Fort Hood Policy Letters

Fort Hood Policy Letters – AUSTIN – A naming commission formally recommended renaming Fort Hood to Fort Cavazos, according to a final report released Monday.

A Naming Commission formed in 2021 unanimously approved changing the names of nine military bases across the country that previously commemorated Confederate leaders, instead choosing individuals who “represent the best examples of our national past to inspire the best forces for our national future.” .”

Fort Hood Policy Letters

Fort Hood Policy Letters

Killeen Base was recommended to be renamed in honor of Texas-native General Richard Cavazos, the first Hispanic-American to be promoted to brigadier general and the first Hispanic-American to become a four-star general.

Widespread Army Nco Shortage A Factor In Leadership Crisis At Fort Hood, General Says

A native of Cavazos, Texas, who died in 2017, fought in the Korean and Vietnam wars and was awarded many medals and awards, including two Legions of Merit, a Silver Star, five Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart.

“As a veteran of two modern wars and a longtime leader of the troops, General Richard Cavazos’ service has demonstrated excellence at every level,” the report said. “Their 20th century service will inspire Soldiers as they continue those traditions of excellence. 21st century.”

Located south of Waco, the Army base was originally named after General John Bell Hood, a prominent Confederate officer during the Civil War. Hood was one of the fastest-promoted leaders in the Confederate Army with a “reputation as an aggressive commander,” ready and eager to lead his troops into battle even with significant casualties, the report said.

Other prominent soldiers considered for a name change include: Master Sgt. Raul Perez “Roy” Benavidez, Lt. Col. Harold Cohen, Brig. Gen. Charles Young, Sgt. First Class Paul R. Smith, General Don A. Starry, Staff Sgt. Reuben Rivers, Sgt. First Class Eduardo C. Gomez and 1st Lt. Audie Murphy.

Fort Hood Commander Updates Covid 19 Guidance

The Commission has submitted recommendations to the Defense Secretary for final approval. Once approved, the Army’s security will begin the name change process, the report said.

In its report, the commission acknowledged that it had received pushback from those who claimed the name change would erase history. The commission defended its actions, stating that “changing what is remembered, … is not equivalent to erasing history.”

“The Naming Commission shares this sensibility to protect the past,” the report said. “Americans need to embrace all of our pasts, allowing our nation’s entire historical actions to inform the purpose of our present initiatives.” FORT HOOD, Texas () – Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Broadwater said goodbye Wednesday with a handwritten note to Maj. Gen. John B. A familiar face from First Team Fort Hood as Richardson assumed command of the division during a ceremony at Cooper Field on Fort Hood that was presided over by Lt. Gen. Pat White.

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Fort Hood Policy Letters

“And so, I will go outside the headquarters. I will be down in the motor pool, in the barracks, in the dining facilities,” he said.

Everything You Need To Know About Fort Hood, Tx Property Taxes

“The 3rd Brigade is in the field, getting ready for the National Training Centre. I will go there with them and talk to the soldiers and listen.”

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy suspended Broadwater in early December as a result of an independent review that led to the relief or suspension of 13 other officers and enlisted personnel during a year in which 25 soldiers assigned to Fort Hood died by suicide, homicide. or accidents, including Spc. Vanessa Gulen, whose disappearance in April brought national attention to the post.

Richardson, the former commander of Fort Hood’s 3rd Cavalry Regiment, played a key role in developing and implementing plans to change the culture at Fort Hood.

He began a five-day break in training to launch the People First initiative, aimed at rebuilding trust between soldiers and their chain of command.

Getting Oversight Right: Lessons From Fort Hood And West Point’s Gender Integration

Richardson will be replaced as deputy commanding general by Maj. Gen. Steven Gilland, who will officially join III Corps in a ceremony Thursday. Like this book? You can publish your book online for free in minutes! Create your own flipbook

Description: • Operated by or by a person under the influence of narcotic drugs. Medicine. • No. … • Driving privileges can be revoked only after they have been offered to a person.

