Girl Names With 5 Letters

Girl Names With 5 Letters – Finding girl names you like isn’t easy, but finding 5 letter girl names is even harder.

When it comes to 5 letter girl names, the number 5 is a number that symbolizes love and a strong marriage or that your guardian angel is watching over you, at least according to numerology.

Girl Names With 5 Letters

Girl Names With 5 Letters

You can call this a superstition, but many people are guided by this belief and it is worth respecting them because it allows much more optimism when looking to the future.

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names For 2022

In fact, I’ve put together quite a list of them here that will help you discover some of the best and hopefully fall in love with one to use for your own baby.

Alani sounds so exotic and would be the perfect name for a girl who is wishing good luck in both love and marriage in the future.

I’m sure you’ve already seen this name on a Disney princess, but Ariel is a surprisingly unisex name.

In the Bible, Ariel was a messenger of Ezra, but in more modern times she is linked to a female character in the story of Little Mermaid.

Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter M And Meanings

A Slavic name and the first of its kind on this list, it describes someone who is ‘kind’ and ‘noble’.

These are two delightful attributes to your beloved child’s grace and a rather beautiful, European name that doesn’t see much use in the United States.

A name more linked to nature, Amaya comes from the Arabic language and translates into ‘night rain’.

Girl Names With 5 Letters

This is a beautiful and romantic sight for people who are relaxing at home and watching it from their window.

Best 5 Letter Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

A name of rather unusual origin for one of these lists, this Basque name refers to someone who is ‘happy’ and ‘happy’.

Considering how unique this name is and its rather wonderful meanings, it is an ideal name to give to a girl who is born into a happy and loving home.

A name that has taken on a more fantastical meaning in modern times. It originates from Old English and translates to ‘Elf king’.

While originally masculine, Avery has become a unisex name in recent years, and is being used as both a girl’s name and a boy’s name so don’t be reserved and think that this elf king can’t be an elf queen instead.

Short Girl Names That Are Petite And Precious

It’s one of the more unique names on this list and definitely worth considering if you’re a fantasy name lover.

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Some of you may be surprised to learn that Alice is actually a unisex name meaning that it is given to baby boys and girls equally.

The origin of the name is from Old English and was used to describe someone of “nobility”.

Girl Names With 5 Letters

It is one of the most unique 5 letter names for girls on this list and should be taken into consideration because of its links with spirituality.

Popular Japanese Baby Names

It is the female version of the name Alan and its rise to fame can be attributed to the actress Alana Hamilton Stewart.

While we all know Alexa thanks to Amazon, the actual name has a very patriotic meaning in the American English language which is ‘defender of the people’.

Very iconic, if this was true for the current Alexa, it would give us even more reason to get one.

Originating from Italy, it has more of a place name as it refers to someone who was from the Hadria region in Northern Italy.

Rich Girl Names For Babies

The name has seen some popularity and should be placed on your list of baby names for girls.

A unisex name of English origin that is commonly given to babies born with either ‘dark skin’ or ‘light blond hair’.

It was more common as a girls’ name but has seen an increase in popularity in more modern times as a boys’ name as well.

Girl Names With 5 Letters

Bella comes from the Italian language where it represents someone who is ‘beautiful’ and claims that ‘God is my oath’. Personalized Nursery Wall Name Sign, Girl Nursery Wall Decor, Name Decor, Wall Letter, Baby Letter, Hanging Letters, Kids Wall Decor, Decorative Letters,

It’s one of the best 5-letter girl names, especially if you’re looking to go for a more religious angle.

These are two very powerful meanings that fit with great attributes for your precious little girl when she is finally born, your shining jewel.

It originally came from their myths as it was one of the names by which the goddess Demeter was known.

She was responsible for agriculture and the fertility of the fields that the people of ancient Greece worked and her Spring avatar was that of Chloe.

Baby Shower Games For Girls

It is one of the most common 5 letter names for girls out there but is still beautiful in its own right.

