How To Crochet Letters Into A Granny Square

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Finally, I got some chunky acrylic yarn at my local fabric store and it seemed like something to try, (there’s another brand of chunky yarn that starts to kick when you look at it balls…well you know what I mean), of course I only used a 10 shekel bunch and scooped a bunch of pastels to make something for my daughter. My first project, a knitted hand warmer for my daughter. I made crochet basic crochet hand warmers a few years ago, but those were for the boys and my daughter never actually received any. So with her in mind, I’ve been dreaming of a crocheted hand warmer made from grandma squares, so I decided to design one myself, starting with this sunburst grandma square, I just love it.

How To Crochet Letters Into A Granny Square

How To Crochet Letters Into A Granny Square

In thick yarn, the result is very comfortable and plush, perfect for many winter crochet projects. So let’s get started with this granny square pattern you must try!

Bobble Heart Name Blanket By Melu Crochet

Fluffy Stitches: *Thread the thread, insert the hook into the designated stitch, and draw 3 times through the stitch * (7 loops on the hook). Thread the yarn through and through all the loops on the hook. Chain 1.

Cluster Stitches: * To thread, insert the hook into the next stitch and pull up a loop, thread and pass through 2 loops * 4 times (5 loops on the hook). Thread the yarn through and through all the loops on the hook.

Treble Stitch (trbl): The yarn is on the hook twice, inserting the hook into the next stitch. Thread the yarn through the hook and pull the yarn through the stitches (4 loops on the hook). Pull the yarn through both loops (3 loops left on the hook). Thread the yarn through and through both loops (2 loops remaining). Flip the yarn over and thread through the last two loops on the hook.

Chain 4 and attach with slip stitch, or make a magic loop. Chain 3 counts as the first double crochet and 15 more double crochet stitches on the loop. Connect with slip stitch at the top of starting chain 3. (16 double crochet stitches in total) to tie.

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Classic One Color Granny Square

NOTE: Standard crochet technique as mentioned, although I actually started with an initial ch2 and then 16dc into the loop as I prefer to hide the chain as much as possible and it works!

Connect color B with slip pins to any dc, chain 1. Do fluffy stitches in the same stitch and in each dc around each dc. Add the first bubble pin with a slip pin. (16 pimples in total) Tie up.

Add color C and slip stitch in the same space and in the chain 1 space of any bubble stitch, chain 2 (cluster stitch, chain 2) around each chain 1. Attach a slip stitch to the top of the first tuft stitch. (16 stitches in total) tie.

How To Crochet Letters Into A Granny Square

Round 4: Use Color A (In this round, we’re going to turn the sunburst circle into a square, so hurry up!)

Floral Granny Square Patterns

Use a slip stitch to connect color A to any chain 2 space. Chain 4 counts as the first treble stitch, then crochet two treble stitches in the same space, ch3 and crochet 3 more treble stitches into the same space to form the first corner. (The corners are: 3tr, ch3, 3tr). Now crochet the sides: *3 dc in next strand 2 space, 3 hdc in next strand 2 space and 3 dc in next strand 2 space*. Now hook the other corner, the other edge, the other corner and the other edge, and the other corner and the edge. Attach to the top of starting chain 4 with a slip stitch.

(Note: I always break the rules, so to be honest, I made a ch3 instead of the standard ch4 because I found ch4 to look a bit wobbly.)

If you want to use this square as a blanket, I recommend using the fourth round as a way to connect the squares, but you’ll have to google “connect as you go” for a tutorial.

Now go play with the color sequences in this square and see what works and what doesn’t! (Tip I actually crocheted two colors as well, one has been machined into a hand warmer and the other will be ripped off because it doesn’t look great, but there will be more soon.) From Crochet Home decor (for all seasons), crochet jewelry, amigurumi, letters, children’s toys, DIY crochet gifts and more.

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Easy Circle Into A Square Pattern

All tutorials have a YouTube® video for you to watch to learn how these modes work.

