Hirsute Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Hirsute Crossword Clue 5 Letters – Japanese spices sprinkled on rice / SUN 11-14-21 / In a nutshell for online traffic measurement / Historical subject of Hilary Mantel’s 2009 novel Wolf Hole / Children’s author DiCamillo with two Newbery medals / About will power / Like bacon and lobster in Jewish law / In Star Wars A day celebrated by fans

Theme: Mind Over Matter (124A: Motto of Willpower… or clue to four pairs of answers in this puzzle)— Word definition (roughly) “mind” appears directly from a word that describes (literally) the type of matter, x 4:

Hirsute Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Hirsute Crossword Clue 5 Letters

WORD OF THE DAY: FURIKAKE(117A: Japanese seasoning sprinkled on rice) – Furikake (振り漫け / ふりかか) is a Japanese dry seasoning sprinkled on cooked rice, vegetables and fish or used as an ingredient in entrees. It usually consists of dried fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt and monosodium glutamate. Other flavoring ingredients such as askasubushi (sometimes referred to as bonito in the package) or okaka (bonito dried in sour sauce and then dried again), freeze-dried salmon flakes, shiso, egg, powdered miso, vegetables, etc. are often added to the mix. Furikake is usually brightly colored and flaky. It can taste a little fishy or seafood and sometimes it is spicy. In Japanese cooking, it can be used for pickled dishes and rice balls (onigiri). Since 2003, furikake has become increasingly popular in the United States (especially in Hawaii and the West Coast) as a condiment for foods such as baked or grilled fish, raw fish salad, and snacks such as furikake party mixes. (Wikipedia)

Ny Times Crossword 14 Apr 22, Thursday

This puzzle has fun parts, and the theme makes good sense, but the “mind” parts of the equations felt like a real stretch in two respects. The “case” units were non-accusatory. There are four elements of matter that appear in everyday life, and this puzzle affects them all. But for “mind”, I don’t know. NOODLE and BRAIN are basically the same thing and work fine replacing “brain”, but SMARTS feels like a type of brain. Like “she has a good mind” can mean she has SMART but “brain” doesn’t feel like a direct substitute for SMARTS. Worse is WIT, which seems like a very different thing that someone with a certain type of mind might show, but I don’t buy that “mind” = WIT. Maybe you can just do the whole horseshoes-and-hand-grenades thing; Just say, “Oh, that’s nice.” i guess. That’s charity. And why not be charitable. But the disdain of the “minds” in connection with the validity of the “issues” is evident. Also, what is Mother Wit? I will be 52 next week and I have never heard this phrase. The fact that WIT isn’t “mind” friendly and the saturation around it (ie AFR, ADT, DAWG) makes that class the best of the day. I also don’t know what a “Jovian planet” is. I know who Jove is. I was like “…Jupiter?” I’ve heard of the Gas Giants, but “Jovian Planet” is new to me. They (JUPITER, NEPTUNE, URANUS, SATURN) are so called because they are all composed of a composition like Jupiter… in that Jupiter is a gas giant. Their Jovian-ness has nothing to do with God. Okay, well, at least I’m learning something.

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I doubt the spelling of HOWDEDO? How are you? => How is it? is that Also, I doubt the expression has anything to do with “afternoon” (!?). They tried HOW-DI-DO, like LA-DI-DA(H), but that didn’t work. I’m also having a slight (slightly archaic?) standstill (98D: Prepare for Action). Without “reason” or “interest” following it, it seems strange to stand. But it also looks like a military thing. And yes, google says it means “stand ready for attack, especially before dawn or after dark.” That part was also a bit chilly, because INEZ is often spelled with an “S” and I only know what TAZO tea is, so the “Z” there wasn’t entirely clear to me. But TASO seemed wrong, so I correctly chose “Z”. I don’t understand why you give the perfectly good and normal word ALIGN such a terrible corporate-speak clue (39D: on the same page as corporate-speak). Why do you voluntarily corporate-say a word that doesn’t come naturally? Twisted.