It is a variation on the name Amber which has skyrocketed in popularity as it is a more modernized version of it with a similar meaning.

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It is short for the name Elizabeth and has been attached to some very famous figures in history and fiction, namely Eliza Hamilton, the wife of one of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, as well as Eliza Doolittle from ‘My Fair Lady’.

Girl Names With 5 Letters

It is a variation on the name Helen which belonged to the famous figure of the Greek myth, Helen of Troy, whose name represented ‘light’.

Baby Girl Names That Start With D

While the return of a monarchy is unlikely to happen during our lifetime, I am sure that your little one will still be the queen of your heart.

It’s a pretty cute-sounding name that gained a bit of popularity in the last ten years thanks to the protagonist of the game “The Last of Us”.

An English name of Anglo-Saxon origin that shows someone who wants to ‘outdo’ someone or ‘rival’ someone.

It is often associated with some of the hardest working people who always give it their all when attempting a task and never fail to rise to the challenge.

Baby Girl Names That Start With Z

Give this to your girlfriend if you think that being a hard worker will be one of her best traits.

A variation of the name Emily, Emery is a name of English origin that translates into the meaning of “ruler of work”.

The name in question is a more unisex adaptation of Emily in an attempt to branch out into a more unique name.

Girl Names With 5 Letters

A name of French origin, it has religious links, which more or less translates into ‘God is my oath’ as ​​many other historical and religious ones tend to do.

Unique Baby Girl Names For 2022

It is also a shorter version of the name Elizabeth and can be considered a good nickname if you go for the last name instead.

A variation of the name that can also be used is Elisa, which draws its roots from northern countries such as Scandinavian and Germanic ones.

A name with a meaning that reflects itself, Faith is quite a beautiful name without sounding too religious.

This combination of religion and the meaning of the number 5, as well as the great beauty of the name Fidi, won me over.

Letter Girl Names (with Meanings And Origins)

Now here is a powerful religious name, one linked to the Norse goddess of beauty, love and fertility, Freya.

If you’re a fan of mythology and legend, then this is a pretty good choice for your little goddess!

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Two of the most famous porters of this name, at least towards the end of the 20th century, were Grace Adler from the sitcom Will & Grace and Hazel Grace from the book ‘The Fault In Our Stars’.

Girl Names With 5 Letters

Use it if you consider your little one to be the jewel of your eye, one that you will always cherish and protect, no matter what.

Badass Girl Names For Your Fearless And Brave Princess

If you are someone who wants to preserve our planet and respect the work that Greta does, maybe you can consider naming your son after her.

A name inspired by plants, nature, and everything in between, it comes from Old English and means ‘the Hazel tree’.

It is undoubtedly one of the best names for a calm girl who loves the outdoors, or a popular go-to if your daughter is born with hazel eyes.

It originated as a religious name for girls that was used to show women who were under the house of men named Julius, however, it has since evolved from such an archaic concept.

Letter Girl Names From A To Z [ultimate List]

While a popular name back in the 20th century, it has since fallen out of favor, but could potentially see a revival depending on how the tide shifts.

It is also an abbreviation of the name Josephine, a pretty nice name on its own, but unfortunately more than 5 letters so it was excluded from this list.

This name has seen quite an increase in popularity thanks to the fame of the Kardashian sisters, especially Kylie Jenner who is the bearer of this name.

Girl Names With 5 Letters

You will probably be surprised to learn that the name itself has a rather unique origin, an Aboriginal one which translates to ‘boomerang’.

Rare Girl Names With Their Beautiful Meanings

While the meaning itself is quite strange, the name is still beautiful and trendy so if you like to keep up with the trends, the choice of Kylie will be one of the best choices for girls’ names.

This name is a variation on the name Chloe which in Greek shows something ‘blooming’ and ‘verdant’ and was linked to the spring iteration of the Goddess Demeter.

Khloe was popularized by one of the Kardashian sisters in recent years and allowed her a rapid rise to the top 100 places.

Another American name, this one has religious ties as it refers to someone who

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