Jaws Theme Song Piano Letters

Jaws Theme Song Piano Letters – Dunn Dunn…. Dunn Dunn…. thrill That’s what we all get when we first hear those first two notes in the darkness at the beginning of jazz. We hear the shark before we see it. An auditory seal to expect the worst even before the first frame. I can’t say I’m particularly musical, but every time I pass a piano I have to play the jazz theme. Who doesn’t. In the video featured on this blog, you’re going to learn to play the entire main Shark theme from Jazz!

John Williams’ film score for Jaws is one of the most recognizable movie soundtracks ever created. Capturing the terror of the shark and the thrill of the hunt, John Williams raised the film musical bar. But within this soundtrack is one of the world’s most ape-tricked and performed pieces alone… “The (Main Title) Theme from Jaws”.

Jaws Theme Song Piano Letters

Jaws Theme Song Piano Letters

The main “Shark” theme, a simple alternating pattern of two notes – variously identified as “E, F” or “F, F sharp” – became a classic piece of suspense music synonymous with approaching danger.

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Jazz director Steven Spielberg re-recruited John Williams after his successful partnership in his first feature ‘Sugarland Express’ (1974) and laughed at the jazz theme for the first time. After hearing Williams play it a few more times at different tempos, Spielberg liked the simplicity of what would become his film’s signature sound.

Composer John Williams has won numerous awards, including the 1977 Academy Award for Best Original Score.

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How To Play The Jaws Theme On Piano (super Easy Beginners Lesson) — The Daily Jaws

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