Absolutely loved GO NIGHT NIGHT (6D: Get ready to sleep, beautifully). I wanted to stop there. right here.

PATOOTIE kind of went a little too far for me, baby-talk-wise (like the clue, [Heaney]), but not baby-talk for toilet parts, that’s all I can do. Go back. Go at night! An absolute winner. Unfortunately, the joy of that answer was cut short by the ‘ugh’ feeling I got from the boring, how-is-it-still-a-thing May the Fourth . A one-off poem somehow becomes an annual tediumfest. Bah and Humbug. I learned that OLEANDER is poisonous in the 80’s when my sister and I tried to use the flowers as drink garnishes at my dad’s big outdoor office party in our backyard (93D: poisonous shrub). Not sure whose bright idea it was to leave a minor in charge of alcohol distribution. The funny thing is that I know it never even occurred to me to try any alcohol myself. Lol, I used to be such a rule follower. Anyway, a kind person informed us that OLEANDER is actually a poison and by some miracle didn’t kill anyone. Well, that’s all. This one has a lot of pulp in the filling. The theme was hit/miss. Enjoy your mid-November Sunday.

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Problem To Address

P.S. I didn’t know SEO was a “metric” (95D: a metric for online traffic, for short); I thought what you were doing to game the system to get search engines to drive traffic to your site was bullshit. It stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. You try to increase traffic (which is a measure, that is, something that can be measured), but the optimization process itself does not look like a “metric”. It is a set of functions. Maybe I don’t know all the meanings of “metric”, but it doesn’t seem like the right word here.

P.P.S. Hey, builders, it might be good to delete LAPP (S) (1D: Nordic native) from your vocabulary. On Wikipedia: “The Sami were historically known in English as Lapsor Laplanders, but these words are considered offensive by some Sami people, who prefer the local name in their own language, such as Northern Sami Sapmi.” So that’s two real jacks and a reference to the paleontologist who was part of the basis for the role of Sam Neill. Except two virtual jacks

Why were these chosen among the many jacks in the world? I would love to see another element that ties these together. Maybe make them all virtual (Jax Bauer, Reacher, Ryan, Spratt, and Sparrow are available) or make them all real (Jax Palance, Benny, Nicklaus, Black or White are also possible. Unless there’s something I’m not seeing in the selected set, it seems pretty random).

Hirsute Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Charging is hard on 6s and 7s with a couple 8s thrown in (puts in, start LED). I liked DIADEMS, Rattler, Unisex, Goblet, Bruni, Taiwan and “Now, Now”. But nothing particularly flashy, and the sticky bits showed up: MAAS, ONE-A, CRU, OTO, SIL.

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Solution To Evan Birnholz’s March 14 Post Magazine Crossword, “big Little Lies”

The theme entries are divided into two parts (two on 2/2/22!), and the contrast in each phrase is indicated by position. The highlighted entries in my grid are the back fold, and the theme is played out by the cut above the rest, below the belt beats and water under the bridge. We’ve seen other themes that have implicit layout words in a grid layout, and I usually like them.

Fill in what I could do without: INHIBITIVE is not an inflection we see much. I’ll be fine if I don’t see ILOSE or ILOST in another puzzle. There’s also a dupe: Awkward GOT HOT and Hot Tea.

Theme: The beginning and end of each theme answer form a red word, so “red” literally “covers” the answer.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! I love a seasonal theme, and this one is perfect for this week – wordplay works on every level. The theme answers are all solid phrases that I don’t think I’ve seen a million times in a puzzle before – Reward Card and Resistance Band are my favorites. It took me a while to see if Richley deserved it, even though it didn’t work at all with the theme. Also, I had an “AIR HOLE” instead of an AIR HOSE for the 9d (diving hose) which didn’t help matters. But that was the only hold I had during the puzzle.

Best Dividend Per Share Stocks Brokerage In A Stock Exchange Crossword Clue

This week we’ve got an oversized AVCX from Aimee Lucido! It was a pretty 4.5/5 difficult puzzle that took a while to land in my inbox last night.

“Off Broadway” is a great title that tells you exactly what’s going on.

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