Hard Yellowish Resin 5 Letters

Hard Yellowish Resin 5 Letters – Abrasion: Abrasion or wear of a part relative to its packaging or vice versa. Abrasion of the packaging on external surfaces. Friction damage such as abrasions, abrasions or scratches.

Scuff marks: Streaks or scratches on photo prints or film, caused by the condition of the developer. Partially can be removed with a napkin with alcohol.

Hard Yellowish Resin 5 Letters

Hard Yellowish Resin 5 Letters

Abrasion resistance: the ability to withstand repeated friction and abrasion. Also called abrasion or abrasion resistance.

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Absorption: A property in paper that causes it to absorb liquids or vapors upon contact. In optics, the partial suppression of light by a transparent or translucent material.

Acceptance sampling or inspection: Evaluation of a specific batch of material or product that already exists to determine its acceptability in accordance with quality standards.

Acceleration: in flexo printing by adding a faster drying solvent or by increasing the temperature or volume of hot air supplied to the printed surface. Electric – to speed up the rewinding of the shafts during docking on the fly and when eliminating web slack.

Acetone: A very strong solvent used in the packaging of gravure inks; the fastest drying solvent of the ketone family.

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Additive primary colors: red, green and blue in color reproduction. When the light of these colors is added together, the sensation of white light is created.

Adhesion: 1) The adhesion of any two materials, such as the adhesion of ink to paper or film. 2) The attractive force that exists between the electroplating and its substrate, which can be measured as the force required to separate them.

Adhesive lamination: A lamination process in which individual layers of multilayer packaging materials are bonded to each other with an adhesive.

Hard Yellowish Resin 5 Letters

Adsorb: attract and hold molecules on a surface, i.e. solvent molecules in the solvent regeneration adsorption layer.

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Aging resistance: Shelf life. Resistant to deterioration by oxygen and ozone in the air, heat and light, or internal chemical attack.

Aging Stability: A test to determine if an ink formulation can withstand a specific temperature for a specific period of time without change.

Air-Flow: Air-Flow is used in agricultural packaging and is punched to prevent spoilage and ensure even cooling. Air-Flow replaces pallet mesh and gives users all the benefits of conventional LLDPE pallet stretch film, including strength, load retention and ease of use.

Alcohol: a number of organic compounds characterized by the presence of a hydroxyl group; volatile solvents, the most common of which is ethyl alcohol.

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Aliphatic Solvents: Petroleum derived saturated hydrocarbon solvents such as hexane, heptane and VM&P naphtha, used primarily in type A gravure inks or as thinners for other inks and coatings.

Alkaline paper: Paper made from synthetic alkaline glue and an alkaline filter such as calcium carbonate, which makes the paper last four times (200 years) compared to acid glue paper (40-50 years).

Alkali resistance: The property of an ink, coating, or substrate that resists film degradation, discoloration, or fading when the printed material is exposed to alkaline materials such as soap or detergent.

Hard Yellowish Resin 5 Letters

Aluminum Hydrate: Also known as aluminum hydrate. A white inorganic pigment used as a filler in ink and known for its transparency.

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Aluminum foil (AL): thin (6-12 micron) aluminum foil laminated with plastic film to provide maximum oxygen, aroma and water vapor barrier properties. While it is by far the best barrier material, it is increasingly being replaced by metallized films (see MET-PET, MET-OPP and VMPET) due to cost.

AM (Amplitude Modulation): Halftone screening, unlike FM screening, has dots of variable size with the same distance between the centers of the dots (see Halftones).

Bilateral Control: Separate right and left hand braking control which allows the operator to fully control the stretching of 100% of the stretch film surface area during wrapping.

Anchoring Coating: A coating applied to the surface of a substrate to provide or enhance the adhesion of subsequent coatings.

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Erase Angle: In gravure and flexo printing, the angle at which the squeegee is set relative to the center line of the cylinder before loading.

Aniline dyes: derivatives of coal tar, classified by chemical composition. Basic dyes are extremely bright but do not light up quickly, while acid dyes are less shiny but light up faster.

Anilox inks: In flexography, a two-roller inking system with a smooth spouting roller that transfers the inks to an etched or ceramic-coated metal roller with cells of a fixed size and depth that transfers the ink onto a plate. Also used in keyless shifting.

