Filet Crochet Letters Patterns Free

Filet Crochet Letters Patterns Free – Filet crochet looks very fancy, but it’s incredibly simple. You can create absolutely gorgeous projects using two stitches: the double crochet stitch and the chain stitch. This is why filet crochet is such a great technique for beginners.

In my crochet pattern, you can easily understand the tutorial on how to crochet this pattern, techniques used, yarn and hooks needed and video guide for this crochet pattern.

Filet Crochet Letters Patterns Free

Filet Crochet Letters Patterns Free

At the end of the lesson you can download the printable instructions for this pattern in PDF format for free.

Mix & Match Alphabet Corners Filet Crochet Pattern: Complete Instructions And Chart: Farr, Ida C., Botterweg, Claudia: 9781986852586: Books

We even did some research on Amazon or Etsy to find great deals on high-quality yarn, hooks, and other important materials and accessories. So you can start crocheting right away.

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You can make cute name doilies for your kids or friends using filet crochet alphabet. This is a perfect gift idea. We have 18 patterns for you. Choose the one you like best and get to work!

Filet Crochet Name Doily

All my patterns are free. You don’t need to register on the site to download in PDF – just press the button below.

If you have any questions about how to crochet, how to use hooks or how to open a PDF scheme and how to read it – ask them in the comments or send me a quote via the contact form. I will try my best to help you.

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My articles are meant to inspire and teach you how to create handmade crochet pieces. Feel free to sell any completed items on this site, and be sure to give credit for any patterns you use.

Filet Crochet Letters Patterns Free

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Lion Lace Panel Filet Crochet Pattern Ebook By Claudia Botterweg

Filet uses chains and double crochets to create a grid, and double crochets to fill the grid spaces to create the pattern. I was first introduced to it by my mother who coined the name doily for Christmas. My kids each wanted one, but my mom made so many that she said she wouldn’t make any more. So I learned how to make name doilies using Filet Crochet. So far I have made more than 50 of these doilies and given them as gifts. This instructable I made was for my nephew’s fiancee’s bridesmaids. (They are now married)  Everyone who sees one is in disbelief that I made it up. They don’t know me very well, do they? So I know I can make one of these and get a good response. (FYI- it takes +/- 1 hour to make a letter, an hour to make each end, so this doily will take 7 hours.)  Here we will see how to make a Filet Crochet Name Doily.

First you need to create a graph of the name you are going to write on the doily. I pulled out my favorite font graph and had the correct spelling of the name next to me (this was especially important for a 15 letter name ending in “wits”). I use a pencil to trace each letter of the name onto the graph paper with a line or two between each letter. Not everything has to be in the same line. You’ll read the pattern from top to bottom on the first line and bottom to top on the second line, alternating where you start and end with the width of each letter.

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Row 1: Dc in the 4th chain from the hook, dc in the next 2 chains (this is the start of the solid edge at the top). *Chain 2 and dc in chain 3 (or in other words, skip 2 chains), repeat from * until you have 19 open grid spaces, dc in last 4 stitches, (solid edge below) chain 3 then turn .

Row 2:  dc in top of next 3 of dc, (crochet through top and bottom loop)  *Chain 2 and dc in top of next dc, go from * until you have 19 open grid spaces, dc in last 4 stitches, chain 3, turn.

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Row 3:  Now we begin the letters. As you come from the top, dc on top of the next 3 dc,   create open grids for 5 spaces ending with a dc, reading the first row to the left of the first letter. If there is an X in that first square, dc into 2 chs, dc in the next dc, and if there is an X in the next square, fill it with 2 dc, unless 2 ch is crocheted in the empty space. (All letters are 9 squares deep, so you’ll fill each square with 2 dc or ch2, for those 9 squares.  Then make 5 empty squares, dc, ch3, and turn the last 4 stitches.

Rows 4 etc:  Read the pattern for the next row from bottom to top, filling any square with 2 dc, and filling the empty squares with ch2. Each square consists of 3 stitches. The first dc stitch for that square and then 2 stitches, either to fill the square or leave it open. The first dc of the next square serves as the last dc of the previous square. Because of the size of each letter, not all letters take the same number of lines to create (compare I and W).

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Look carefully at the first letter and determine whether you start above or below the next letter. In some letters it doesn’t matter because they are symmetrical from top to bottom (I, O, E, B, etc.), in others it makes a big difference because they are not symmetrical (G, Z, K, etc.) Only to discover that one or more letters are upside down. You’d hate to get most of the way through the name. (It’s been there.)  There’s nothing to do but tear it up and start over with the last 2 blank lines after the last correct letter.

Filet Crochet Letters Patterns Free

When you finish the last two blank lines after the last letter, you start from the last edge, reading the same way you read letters. One problem, the patterns for the ends, was copy-written in a book I bought. You can get a copy of the book here:

Free Filet Crochet Patterns

Flip the doily over and repeat the last pattern on the other end. Weave in the loose ends again.

I usually hand wash and block the doily (put it on a flat surface and use straight pins to pull out the edges so it lays flat) and let dry.

If it is to be a table doily, soak it in liquid starch, then prevent it from letting dry. Beautiful! Enjoy!

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