A cute crochet amigurumi jellyfish pattern. I made this crochet jellyfish pattern using only basic shapes and crochet stitches, so it’s simple and easy to follow. Beginner friendly and perfect to use up any waste yarn.

I found this wonderful free crochet pattern for amigurumi fish and I had to share it with you. Mix the colors and you have the most amazing crochet tropical fish.

How To Crochet Letters Into A Granny Square

Cute crochet rose brooch tutorial with free patterns. This jewelry looks like a mini rose garden. The same pattern can be used to make jewelry sets including pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings.

Amazing Crochet Stitches To Learn

A complete collection of all crochet letters. Crochet letters are the latest home decor trends referencing wall art, party places, children’s nurseries, playrooms, bedrooms. Add your wall area, shelf or mantle words to express love, family and happiness. Kids love playing with these large, soft crochet amigurumi letters to spell them and other names or words.

Easy to use and pattern free amigurumi crochet doll pattern. You can adjust the pattern to your liking. This is the perfect crochet doll handmade gift toy.

A free crochet floral pattern for daisies, but using different color combinations you can make a rainbow of daisy flowers. The pattern is easy to follow. Petal diagrams are also included.

How to assemble 13 granny squares into a bag? simple. Using the chart I provided, you can take your bag with you when buying yarn.

How To Crochet A Solid Granny Square • Banana Moon Studio

These easy crochet blooming flower patterns are easy to follow with the video provided. Crochet flowers into appliqués or jewelry. Crochet flowers are always fun.

A classic granny square with two options on how to start a new row. 3 chain or standing double crochet stitch. this is your choice.

Another basic shape that can be turned into an ornament. A triangle that looks like a Christmas tree with beads, yarn, sequins to decorate it. Simple, fast, cute and adorable.

How To Crochet Letters Into A Granny Square

Crochet five-pointed starfish amigurumi pattern for underwater marine life phone, crochet aquarium animals, toys, summer decoration… Simple free pattern with video tutorial.

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Moon Granny Square Written Pattern Crochet

Crochet amigurumi heart pattern with pattern. A heart that never breaks. The perfect DIY crochet gift for Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Mother’s Day or just to say thank you.

I am a crochet addict. My hook line is always by my side – spring, summer, fall or winter.

Whether it’s simple crochet flowers that I can use to make jewelry, or wreaths, or other decorative ornaments, unicorns, other amigurumi, or doilies, my hooks can handle it.

Hope you can find some ideas here and enjoy some of the tutorials and crochet pattern work provided here.

Easy Crochet Patterns For Beginners

Crochet FISH amigurumi Tutorial & Patterns – Easy Crochet Long – How to Crochet Fish?

Any yarn can be knitted or crocheted as long as the correct size needle or hook is used, but the characteristics of the rope should be considered. For example, tall, thick wool yarns tend to function better when knitting without disrupting their airy structure, while fine, tight yarns help achieve the firm texture needed for Amigurumi crochet.

“As a beginner crochet lover, I absolutely love the free pattern you put on. It has helped me improve my skills and the extended family is delighted with all the crochet ornaments I have made this season. These patterns have YouTube video tutorials that can Watch how it’s made row by row. I learned new stitches and it’s easy to crochet. Thanks.” – Anna M. I’m excited to bring you a boxed granny square free crochet pattern from the 2022 Moogly CAL.

How To Crochet Letters Into A Granny Square

I always appreciate the annual Moogly CAL! Because it’s a genius way to reduce the overwhelming Afghans by spreading only one square at a time in a year! It’s so special to be a part of this amazing CAL again.

Melu Crochet: Free Elbobblio Bobble Granny Square Crochet Pattern

The beauty of my 2022 Moogly CAL Boxed Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern is that you can customize it in so many ways. If you use 5 colors, you can easily swap out the center square to match your own color scheme, or use a color border like Tamara did for her Square multicolor squares.


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