Department of the Army *III Corps and FH REG 190-2 Headquarters, III Corps and Fort HoodFort Hood, Texas 76544-505628 July 2006 Military Police Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This revision is a supplement. For Commander: Administrative Revision. SUPPLEMENTATION OF THESE PARTS AFFECTED BY THIS REGULATION IS PROHIBITED JOHN M. MURRAYREVISION IS LISTED WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL OF COL., GSUMMARY OF CHANGES. Directorate of Emergencies Chief of Staff Services (DES).Summary. This regulation establishes the official: policy, suggested procedures and amendments. This regulation on the DES has responsibilities for the motor supporter of vehicle traffic monitoring. Sandfort Hood. Comments and suggestions apply. CHARLES E. GREEN, SR. These amendments to the regulation apply to the Directorate of Emergencies Director, Human Resource Services, ATTN: IMSW-Military, HOD-ESP Division, Fort Hood, Distribution: Defense (DOD) Civilians, Texas, 76544. 5021. IAW FH FORM 1853, SDOD CIVILIAN CONTRACTOR EMPLOYEES AND OTHER PERSONS OPERATING MOTOR VEHICLES ON FORT HOODMILITARY INSTALLATION. , 1e, page 3Responsibilities, 2, page 4Fort Hood Directorate of Emergency Services, 2a, page 4Major Subordinate Commands, 2b, page 5III Corps and Fort Hood Staff Judge Advocate, 2c, page 51st Cavalry Division Staff Judge Advocate, 51st Cavalry Division Staff Judge Advocate, 2a, Page Division (Mechanized) Staff Judge Advocate, 2e, Page 6______________________________________________________________________________* *This supersedes III Corps and Fort Hood Regulation 190-2 dated 1 October 2004. 28 July 2006 III CORPS and FH REG 190-2 and Operators of Vehicles, Page Administrators, 2-Com Leaders 2g, Page 7 Suspension and Revocation, 3, Page 7 Suspension and Revocation Installation Driving Privileges, 3a, Page 7Procedure, 3b, Page 7Administration Hearing, 3c, page 9Requirements during period of suspension or revocation, 3d, page 12Restricted driving privileges, 3e, page 13Reinstatement of driving privileges, page 13, Denial for remaining conditions, 13 Administrative determination, 3g, page 14 Felonies, 4, page 15 Drunken driving , 4a, page 15 Driving under the influence of alcohol by a minor, 4b, page 17 Dangerous driving, 4c, page 18 Chronic violations, 4d, page 18 Adequate insurance responsible for financial obligations or liabilities, 4e, page 19 Valid state license and vehicle registration Failure to possess, 4f, page 19 Criminal offense (gas drive off or misdemeanor offense), 4g, page 20 Conviction of criminal activity, 4h, page 20 Violation of suspension, 4f, page 19 Page 20 Subsequent offenses, 4j, page 21 Memorandum of reprimand, 4k , page 21 Figure 1. NOTICE OF SUSPENSION OF INSTALLATION DRIVING PRIVILEGES, page 22 APPENDIX A. REFERENCES, page 24 GLOSSARY AND TERMS, page 25 2 28 July 2006 III CORPS AND FH REG 190-2 OVERVIEW 1 PURPOSE This regulation establishes policy, procedures and guidelines for motor vehicle traffic control at Fort Hood. Establishes responsibilities. 1a References Appendix A lists necessary and relevant references. 1b Abbreviations This glossary explains the abbreviations and terms used in this regulation. and Summary of Conditions 1c Specifically, this revision dated 28 July 06 – Change • Changes the procedure for issuing suspensions of installation driving privileges to the Emergency Services Directorate, Law Enforcement Division (DES). . • Suspension time varies for certain offenses. • Criminal Addresses criminal activity and conviction. 1dAuthority The commanding general, III Corps, and Fort Hood exercises authority over the entry, operation, and control of motor vehicles on Fort Hood military installations and delegates this authority as provided herein. DES is delegated authority to enforce the Texas Penal and Transportation Codes applicable to the operation of motor vehicles on Fort Hood. Fort Hood Regulation 190-5 (Fort Hood Traffic Code) contains additional provisions determined by the Commanding General, III Corps, and Fort Hood. 1e 3 28 July 2006 III CORPS and FH REG 190-2 Responsibilities 2Fort Hood The Fort Hood DES: EMERGENCY DIRECTORATE • FortServices enforces laws and regulations within the boundaries of the Hood military installation. Establishment of any vehicle: • Used as an instrument in crime. • Suspicion of theft. • Abandoned. • Operated by a person under the influence of drugs or medication. • Not registered or insured in accordance with applicable state law. • It is mechanically unsuitable. • Receive reports involving Soldiers, family members, Department of Defense (DOD) affiliated civilian employees (appropriated fund and nonappropriated fund employees and DOD contractor employees), military retirees, and others with installation privately owned vehicle (POV) driving privileges. . Offense of driving on or off a Fort Hood installation. • Determines whether suspension or revocation of installation driving privileges for Soldiers and civilians is appropriate. • Processes suspension and revocation notices for soldiers and civilians. • Reviews the blotter daily and determines whether there is sufficient evidence of drunken driving or “driving under the influence (DUI) by a minor” to continue the suspension of the individual’s installation driving privileges. 2a 4 28 July 2006 III CORPS and FH REG 190-2 Major Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs) will ensure that Memorandum of Subordinate Reprimand (MOR) for drunken driving offenses Army Regulation(AR) 190-hisMoCle (Traffictor) 190-hisMoCle ( AR) is processed according to ) supervision), paragraph 2-7, and AR 600-37 (accommodating information). 2bIII Corps and The III Corps and Fort Hood Staff Judge Advocate (SJA): Fort Hood • Conducts a hearing on a proposed installation driving privilege staff judge suspension or

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Fort Hood Policy Letters

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