clue … until I realized it was *a* HUSH … ie

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