Lakeshore All About Letters Pocket Chart

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Lakeshore All About Letters Pocket Chart

Lakeshore All About Letters Pocket Chart

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Lakeshore All About Letters Pocket Chart

As a preschool teacher, many of my teachers text me and ask if I teach letters or sounds first. The answer is simple, I teach both at the same time. My reason for doing this is not only basic research,

Science Of Reading Manipulative Ideas

My first 2 years in preschool, teachers spent half a day, which is equal to 2.5 hours a day. Even though the CCSS were mandated, four-day teachers could not consistently teach all the standards, if at all. in the number of times the children were in class. During those 2 years, I taught 1 book a week and usually waited until the third or fourth day to teach the voice. Of course, we didn’t finish the alphabet until March or April, which left little time to expand the students’ reading toolbox.

If you follow me on social media or have heard me speak then you know that I love to speak. I love it about students and I could go on and on about writing! But due to a lot of time and information, I am sticking to how I teach letters and sounds in my classroom, for this blog post.

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I start the first week of school! Yes, it is true. Usually, on the second or third day, we have met each child by their name and we have started working on writing our names, as well as other name activities. I take this opportunity as a teaching opportunity to tell the students that their names are made up of letters and letters that are heard. This leads to our daily chant of “Every Letter… Has a Name and Every Letter… Makes Sense”. I’m not going to explain this too much, but at least I’m starting to organize the main blocks of their library.

I usually keep the same routine for all 26 letters, with little or no variation for the length of all letters. My reading block is in the morning, after our 15 minute morning break.

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Just like many teachers do a Number Talk at the beginning of their math lessons, I do an alphabet refresher review each day. This exposes students to all the letters and sounds of the alphabet and is quick and fun! Here are my quick ideas for an alphabet comforter.

After our quick letter refresher, my students sit on the mat and we all turn to our All About the Letter Pocket Chart. I like to use this pocket chart, because it is organized and has all the important parts for our reference book.

After using the All About Letter action chart, I ask my students to stand up and sing and act to that specific letter song. And while the song is playing, I go around to each student and listen to the sound of the letters they are making, while the song is playing. This is a good way for me to see if what they are saying sounds right. I like to use songs to practice and emphasize what I am teaching or have been taught. It’s a whole-brain type of education, with kids of all ages needing to be active! I like to use songs from:

Lakeshore All About Letters Pocket Chart

Using props and accessories in the school classroom makes learning more fun! Here comes Molly Muncher during our clear drawing lesson.

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I use a simple plastic litter box like my Molly Muncher. You might be wondering what Molly Muncher does in the classroom? Well…only foods that start with the letter we’re focusing on. I have a whole set of alphabet sound tins that I use when ‘feeding’ Molly Muncher. My speakers are from LakeShore and are quite expensive. But I found this on Amazon and it’s cheap and still gets the job done! Here’s what you need for a Molly Muncher:

After our clear drawing lessons are over and done with, it’s time for my students to practice independently. In my classroom, the independent practice includes finding and writing the special letter, as well as identifying pictures with the correct initial letter, and identifying the letter in different styles. This is what I use in my classroom for independent practice.

After my students complete their independent art work, they go to literacy centers, where they will continue to They carry out their training in many different ways and include diversity! You can read more about Literacy Stations here!

The very last part of my letter arrangement is to fill out an alphabet anchor chart. I use this as part of our beginner writing block. This is a great opportunity for students to practice writing and punctuation with initial letters and even the whole word. Each student has their own alphabet journal. Students follow along in their journals as I create our classroom anchor chart. Students produce materials/images that go on our classroom alphabet anchor chart and add to their personal anchor chart. You can download your FREE Alphabet Anchor Chart and Alphabet Journal HERE!

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Would you like to see me teach this lesson? You can watch me teach the letter A to my students HERE!

Did you know that Kindergarten Chaos offers personal development courses and workshops? I share my tried and true tips and ideas for teaching with intention, purpose and fun to TODAY’s kids! Join the Fun!

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