French Cheese 4 Letters

French Cheese 4 Letters – Let’s take you on a journey through France, one celebrated cheese at a time. As we travel from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes cheese regions to Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, we discover 46 AOP cheeses from France.

Let’s start our journey with Abondance. This hard cow’s milk cheese comes from the Abondance valley in Haute Savoie. It was given the AOP stamp in 1996.

French Cheese 4 Letters

French Cheese 4 Letters

The beautiful little Banon is a soft, raw goat’s milk cheese that finds its roots in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. After all, it draws its name from a small, anonymous village between the mountain of Lure and the famous Mont Ventoux.

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At the other end of the scale, we find this semi-hard cheese. Indeed, Beaufort is a very large (up to 70 kgs) raw cow’s milk semi-hard cheese from Haute-Savoie.

The first blue cheese in our AOP range is Bleu d’Auvergne. This type of cow’s milk cheese is made in the departments of Cantal, Puy-de-Dôme and Haute-Loire.

Also called Bleu de Septmoncel, Bleu de Gex is a blue cow’s milk blue cheese from the Monts du Jura. Unfortunately, it is banned in both the USA and Australia because of raw milk.

Bleu de Vercors-Sassenage is a blue cheese cow’s milk from the Massif du Vercors. In fact, its name is a combination of Vercors and Sassenage, which are the two regions where it was traditionally made.

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Next we have Cantal. This famous hard cheese is made from cow’s milk in the Cantal department (surprise, surprise!). It is sold for use at 3 different ages: Cantal Jeune (2 months), Entre-Deux (2 to 7 months) and Vieux (at least 8 months).

Charolais is a small round raw goat’s milk cheese from Saône-et-Loire. Since 2014, AOP has protected the origin and production of this wrinkled beauty.

Yet another cheese from Savoie! Chevrotin is a soft raw goat’s milk cheese that dates back to the 17th century. It is often referred to as the younger cousin of the cheese we have at number 16.

French Cheese 4 Letters

This semi-hard classic from France-Comté may be one of France’s most famous cheeses. Local artisans have been making 40 kg Comté wheels in the region for generations.

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Fourme d’Ambert is one of France’s oldest green cheeses. Artisans from Puy-de-Dôme, Cantal and Loire have been making this cheese using local cow’s milk for generations.

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On our list. Fourme de Montbrison is a cow’s milk blue cheese from the departments of Loire and Puys-de-Dôme.

Laguiole is a raw cow’s milk cheese from Aubrac. Weighing up to 50 kg, the name AOP cheese is tricky to pronounce. Now, repeat after me: “Lah-Yee-Oll”.

The Doubs and Jura branches are home to this famous semi-hard cheese milk and ash line. Accordingly, local farmers have been making Morbier in these regions for centuries.

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Small, soft and lactic, Picodon is the hidden gem of the l’Ardèche department. Moreover, you can enjoy this miracle of green goat’s milk

We continue our list of AOP cheeses in Haute-Savoie. Meet Reblochon, a soft, smooth washed rind made from local raw cow’s milk.

In Pilat, we find another raw goat’s milk cheese. With a name that rolls easily off your tongue, Rigotte de Condrieu is a soft, bubbly cheese that ripens over a week.

French Cheese 4 Letters

Number 18 on our list is Saint-Nectaire. Made from pasteurized or raw milk, this washed cheese shows aromas of nectarines, fresh cream, grass and forest floor.

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Meet the vendors. In fact, this hard cheese is the second farm cheese on our list from the Cantal branch. Local farmers make Salers using raw cow’s milk from April to November.

Finally, our last AOP cheese from Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is Tome des Bauges. Without a doubt, this raw cow’s milk semi-hard cheese stands out thanks to its rustic nature.

Without a doubt, Brie is one of the most popular and popular soft cheeses from around the world.

But, did you know that AOP only recognizes 2 cheeses as Brie? Brie de Meaux dates back to the 8th century and is made exclusively from raw cow’s milk.

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And guess what! Brie de Melun is the second Brie protected with the AOP stamp. Also made from raw cow’s milk, this soft, fluffy cheese takes its name from the township of Melun in Seine-et-Marne.

