Makayla In Bubble Letters

Makayla In Bubble Letters – The LIFT Journey is a two-day weekend experience for middle and high school students designed to create an intentional community where students can exalt Christ through Christ-centered worship, LEARN through Bible study, and be equipped with the necessary tools needed to be salt and light for their generation.

Jesus is not your ordinary Rabbi. Throughout his ministry on earth, the Gospels say he performed 37 miracles by touching, healing, and changing countless lives. As with other events in his life, countless people witnessed the record of Jesus’ miracles. Each miracle is unique and special. None are done randomly, or for fun. They all serve a specific purpose, and all have deep meaning and impact. In John 11, there is an amazing true story that takes place on a seemingly normal day in the weeks leading up to Passover. It is a wonderful story of Jesus raising his friend Lazarus from the dead. But when Lazarus rose from his grave, he was bound with the very same grave cloth in which he was buried.

Makayla In Bubble Letters

Makayla In Bubble Letters

Our theme for the LIFT 23 Tour is JI. This year, we are discovering what it means to enter into the new life that Jesus calls us to. Like Lazarus, before we can move forward into a new life, we must first get out of the old shroud that is holding us back. The shrouds that have stuck in us in sin, hurt, anger, pride, or unforgiveness. JIJI records the true story of Lazarus…that he not only shows freedom now, but is an example of eternal freedom in the future! The story of how, what was once dead, can now be resurrected. It is a story that reminds us of the truth that Paul declared in 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV),

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“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, a new creation has come: the old is gone, the new is here!”

So, coming to a city near you, LIFT 23 Travel wants to invite you to experience a four-part Docuseries style journey through John 11.

Are allowed two free adult registrations for the primary youth pastor + their spouse as a special gift from the LIFT Team. Elementary student pastors have the opportunity to attend the LIFT Tour for free regardless of whether they bring a group or not. Anyone wishing to take advantage of this opportunity must call 407-248-0300 ext. 15 before making the payment for the group to receive the discount. Please email us here if you would like to attend LIFT and are not planning to bring a group. We would like to help you make arrangements and provide you with more information.

Yes, for some cities we offer a hotel in the fall with a discounted rate for LIFT Travel groups. You will need to contact and book hotel rooms directly through the hotel. All payment and booking requests will go through the hotel as well. Check the website of the LIFT city you are interested in to see if we have a group hotel option delivered.

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We usually look at dates & cities 12-18 months in advance. With several LIFT Tour hosting sites, at least 10 churches form a network that agrees to bring at least 800 students in collaboration. If you are interested in hosting a LIFT Tour, please fill out our host application here.

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Instead of paying in full when you register, we will charge a $10 per student non-reimbursable fee to hold your spots. Final payment for the event will be due 45 days prior to the event.

We think families are great, and time together is important. However, this event is for middle and high school students and their principals only. We want everyone to have the best experience possible at this event, so please make arrangements to leave your children under ten at home or arrange for childcare while you serve or attend the event .

Makayla In Bubble Letters

We need to receive all checks within 10 business days of your registration date. Your registration will be “pending” until we receive payment. If you are registering near a deadline, please make sure your check is posted and mailed in by that deadline.

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If you have more than 100 students, please call 407-248-0300 ext.15 or email us here, for group pricing options.

Who will inspire his students to be the best version of themselves, leaning into who God created them to be.

The vision of SLU is one that looks forward to the goal of empowering, activating, and equipping students around the world to rise to the call of leadership by training students to be able to respond effectively. to the challenges presented by the growing majority. and postmodern culture. Our vision is to build a generation of leaders who will be effective in their world at all levels with a love that spreads for Christ in a way that is also full of grace and truth. Our vision is to change the world…one student at a time.

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Our four cumulative experiences take students behind the scenes of Orlando or San Antonio (101), Washington D.C. (201), Europe (301), and the Holy Land (401) to learn the importance of leadership.

Youth, Families, And Community

For the past 18 years, the LIFT Tour (formerly Leadership Rocks) has provided the Student Leadership Academy with the opportunity to influence thousands of students to increase their effectiveness with evangelism. centered on evangelism, worship, and a focus on leadership development. LIFT Journey provides platforms for students from all communities to gather in one place from different backgrounds, denominations, ethnic groups, churches, and schools to worship Christ and we are challenged by Scripture.

Online LIFT Travel registration will be closed when we reach full capacity for the event or at the close of business at 5:00 pm EST two weeks prior to the event.

Anyone over the age of 18 who is identified by the church as a pastor, volunteer, or part-time/full-time employee. Adults are usually $25.

Makayla In Bubble Letters

Middle school students, youth pastors, youth workers, coaches, and teachers. This event is designed for unchurched 6-12th graders, regular churchgoers, and those who are actively pursuing their Savior.

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Regardless of the reason, cancellations and transfers are charged to the Student Council. To offset these costs, the following costs will apply. In fairness to others, we cannot make exceptions.

Payment deadline: A deposit of $10 is due at the time of registration. All remaining balances are due 45 days prior to the meeting. Any registration not paid in full by this date will incur a $25 late fee.

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