Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Letters To The Editor

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Letters To The Editor – Indiana abortion providers should not be the ones who have to file lawsuits over abortion rights in Indiana. We should be a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Over the years we have had issues that people should be able to vote on. The most recent is that gun laws that polls show Hoosiers don’t want. That law should have been voted on and decided by the people of this state and not just by our state legislators and Governor Eric Holcomb.

We have midterm elections this year. Both gun laws and abortion laws are on the ballot. Let the people decide.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Letters To The Editor

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Letters To The Editor

God, I mean Todd, Rokita can’t get there fast enough to get his name on the national scene by making Indiana an abortion-free state. His intention was to save the life of the unborn child. If Rokita and Holcomb have the power and authority to ban abortion, then they also have the power and authority to ban guns.

Taking Back The Country, Bad Messages For Kids, Right Answer On Jail

Let’s take our country back. Let’s do it the way the Founding Fathers wanted it done. Done by election. Do it with a ballot.

I have two issues on my mind, both loosely related to the messages we are sending to our children, and an opinion on each.

At first, it seems that the county commissioners have decided to take the path of least resistance regarding the prison. Rats, obstruction. Residents of the southeast do not want a prison in the middle of their school districts, rightfully so. The federal judge has mentioned several times that he is not saying we need to build a new prison, but this message seems to be hitting the council chiefs. It’s millions of dollars of tax revenue, just find land to build on. A thousand beds: Write it; they will come.

How do councilors agree on the path of least resistance? Instead of having an independent organization do a needs analysis, they chose a company that was considered for building prisons. As reported by The Journal Gazette: “Elevatus Architecture, a local firm that has built about 60 prisons in the United States, conducted a feasibility study and helped to build as many as [200]. .”

The Project Gutenberg Ebook Of Newspaper Writing And Editing, By Willard Grosvenor Bleyer, Ph.d

If I go to a surgeon for a consultation, I will not be surprised to end up on the operating table. It’s time for county commissioners to back off and get an independent needs analysis.

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My second issue is the billboard that faces the playground at Promenade Park. It encourages gun ownership as an alternative to calling 911. I see this as a call to caution.

What about the subliminal messages that can be planted in the minds of children playing in this park? Parents and grandparents of Fort Wayne must decide if this posting is acceptable. I think the people who rent the documentary don’t realize the potential message it sends to the public.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Letters To The Editor

I just finished reading the Aug. 22 by David L. Nichols (“Remodeled buildings could be a prison solution”).

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In fact, I have read it many times and it just makes more sense to me to keep the prison and use Rousseau’s company. Metro editor Jim Chapman has over 40 years of experience in local newspapers. A native of Fort Wayne, he has covered Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana for The Journalist since 1990.

Justin A. Cohn, senior editor for The Journal Journal, has covered Fort Wayne sports since 1997. He was named sports writer of the Year by the Indiana Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association in 2020.

Mike Durbin has been the Webmaster and Assistant Systems Manager with The Journal since 2006. He is also a contributing photographer.

Ryan DuVall, restaurant critic for The Journal Gazette, was a “foodie” long before he joined The Journal Gazette in 1999. Restaurant Out reviews restaurants of all styles and price ranges in Northeast Indiana and the Northwest Ohio. Reviews are usually based on at least two visits and the newspaper pays for all meals.

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Reporter Devan Filchak covers city government at The Journal Gazette. He has five years of experience in local newspapers.

Managing Editor Lisa Green has more than 35 years of experience in newspapers in Illinois and Indiana. He has worked at The Journal Gazette since 2000, initially as business editor. He has a bi-weekly leadership blog called “Lead On.”

Victoria Jacobsen is the High School Sports Editor for The Journal Journal. A graduate of Notre Dame, he attended local sports.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Letters To The Editor

Mark Jaworski has been the Sports Editor at The Journal since 2002. A graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, he is the sports editor of the El Paso Times and the Fayetteville (NC) Observer.