Next on our list is another soft cheese named after the town where it was first made. Indeed, Chaource is a cow’s milk cheese from a small town in the department of l’Aube.

Number 24 on our list may have the best name of all. Crottin de Chavignol is a soft goat’s milk cheese and its name is a combination

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French Cheese 4 Letters

We are now past the middle of this long list of French AOP cheeses. Read on after the break as we wrap up Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and enter the Center-Val de Loire region.

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Epoisses de Bourgogne is one of the most famous rind cheeses in France. Yes, this soft cheese washed at Marc de Bourgogne is so fragrant that it has been banned from the Paris Metro!

Made in the Champagne region, Langres is a mild orange cheese with a crunchy rind. Perhaps, this cheese is best known for pairing with Champagne. In fact, you can pour a splash of bubbly in the “fountain” on top and let it soak in the cheese.

Mâconnais is a small format raw goat’s milk soft cheese from the department of Sâone-et-Loire. Unsurprisingly, it gets its name from the town of its origin, Mâcon.

Mont d’Or may be the Holy Grail of seasonal cheeses. Finding its roots in Haut-Doubs, this raw cow’s milk-ripened cheese is celebrated worldwide for its unique taste and texture.

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Since the 9th century, farmers in the Vosges Mountains have been making this small washed stone. In fact, the locals know this class of cow’s milk as Munster Géromé. The name comes from the townships of Munster and Gérardmer.

Now, this area of ​​France is famous for its goat’s milk cheeses. And this beautiful white pyramid is a great place to start. Pouligny Saint Pierre comes from the department of Indre and, you guessed it, gets its name from the eponymous commune.

Goat cheeses come in many forms. Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine is probably the most famous log-shaped goat’s milk cheese from the Indre-et-Loire department. And, yes, that’s the straw you can see through the cheese.

French Cheese 4 Letters

Wrapping up the shapes of goat cheeses (see what I did there?), we have Selles sur Cher. This ash coated raw milk soft cheese comes from the Loir-et-Cher department.

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At number 33, we find our last cheese from Center-Val de Loire, Valençay. This brand of goat’s milk cheese is instantly recognizable for its pyramidal shape and ash-covered, wrinkled back.

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Let’s make a quick stop on the island of Corsica to get our fresh cheese from the AOP range. In fact, Brocciu is a white, creamy and mousse-like rindless cheese made by Corsicans with raw cow’s milk.

As we move to the north of France, we discover this unique square-shaped washed cover. In fact, Maroilles finds its roots in the Nord and l’Aisne branches. After all, it gets its name from the village of Maroilles where it was first made.

Hi Normandie! This region in northern France is home to some of France’s most famous AOP cheeses. And none of them is more celebrated than Camembert de Normandie. This soft raw milk cheese originated in the 18th century and is popular worldwide.

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Also known as Le Colonel, Livarot is a washed-style wine from Calvados in the Pays d’Auge. It is immediately visible thanks to 3-5 strings of sedge wrapped in cheese.

The softest cheese love is actually the oldest Normandie cheese. Local legends have it that this raw cow’s milk was made into a heart shape by young local women to give the foreign soldiers a token of their love.

Our final AOP cheese from Normandy is Pont l’Évêque. This brick washed cheese brick is made from cow’s milk and may be the strongest cheese scent on our list.

French Cheese 4 Letters

When we arrive at Nouvelle-Aquitaine, we find what is possibly the cheese with the most lovely name of all the 46 AOP cheeses from France. Chabichou du Poitou is a raw goat’s milk cheese made with

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Number 41 is the Level of the French Pays Basque. In fact, Ossau Iraty is the first sheep’s milk cheese on our list of 46 AOP cheeses from France. There’s another one coming, you may have heard of it before.

Ossau Iraty is a traditional uncooked pressed cheese that traces its roots to the French Pays-Basque. It draws its name from the Ossau Valley and the Irati forest where it was first made.

Soft, thin and round, Rocamadour is a raw goat’s milk soft cheese from the Loti branch. Its compact size and 6cm diameter has made it a household favorite.

Bleu des Causses is a traditional blue cheese from the Massif Central and Causses tables. Also known

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