German Conjunction Crossword Clue 3 Letters

German Conjunction Crossword Clue 3 Letters – Harriet’s Husband on Old TV / MON 7-18-22 / Intellectual Head Shape Said / Modern Convenience in Many Theaters / Messy Reactions / Louise’s Nickname

Relative Difficulty: Medium (probably on the harder side for Monday, just because of the “?” theme clue) (if your time was slower than usual, it’s probably because the grid is too big (16×15))

German Conjunction Crossword Clue 3 Letters

German Conjunction Crossword Clue 3 Letters

SUBJECT:[preposition] [plural noun] AND [another plural noun] – idiomatic phrases that exactly match this grammatical pattern, named both literally and nonsensically (“?” style) as if they were related to the field that means plural nouns. :

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Word of the Day: “OZZIE and Harriet” (67A: Harriet’s Husband on Old TV) – The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, an American television sitcom that aired on ABC from October 3, 1952 to April 23, 1966, starring the real-life Nelson. family. After a long run, the radio show was brought to television, where it continued its success, initially simulcasting on radio and TV. In terms of seasons, it was the longest-running live-action sitcom in US television history until it was surpassed by Philadelphia on December 1, 2021 (although it still holds the record for total episodes produced: 435). The series starred the entertainment duo Ozzie Nelson and his singer wife Harriet Nelson and their son David Rickey. Don Deforehad reprized his role as Nelson’s neighbor “Thorny”. (wikipedia)

Full disclosure: This is a debut puzzle from the daughter of someone I know and like, longtime constructor and editor Peter Gordon. I wouldn’t have discovered this before solving, but I happened to look on Twitter and Peter was, understandably, bragging about it, which is adorable. Anyway, even if I had hated the thing, I wouldn’t have said it, or put it in such harsh terms. Fortunately, I don’t hate it at all. It’s a perfectly delightful little Monday…although “little” is literally the wrong thing because the grid is actually an oversized 16×15! I mean “little” only in the sense that the topic isn’t particularly dense or complex – pretty normal for a Monday puzzle. But it has this kind of … extra quality where it has both literal *and* weird references, and it’s a wit that both adds to and complicates things a bit. “?” threads tend to throw you into figurative thinking (or overthinking) mode, and that happened to me a bit today, even though the literal, common clue is right there (in the first semicolon of the thread). The semicolon part involves both more reading and (inevitably) more thinking, so thematically it felt a little more difficult than a normal Monday. More Tuesdays. But since the literal clue is right there, we’re not talking about too much extra trouble. The comma part of the clue seems to exist mainly to give a stronger impression of thematic consistency than the puzzle would have without it. “Please imagine this strange, literally informal context implied by the answer words” is a nice way to add to the otherwise purely grammatical/syntactical parallels in the topic answers. It’s a great find, this set of three themes, all following the exact same phrase pattern, all 16 letters long. The rest of the grid is directly above the plate. Nothing flashy, nothing terrifying. Lots of crossword puzzles, but ones that can be handled perfectly, not ones that make you cringe and roll your eyes and wonder what the heck. Plus, you get a (step one: take drink from) CUP HOLDER and (step two, take drink, *sip* hear something funny and …) POWERS in the deal. Oh, and “LADY BIRD” and STARGAZE. A lovely quartet of tall Downs. It’s a neat and polished Monday. Textbook type (in the best sense of the word). A promising debut.

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Hmm, what else? Okay, I’d definitely like to eradicate the crooked letter fetish (two sets of double-Z!), but since nothing is sacrificed in the pursuit of said letters, I can’t be justifiably mad. Turn on all your J, Z, and Q, as long as it doesn’t cause me to see the trash next to me as well. It’s hard to call anything near RAZZ or OZZIE “garbage.” The only answer I really hate in this puzzle is NHLER (49A: Jet or Shark, in sports parlance). See also NLER, ALER, NBAER and … is MLBER a thing? Oh, I hope not. MLSER? WNBAER? I mean, where does it end? NHLER is probably the most common of all these forced initial -ER terms. I do not know. I just know they all look and feel awful. But again, it’s one word, whatever, nothing. I had no problem with anything in the grid, although I strangely defaulted to S—- 48D: part of an act (SCENE ). I say “weird” because I regularly teach plays with acts and SITUATIONS. I think my brain just wanted something like SKIT (too short) or SKETCH (too long). Oh, and I didn’t surprisingly take longer using the “?” reference to LIDS than to any other thread (69A: jar heads?). I think I like the pun better when “Jarhead” makes one word, like it would when talking about a Marine. I mean, if you’re talking about the term (and you are), why not just lump them together. “?” i’m told you’re squealing around so it’s okay. Okay, that’s enough for today. Hopefully this was a nice cool down from yesterday’s tire burning/barn burning (depending on your perspective). See you on Tuesday. And congratulations, Phoebe. Chowder Meat Curry / THU 6-3-21 / Relatives of Glockenspiels / Faulkner’s Title Repeats a Biblical Title / The Peanuts Hero with Glasses

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THEME: DOUBLE (22D: Strengthen your resolve … and hint at the four answers in this puzzle) – Four answers to the two-word theme match the pattern “double ___”; the second word is the only one that appears in the grid, and it appears … double, i.e. every letter in it appears as a double letter; the letters must be enlarged for the crosses to work:

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Word of the Day: LOGIA (58D: Sayings Attributed to Jesus) – The term logia (Greek: λόγια), plural of logion (Greek: λόγιον), is variously used in ancient scriptures and modern science to refer to connections of divine origin. In the pagan context, the primary meaning was “oracles”, while the Jewish and Christian scriptures used a logical reference, especially to the “divinely inspired Scriptures”. A famous and much-discussed instance of the term is found in Papias of Hierapolis’ account of the origin of the canonical gospels. Since the 19th century, New Testament scholarship has tended to reserve the term logion for a divine saying, especially that of Jesus, as opposed to a narrative, and to call a collection of such sayings, as shown in the Gospel of Thomas, a logia. (wikipedia)

A great expression of the opening phrase. Didn’t give me too much aha because I figured out the trick before I left the NW corner, but I’m still impressed with the execution of the concept. Constructors are always looking for phrases that can be rethought in the form of a crossword puzzle theme. Like maybe GO OVERBOARD would create a theme where the letters GO “appear” outside the grid boundaries. You know, see a phrase, think it’s interesting, and then play around with it a bit to see if you can’t get a good pun concept out of it. I love today’s theme because not only are there all the “double” phrases going down, but the second word of each phrase is literally doubled to make all the sense of the crossword. It has layers, complexity, this theme. It feels a little thin in the sense that only those four little words are involved (of course, they’re few only because the word “double” is omitted and the doubled letters are doubled in individual squares . But 14 squares isn’t an awful lot of thematic real estate. And the theme answers are so short and so segmented that they feel like these little easy-to-solve oddball puzzles. Like they haven’t been fully fleshed out. But it seems like trying to cram in more themes (say, east and west) would have been very complicated and possibly disastrous. It’s better to drop the theme a bit. and let it be clean rather than get too ambitious with the theme and end up with an awkward or awkward grid. If almost all the theme crosses are very short, it means you’ll end up in a crossword in sister territory (NAAN DEERE ESSENE PEES ATTY) , but I think the subject matter is interesting enough that you won’t really notice that sv fui much.Plus you get DOGGO.It’s hard to see anything bad when DOGGO is around.

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My only criticism of the grid is unsurprisingly related to a

German Conjunction Crossword Clue 3 Letters

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