Hard Yellowish Resin 5 Letters

Anilox roll: A mechanically engraved, chrome-plated steel measuring roll used in flexo presses to dispense a controlled film of ink from an elastomer-coated contact roll to the printing plates that print the web. The volume of ink depends on the number of cells per linear inch and the size of the cell and cell wall of the engraving. Made from copper and chrome steel. Alumina (ceramic) or copper and chromium coating is also given.

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Anilox system: An ink system commonly used in flexographic presses, consisting of an elastomer-coated fountain roller running in an ink pan, adjustable against a contacting engraved metering roller, two as a single unit, configurable for a plate roller, a design roller, or a conventional elastomer roller. roll cover as appropriate. The ink is poured into the engraved cells of the metering roller, the excess is removed by rubbing or squeezing the spouting roller or doctor blade, and what remains under the surface of the metering roller is transferred to the printing plates.

Defoamer: An additive used in ink that prevents or eliminates foaming of a liquid or breaks down foam that has already formed.

Anti-offset or tint spray: In printing, a dry spray of finely ground starch used on a printing press to prevent transfer of wet ink from the top of one sheet to the bottom of the next sheet.

Anti-Slip Lacquer: Usually a clear polymer coating designed and applied to large flexible packaging to prevent slippage during stacking and shipping.

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Anti-Stat: Contains an anti-static additive that dissipates static electrical charges. Good for short term storage. Anti-static and ESD protection bags

Aged finish: A term describing a surface, usually on book and cover paper, that has a natural roughness.

Apochromatic: In photography, color-corrected lenses that focus three colors—blue, green, and red—in the same plane.

Hard Yellowish Resin 5 Letters

Aquatint: An early plate engraving technique that created tonal variation by etching granular material with varying concentrations of etchant. Used for artistic engraving only.

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Asphalt (asphalt): dark resinous substance, soluble in hydrocarbon solvents. Used as a moisture barrier in heavy duty laminates.

Automatic Processor: In photography, a machine for automatically developing, fixing, washing and drying exposed photographic film. In plate making, machines develop, rinse, glue and dry the plates.

Backlash: lost movement. Alternative: loosening the teeth of the gear train, allowing one or more gears to move without corresponding movement in the connected gears.

Bags per roll: Continuous roll of seamless tube perforated under the bottom seal. Bags need to be torn open to open. Flat and plastic polyethylene bags in rolls

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Barcode: A method of marking or coding a product to clearly describe the contents. Barcodes are read only by scanners. UPC Barcode Information See also UPC.

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Barrier Film: Specially formulated film commonly used to extend the shelf life of food products. Prevents penetration of moisture and gases.

Base: Often used to refer to full ink or toner. Usually refers to the main ingredient used in clear lacquer, lacquer, or ink. May refer to either the solvent or the binder system. Cylinder before engraving. Base film before coating.

Hard Yellowish Resin 5 Letters

Main size: in inches 25 x 38 for book paper, 20 x 26 for cover, 22.5 x 28.5 or 22.5 x 35 for bristols, 25.5 x 30.5 for indexes.

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Bead Seal: A thin circular seal created by applying pressure and heat to two layers of film.

Bearings: in presses, the flat surfaces or rings at the ends of the cylinders that come into contact with each other during printing and serve as the basis for determining the thickness of the package.

Bezier Curve: A description of a character, symbol, or pattern along its path, used by drawing programs to determine hues.

Biaxial Orientation: Oriented in both the X and Y directions. Biaxially stretched films are generally well balanced in both directions and are much stronger in terms of tensile strength.

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Binder: In ink, the adhesive component or components of the ink, usually found in resin. Alternative: Gives paint and ink density and acts as a fixative.

Blade Line: The location where the doctor blade on a rotogravure press makes a defect causing a line or streak to be printed on the product in that defect.

Bleed: When the print on a product reaches the edge of the plastic film, which is achieved by printing past the edges of the part and then cutting to the edge.

Hard Yellowish Resin 5 Letters

Blister: A type of package in which small items are displayed and sold, consisting of a clear dome of plastic or similar material secured to a rigid backing such as a thicker paper or thin cardboard backing.

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Base Locking: A thick layer of film obtained by applying stretch film by hand at a 45 degree angle.

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