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Editor-in-chief Jeff Kovaleski has more than 30 years of journalism experience in Indiana, Wisconsin and New York.

Editorial page editor Fredrick McKissack has more than 30 years of news experience working for newspapers and magazines in Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Reader Relations Editor Corey McMaken is a Fort Wayne native and has been with The Journal Gazette since 2004. He writes about arts, sports, food and local history. He also works with social media, newspapers and other digital projects.

Tom Pellegrene Jr., Web and Social Media Manager, has reported and edited for The Journal since 1982.

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Terri Richardson, Assistant Managing Editor for Features, has more than 30 years of experience in the newspaper industry. He has covered the Fort Wayne area with The Journal Gazette since 1999. He writes about the local area, including profiles of people and places with unique stories.

Reporter Rosa Salter Rodriguez has nearly 50 years of experience in newspapers in Pennsylvania and Indiana. He has worked at The Journal Gazette since 2004, covering medical and health issues and land use and development issues.

Dylan Sinn is a college sports writer for The Journal Journal, covering primarily Indiana, Purdue and Notre Dame, as well as area colleges in northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne TinCaps baseball. He is a graduate of Indiana University and an AP Top 25 football player.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Letters To The Editor

Senior photographer Richard Sitler is a native Hoosier whose experience includes photography at the Southern Illinoisan, The Anderson Herald Bulletin and The Republic.

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Sherry Skufca, as the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, is a member of the Editorial Board. He joined the newspaper as Managing Editor in 1989.

Sherry Slater, Assistant Staff Editor, has more than 25 years of experience at newspapers in Maryland and Indiana. He has covered business issues at The Journal Gazette since 2001 and has additional editorial duties.

Reporter Ashley Sloboda has covered education for The Journal since 2016. A native of Fort Wayne, she has 15 years of experience at newspapers in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Brett Stover is a reporter covering the Indiana State Capitol and general assignments for The Journal Journal. A University of Missouri graduate, Stover has covered news in Indiana since 2021.

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Crime and Court Reporter James D. Wolf Jr. began working as a journalist in 1987 while earning his bachelor’s degree at Purdue University Calumet. He has worked in Indiana, Iowa and Illinois.

The revisions are the brainchild of the Gazette’s Editorial Board: President Julie Inskeep, publisher Sherry Skufca, editorial page editor Fredrick McKissack and editorial writer Jeff Kovaleski.

We receive letters from our readers. Submissions should be addressed to The Journal Gazette. Edited for brevity, clarity and practicality. Names, addresses and phone numbers must be included. Send letters to The Journal Gazette, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802. Agness Underwood was a Los Angeles newspaper reporter for forty-two years. During the 1930s and 1940s he was one of the city’s most prominent court and police reporters. In 1946, he became the city editor

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Letters To The Editor

, a post he held for seventeen and a half years. No one has done the job for more than four years. At the time she was the only female city editor of a major American newspaper.

The Goochland Gazette

‘s circulation over 700,000, making it the largest daytime daily in the west at the time. She retired as the book’s assistant curator in 1968. The Agness M. Underwood Collection consists primarily of letters, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, speeches, manuscripts, and photographic evidence for her books,

In her autobiography Underwood tells her life story. After growing up as an orphan in Indiana, he moved to San Francisco at the age of 17 to join an aunt who disappeared shortly after his arrival. Since then, Underwood has supported herself. His first job in LA’s newspaper business was a temporary position as a switchboard operator with the

Accused of intending to fabricate a false story at the behest of friend and exterminator Mickey Cohen. Although it’s not revealed in Underwood’s book how close she and Cohen were, she tells another well-known story: that of Mickey Cohen playing the letters Lana Turner sent to her lover, Johnny Stompanato, after he was stabbed to death by Turner’s 14-14-year-old daughter, Cheryl. Stompanato had been Cohen’s bodyguard.

Cohen was convicted of tax evasion and sent to Alcatraz in 1950 and 1961. When Alcatraz was closed in 1963 he was transferred to a federal prison in Georgia, where

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