Fertility Clinic Letters Crossword Clue

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I open my eyes and find myself lying in bed in a white room. Sitting is difficult, because the tangle of wires and tubes is attached to my arms and chest. I’m in the hospital. But I have no idea why.

Fertility Clinic Letters Crossword Clue

Fertility Clinic Letters Crossword Clue

How did I get here? I can not remember. The last thing I remember is that Becky and I were on a night out… We went to a restaurant for dinner and then… The rest is a blur. Where’s Becky?

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I pull the wires out of my skin and disconnect the supply. I notice I’m wearing a hospital gown and a green bracelet. There’s a TV on the wall next to me, but I can’t understand the news broadcast – it seems to be damaged or something:

I don’t like this. I’m confused. I press the ‘call’ button and wait, but the nurse doesn’t come. I get out of bed, draw the curtain… and find the ward in total disarray. Medical supplies scattered on the floor, curtains torn, beds overturned – and in the infirmary… oh, man…

The nurse is dead, lying in a pool of blood. I throw up on the floor. I reach for the phone on her desk to call for help, but there is no tone. Two of the desktop screens are cracked, but I can just make out some images on them:

Looking around the room, almost all the beds are empty, but they seem to have been slept in recently. There is another patient lying quietly in bed 5, with a red band around his wrist. I check for a pulse but can’t find one. I’m all alone and I’m afraid. I move towards the door, but I see that it is locked. On the wall next to him is a plan of the department:

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I won’t be much use if I can’t get out of this department. What’s going on here? I have to understand. On the table in the middle of the room lies a series of scattered papers. Among these are recent observation charts for what I believe to be 8 patients who are supposed to be on this ward, but none of the charts make sense – just rows and rows of meaningless letters where the nurses’ logs should be:

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While I’m reading, I’m startled by a noise in the room. The patient in bed 5 – who I swear was completely lifeless a moment ago – awkwardly climbs out of it. They turn in my direction and begin to reach for me, their limbs twitching violently, muffled moans escaping their lips.

My heart beats faster than ever before. I step back towards the wall and grab a nearby fire extinguisher – something heavy in case I need to defend myself. I have no escape plan other than that. I’m starting to panic. I just know I have to get out of here and find Becky – she would know what to do.

Fertility Clinic Letters Crossword Clue

Patient 5 continues to advance and I stumble backwards over the nurse and fall to the floor, dropping my weapon. This is all too much. Surely this is a bad dream? If only I could understand… Cold hands grab my arms and I scream…

The New York Times Crossword In Gothic: December 2010

Each anagram has two parts: an indication of the type of puzzle to be solved and a number. For example, HOWARD ENCORES anagrams for WORD SEARCH: ONE.

Patient: HOWARD ENCORES (ONE WORD SEARCH) There are twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac hidden in the net. The remaining letters spell out “MYSTIC MILO IS IN TOWN CAN WE GET BLACK.

Patient: PETER WISEWOMEN (MINESWEEPER TWO) Overlaying the circles from one of the monitors on this grid, it only covers the letters A, B, C, D, E. This can be interpreted as traces of Minesweepers. Puzzle Solving: The unexcavated letters spell “NOT A MUST READ PART”. Shaded letters, from bottom to top, starting from the right column, spell out “I MANAGED TO GET TWO OLIVE CARDS”.

Patient: REBEKA TRIUNE (NURIKABE THREE) The table of furniture has 8 numbers; these are the clues for the Nurikabe puzzle. The shaded cells, column by column, say “SEARCH IN THE WRONG PLACE, TRY BLANK”. Unshaded cells, also column by column, print “CAN I GET A VOLUNTEER FROM THE AUDIENCE” IN RED.

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Patient: HORUS FORT (SHORT FOUR) Read the letters from right to left, bottom to top. It says: PULA, GORE, MAYOTTE, OSCAR, UNIVERSAL, SAT, SODIUM, PETSTO, URACIL, NEPER, VIRGINIA, YOTTA. Each of them has a canonical abbreviation of one or two letters: P, U, YT, O, U, HR, NA, D, U, NP, VA, Y. By reversing the order of each of them and joining them, you get “PUT YOUR HAND UP NAVY “.

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Patient: KEVIN FLABS (BLANK FIVE) You can fill in the blanks so that several countries are written line by line: THAILAND, KENYA, LAOS, CUBA, COMOROS, IRELAND, JORDAN, IRAN, CAMEROON, AUSTRIA, GEORGIA, NIGER . The letters you fill in print the message: “THANK YOU COME AND JOIN ME ON THE ORANGE STAGE”.

Patient: XAVIER SAGE (AVERAGE SIX) Here we need to take the average of the letter pairs. By marking all the odd letters, we can see that every pair of lines has the same parity. So we take the average of the first two lines: K is halfway between A and U, E is halfway between C and G, E is halfway between A and I… The letters we get read “KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE LIGHT YELLOW”.

Fertility Clinic Letters Crossword Clue

Patient: ZEE MAVENS (LABIRIT SEVEN) On the map of the hospital, each room starts with a unique letter from B to X. You can follow the path that starts from the Entrance, visits all the rooms in alphabetical order and ends at You are here. There is only one shortest way: by covering the grid of letters at the intersections of the maze and drawing a path, the message is printed: “YOUR EYEBALLS ARE BECOMING VERY HEAVY, YOU FEEL VERY DROWSY LIGHT GREEN”

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Patient: BILL HERITAGE (BRAILLE EIGHT) Each letter is “piled up” in a grid: all A’s are in the middle right, all B’s next to them, both C’s near the top… these letters form Braille letters. The letters in order from A to Y spell “WHEN I CLICK SIENNA’S FINGERS”.

Summary: Now we can see the story – you went to see a stage magician (Mystic Milo) with Becky and you were chosen as a volunteer from the audience. You went on stage and Milo showed us a strangely confusing pendulum…

The three underlined letters are K, E, Y. The colors, in order 1 through 8, correspond to the letters O, T, TO, C, AY, B, IT, R. The newspaper report, CDTMvHPFMMnCHGSeLgDSTeRrHiTeZBKZBMASTOMN, has eight lowercase letters of the letters that anagram vigeners. If we use the string OTTOCAYBITR to decode the news as a Vigenere cipher, we get: OKAYtHREETWOONEcLICKANDyOuREBACKINTHEROOM “Okay, three, two, one, click! And you’re back in the room.” It turns out that you were under hypnosis the whole time and there was never any danger! (Except for the mental health effects suddenly thrown into an actual horror movie scenario. I’m pretty sure hypnotists don’t usually make their volunteers imagine something this traumatic. Mystic Milo might have a lawsuit at some point.. .)

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The title, “28 Minutes Later”, is a reference to the zombie film 28 Days Later. The reporter, “WWZ News”, is a reference to World War Z, another zombie movie.

The Nugget Newspaper // Vol. Xliv No. 13 // 2021 03 31 By Nugget Newspaper

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Fertility Clinic Letters Crossword Clue

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