Harry Potter Letters Gif

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Harry Potter Letters Gif

Harry Potter Letters Gif

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Animated Gif About Harry Potter In Hp💞🎉🎊🎆🎇 By Agus

One of the biggest changes to your Facebook profile in the coming years is inspired by everyone’s favorite wizard.

On Wednesday, Facebook introduced a major redesign to its profile page. The new profilesputa photos are larger and give users the ability to create a short bio.

But the most exciting new feature is that people will soon be able to replace their profile pictures with seven-second looping videos — essentially, they’ll be able to use animated GIFs as profile photos.

Facebook engineers thought of creating a new feature when it got them thinking about the magical world of Harry Potter.

One Of The Biggest Harry Potter Fanfics Still Holds Up In 2018

“Profile videos originally came about when one of our engineers hacked his own internal Facebook profile to turn his profile picture into a video,” Facebook product manager Eigerim Shorman told Tech Insider.

“Once our team saw his profile brought to life like that, it reminded us of Harry Potter and we knew it was something we had to build for everyone,” she said. “When someone’s profile is dynamic you can get a better sense of their personality.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the Harry Potter franchise, Schorman’s reference is to the fictional Daily Prophet newspaper in the Harry Potter books, which has illustrations that come to life and move when read.

Harry Potter Letters Gif

There are also enchanting, moving paintings of characters like Albus Dumbledore and The Fat Lady that hang throughout Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Facebook Gifs Inspired By Harry Potter

Throughout the series, Harry Potter talks to the paintings as if you were a normal human being. While not quite as magical, Facebook hopes the video effect on its new profile layout will encourage similar engagement.

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If you don’t see Facebook’s new profile design, it’s probably because you don’t have access yet. The company is rolling out the changes in California and the U.K. before expanding to other regions. The ability to upload profile videos was initially only available to iPhone users, so Android owners will have to wait for it to work or figure out the spell. Our office manager, Kristen, really likes Harry Potter. I mean, she loves Harry Potter. So during Harry’s 36th birthday celebrations and release

Naturally, everyone must be sorted into the appropriate houses before the party to compete for the House Cup. Things got a little heated as people got sorted.

The production team was almost split after some hurtful things were said about the Hufflepuffs. An employee, after learning he was in Ravenclaw, muttered “clever and witty” sporadically for three straight days. But on the day of the party, everyone rallied together and competed for the House Cup and other Harry Potter themed games. As I sipped my butterbeer and watched Friendship, I thought it would be interesting to analyze what the various houses had to say about being a distributor (I’m a Hufflepuff production team geek).

How To Get A Harry Potter Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Overall, the company is pretty evenly split between the four houses. The diversity of our home is a big part of why we work together and produce something we can all be proud of. Can you imagine a company run solely by a home? All products and activities are oriented towards one goal without considering other perspectives. We have a variety of personalities working together which means we are constantly pushing each other to consider new ideas and collaborate to find the best solutions.

Next, I decided to look at the data more granularly. The development team is full of Ravenclaws, which makes sense given their interest in knowledge acquisition and how things work. Marketing and support who work closely with our wonderful customers, the majority of whom are Gryffindor. Gryffindors are brave, brave and courageous, and they are the kind of people we want to communicate and argue with our customers. Finally, it was a surprise to discover that the production team was full of Hufflepuffs. A Hufflepuff values ​​hard work, loyalty, and patience. These are essential features in user experience design and planning, which is a highly collaborative and iterative process.

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Eventually, after the House Cup was won (cough, Hufflepuffs, cough cough) and the scar was on Harry, we all went back to our Muggle realities. I think part of our office still holds Hogwarts secrets. In celebrating the joys of Harry Potter, our company came together and discovered that there is magic in our differences.

Harry Potter Letters Gif

You have been blocked from signing in for 30 seconds. Have a cup of coffee and try again in a moment. The series commemorates the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first Harry Potter book on June 26. Have fun.

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If you grew up with Harry Potter, there are a few things you know about yourself — never getting a Hogwarts letter, midnight book release parties, or being careful when dating a Slytherin.

And of course, like most fiction, Harry Potter probably ruined dating for most of us. On a surface level, I could never be with someone I don’t like (don’t @ me), but if I’m being honest, it goes deeper than that. Without further ado,

Prizes: Top 10 ultra-specific, highly dateable Harry Potter characters — complete with their most desirable book.

After he loses his memory, Lockhart also loses his narcissism (which grows back, but in a benign, endearing way). He’ll be the lovable comic relief and he’s still so cute! No wonder Gladys Gudgeon writes him weekly fan mail.

Rowling Png Images

We don’t get enough of Rosmerta in the books or movies, but we do know that 13-year-old Ron has a crush on her and that he’s not alone. She was serious about her job, but relaxed enough to join the Hogwarts teachers for a quick drink when they stopped by the Three Broomsticks. She got one

Obviously this has a lot to do with Sean Bigstaff, but let’s try for a moment to separate his handsome face from this character. Wood has always been a bit of a freak when it comes to Quidditch, but he never really bothered the Gryffindor team in Book One. He saves Harry from banishment and trains him to be a good Seeker — and a future Quidditch captain (more on that later).

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Fight me, Cho Chang must be brought to justice. She’s the seeker who almost beat Harry Potter a year ago (with her skill on the field, not her feminine wiles) and

Harry Potter Letters Gif

Her airborne milkshake brings Harry, Cedric, and who knows how many other explorers to the yard (looking at you, Draco). She’s gone to the Yule Ball with Hogwarts’ Most Eligible Bachelor and Triwizard Champion (even Mourning Myrtle sees the appeal) and is living her best life, ready to become the school’s most formidable power couple. Unfortunately, Lord Voldemort, as he often did, had other plans.

Regulus Black’s Letter To Lord Voldemort

After Azkaban and years of crime and revenge proof (of which he still has a fair amount left), Sirius escapes the magical justice authorities and lives free. Sure, he’s a fugitive without substantial proof of innocence, but just being away from Dementors and eating regularly (semi) raises Sirius’ spirits. Plus, he’s got one of his best friends back (Lupin) and a close proxy for another in Harry. Who wants to clear Harry Potter’s name when you can steal the Great Hall’s chicken legs and endless trust?

It seems polite to lump the twins together here (Fred’s the clear winner, sorry), but if you have the chance to date one of Hogwarts’ leading rebels against the Ministry machine, you’re not going to be too fond of anyone. They are loyal to each other, to their family, to Dumbledore and Harry, but no one else can achieve the mischief they do to undermine Dolores Umbridge. Class clowns are always likable, but Fred and George prove they have the wits to lead the Resistance while making a few extra galleons on the side.

? All signs point to yes. Tonks appears on Private Drive and she’s a klutz but she’s a good badass. She’s Mad-Eye Moody’s intimidating horror mentee, and we know he doesn’t suffer fools. She can change her appearance at will and use it for espionage and she is a very young and pretty adult.

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