Kannada Songs In Letters

Kannada Songs In Letters – We all love good music and we have our list of favorite numbers. Who doesn’t love a playlist of melodic songs? Well, if it’s a romantic number then even better.

Even as guys and girls around the world are gearing up for Valentine’s Day, we at Sakshipost will help you out with a song list of soft love songs that are sure to melt your loved one’s heart.

Kannada Songs In Letters

Kannada Songs In Letters

This number given by Shreya Ghoshal is sure to melt your heart. which number! This must be on your playlist

Marali Manasaagide Lyrics In English

Is your girlfriend or partner mad at you? Do not worry. Send her this song and she will surely come running back to you. This classic romantic number delivers all your messages in less than 5 minutes!

When I first heard this song, I went crazy. I mean, who would have believed that Sonu Nigam could belt out a melodious track in a language foreign to him. And remember, this was just the beginning. What followed were a series of songs that were all chartbusters. This, of course, will remain in mind.

One of Ilaiyaraaja’s classics from the hit film Geeta featuring Shankar Nag (of Malgudi days fame). This song is an evergreen hit.

Navagraha is a film at the height of the royal Ambari in Mysore. And the film was a super hit featuring Darshan in the lead role. However, the inclusion of this one song was a major highlight. Stunning!

Kannada Christian Song Book Apk For Android Download

Think Puneeth Rajkumar, and you just can’t ignore this song. The music of this number reminds you of the guitar melody of Eagles’ Hotel California. Nice words and an arrow sure to hit straight to your lover’s heart.

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Duniya Vijay and Ainditha Rai are the lead pair in this most romantic song rendered again by Sonu Nigam. You have to listen to him to love his words.

This love number is one of the oldest films featuring Arjun Sarja. The highlight is not the painting but the words themselves. Your girl will surely fall in love with you all over again!

Kannada Songs In Letters

When Ramya popularly known as Divya Spandana made her Kannada debut, she became the most sought after actress not only in Sandalwood but also in Kollywood. This song from the movie Excuse Me was a super-duper hit and topped the charts for a long time. Girls, this is your song to woo your guy!

Ide Naadu Ide Bhashe Song Lyrics In Kannada

Golden Star Ganesh is synonymous with a number of memorable romantic numbers, most of which were penned by none other than Sonu Nigam. Add this song to the list as you can see the song is a masterpiece.

So folks, what are you waiting for? Put these tracks on a CD and send them to your loved ones. You can thank me later for making your life easier!

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