Hailee Steinfeld Capital Letters

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Hailee Steinfeld Capital Letters

Hailee Steinfeld Capital Letters

This file contains additional information that may have been added by the camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been edited, some details may not be correct. The video boasts stunning cinematography with scenes of the Paris skyline, beaches and views of Monte Carlo. Directed by Hannah Lux Davies, known for creating elaborate storylines and colorful sets in many music videos, the video follows a young couple bonding in Paris and Monte Carlo.

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Hailee Steinfeld Starving

Steinfeld and her beau have frolicked on the beach together, curled up in a bedroom overlooking the Champs-Élysées in Paris, and dined together with a breathtaking view of a Mediterranean beach in Monte Carlo. They even swim in the clear, clear blue waters of the ocean and spend romantic moments in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Naturally, there are dozens of close-ups of Steinfeld. Whether she’s singing to the camera in a sleek black dress or rocking out with her orchestra behind her in an all-white suit, Steinfeld’s beauty is on full display.

The overall story of the couple traveling through Paris and Monte Carlo doesn’t get lost in the crossfire of Steinfeld’s close-ups. The scenes fit together well and allow the viewer to get lost in the couple’s adventurous vacation and their rapidly growing feelings for each other.

Although the song endlessly talks about a woman singing about her desire to have sex with her lover (as most

Hailee Steinfeld & Bloodpop: Capital Letters (music Video 2018)

Songs tend to revolve around the theme of sex), the story of the video is a more refined depiction of a young couple experiencing a romantic vacation that in turn brings them closer together. The video never feels overly sexual, despite the accompanying lyrics that suggest otherwise, and the song is the most mature offering from 21-year-old Steinfeld of her career.

I’ve never been much of a camper, so the idea of ​​Firefly Festival was one I’d pass up year after year, but when I saw this year’s lineup with Halsey, My Chemical Romance, Green Day and Dua Lipa as headliners, I knew I had to take the plunge . I still haven’t become a camper (I know, I …

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Philadelphia’s finest, The Wonder Years, always have a way of touching listeners’ hearts. Now on their seventh studio album, The Hum Goes On Forever, the band has written about parenthood and grappling with the current state of the world. The album shows tremendous growth and honesty. By the seventh album, many artists fall or give up…

Hailee Steinfeld Capital Letters

She has already established herself as a powerful songwriter and in-house producer for K-pop superstars like BTS. ADORA is back in the driver’s seat with her first mini-album, Adorable REbirth. Although the singer has released singles before, this album is her first collective release, led by the adapted single “Magical…

Hailee Steinfeld, Bloodpop®

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