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Credit Cleaning Attorney Letters Fiverr – The National Legal Center is a consumer protection law firm. We help people who have been taken advantage of by debt collectors, credit bureaus and scammers. If you need help, call us. Our aim is to help people who have been harmed, but we want to prevent harm in the first place. Our team investigated and collected information from across the web. The nature of scammers is that there is usually not much paper trail to get out. As a result, much of our information comes from reports that have been shared with us and on consumer forums. If you feel that we have posted false information about your company, we invite you to email or call to speak with our attorney to correct the record.

If you’ve received multiple calls from Credit National Assist, don’t be fooled into providing your financial information. It has all the indications of being a fraudulent debt relief company.

Credit Cleaning Attorney Letters Fiverr

Credit Cleaning Attorney Letters Fiverr

When you’re struggling with debt, it can feel like there’s nowhere to go. When you think about asking for help, your phone suddenly feels like it weighs a thousand pounds. So when a company like Credit National Assist contacts you out of the blue, promising you relief from your debts, it can be tempting to accept the offer.

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Before doing so, though, make sure you’re not getting fraudulent calls designed to lead you into a debt relief scam.

In this article, we are discussing how to spot these types of credit relief scams and what to do if you need legitimate help with credit card debt.

More than likely, they are simply a scam. We wish fraudulent organizations didn’t exist, so if you want to claim this organization as your own and clear things up, please contact us.

The reason we believe that the calls you are receiving from Credit National Assist are fraud is due to reports on message boards and forums from people who have been called that indicate that the calls include the following elements:

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These are all red flags that indicate that you may be dealing with a scammer, not a legitimate debt relief company.

We’ll make one caveat here – some legitimate organizations will hire telemarketing call centers to help them find customers. They may not be aware of the telemarketing company’s business practices.

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Let’s say Intentionally Ignorant Debt Relief Company A hires Telemarketer B to make phone calls and get some business. If that illegitimate telemarketer breaks the law while telemarketing to the legitimate company, both are equally liable.

Credit Cleaning Attorney Letters Fiverr

What makes us say this is a Credit National Assist scam? The best way to spot a debt relief scam call is to be familiar with what legitimate debt relief companies do – and more importantly, what they cannot do under the various laws that regulate the industry.

Credit Repair Services

Here are a few things to look out for and, if applicable, how the Credit National Assist company was rated:

Debt settlement companies cannot request any fees from a consumer before settling or negotiating at least one of their debts. This rule was implemented when the FTC amended the Telemarketing Sales Rule in 2010 after many debt settlement companies took advantage of consumers during the economic downturn.

If a company calls you out of the blue to offer financial assistance but asks for payment up front – run the other way.

No credit assistance or debt relief company, no matter how good they are at their job, can realistically promise to invalidate all your debts. You will want to remember that if a debt is valid it is a

Why Your Credit Report Might Not Be Accurate

For a non-lawyer to discuss the legal validity of debt would be the unlicensed (and probably inaccurate) practice of law.

Debt validation as a primary debt relief strategy is ineffective and leaves most consumers worse off than they started. Yes, sometimes a debt can be proven to be invalid or unenforceable. But this is the exception, not the rule, and if the individual making that call is wrong, you may have a debt collection process to deal with.

We haven’t seen many people reporting that Credit National Assist was offering debt validation, although we haven’t heard much about what happens after being connected to one of their agents.

Credit Cleaning Attorney Letters Fiverr

If you have a non-performing debt and believe it may not be valid, let our legal team take a look and hear your opinion. Schedule your free consultation below.

Should I Use ‘credit’ In My Credit Repair Business Name?

When a business is filling out their caller ID or introducing themselves with a generic name like “Credit Services” or “Card Services” instead of the actual business name, this is another big red flag. This is common among fraudulent callers because they don’t want you to identify them when you look up their number later.

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This was not the obvious case for Credit National Assist as this is a more specific sounding name. In fact, there was a collection agency by the name of National Credit Adjustment Services (now out of business) and we cannot deny that our own trade name of “National Legal Center” shares the same qualities.

Credit National Assist doesn’t have an alarmingly generic name, but we can barely find information about them online. When searching for “Credit National Assist”, all results are focused on unwanted phone calls. Searching state and federal business records did not yield reliable matches.

When the company calling you claims to be a debt relief company but has almost no digital footprint, that’s another sign that something is fishy. Especially if the company in question claims to have been around for years. A legitimate business will have some sort of online presence. They should have a website with information about your company, your services, your team, and how to contact them.

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Not only does Credit National Assist not have a website, but we couldn’t find any mention of them anywhere else online. We found little more than complaints from people receiving unwanted calls from Credit National Assistance and people seeking more information about them.

When a telemarketer keeps calling you after you’ve asked them not to, not only has they disrespected your wishes, they may also be breaking the law. This goes for all telemarketers, not just those offering credit assistance. Even if you’ve completed an online application for financial aid, credit assistance, or any other service, once you ask a business to stop calling, it should stop calling! If they call back after you tell them to stop calling, they could be violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). We encourage you to call our law firm to see if you can take legal action and potentially recover cash damages.

This is where Credit National Assist has most frustrated people calling. People have made repeated claims online about continuing calls, even after asking them to stop. Tactics like this and spoofing your phone number to show local numbers on your caller ID are all red flags for possible fraud.

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Credit Cleaning Attorney Letters Fiverr

Legal professionals at the National Legal Center have decades of experience helping consumers #standuptodebt. If you are saddled with debt or being harassed by debt collectors, we can help.

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Our team wants to hear your story. We will review your case and help you create a plan to resolve your debt or claim actions against debt collectors or companies that have wronged you. Most importantly, we’ll give you peace of mind knowing you have a legal expert on your side. Schedule your free consultation today!

If you’re among the millions of people who have received a letter or lawsuit about a debt with debt buyer Midland Funding, LLC, you probably have a few questions.

This article will answer all these questions and more. We will explore the relationship between the various companies involved with this debt collection conglomerate and look at options for dealing with debt collectors. So, read on to learn everything you need to know about debt settlement with Midland Funding, LLC.

Midland Funding, LLC is a debt buyer. They buy unpaid debt from other companies for a fraction of the amount owed. They then try to collect these debts to make a profit. Naturally, your goal is to buy up old debt for as little as possible and collect as much as possible to maximize profitability.

How Does A Discharge Of Bankruptcy Affect Credit?

Midland Funding, LLC is among the largest debt buyers in the United States, along with other debt buyers such as LVNV Funding, LLC and Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. Given their large presence in the debt collection industry, their name is a common one to see when you have overdue debt and go to collections.

Once Midland Funding, LLC acquires someone’s debt, they have some options they can exercise immediately or in the future. To name a few, they can:

One thing to keep in mind is that Midland Funding, LLC is not a creditor, nor does it directly collect debts it purchases. Because of this, you are more likely to see collection activity coming from your consumer facing the debt collection entity – Midland Credit Management, Inc.

Credit Cleaning Attorney Letters Fiverr

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