Nitto Tires With White Letters

Nitto Tires With White Letters – For years the traditional white logos found on larger profile wheels have been a point of customization in the aftermarket car scene. Tire stencils allow the user to draw the tire manufacturer’s logo or name (or any other lettering) on ​​the rim of the tire using white or colored paint. As more and more people started using stencils and bringing paint for letterpress, a new product appeared: the tire sticker. We tried it to see how it works.

A tire sticker is a set of rubber decals that are affixed to the sidewall of the tire using a supplied glue bottle. Unlike traditional wheel stencils, the decals are completely removable and there is no chance of overspray or paint bleeding.

Nitto Tires With White Letters

Nitto Tires With White Letters

First, you’ll need some supplies. It is highly recommended that you collect everything before starting so that you can move the steps one by one on each wheel. You will need:

Massive Nitto Tire Lettering Ford Mustang Gt

You want to clean your tires no matter how new they are. A standard household degreaser and a cloth are good enough to remove most surface dirt.

Using fine grit sandpaper, rough up the surface to allow the decals to adhere as well as possible. Use acetone to remove any remaining grease and repeat as necessary until there is no more grease on the surface. This is important, because you’ll want the decal to stick as much as possible so it doesn’t fly off while driving.

Apply the supplied adhesive to the back of the decal and spread it around the edges of the letter using the tip of the nozzle. Completely covering the back of the decal with a thin layer of adhesive will ensure the best results.

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Align the decal to the sidewall and press firmly. Each piece of decal (letters, stripes, numbers, etc.) should get a good 20-30 seconds of pressure from your hands. Again, the time invested in the installation will be rewarded.

Lt265/65r17 Mickey Thompson Baja Legend Exp 120/117q E/10 White Letter Tire

Let the decals sit for 5 minutes and remove the transfer film. It will be tempting to drive right away, but for maximum adhesion, it is recommended to allow the decals to dry for an hour before washing them or driving with them installed.

There! A little time and effort will be rewarded with another custom touch to your car. If you’re interested in us, order your custom set at!

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