Klm Hub Letters Crossword


This was definitely a fun theme to work with, especially with LINE IN THE SAND and FOURTH WALL. There is so much we builders and solvers can do with a FOURTH WALL in a puzzle (maybe I’m just riding the climax of finishing BEQ’s “Going Too Far” yesterday. I was a little confused by the long answer in 25d [” Citrus dessert topping “] LEMON GLAZE thinking maybe it would connect with the theme. Glazed paper? Is that a thing already? You could use it on donuts. But this is quickly ruined by 10d [” ‘I’m not going to say it again’ “] YOU HEARD ME, which is delicious but not part of the theme.

Klm Hub Letters Crossword

Klm Hub Letters Crossword

As for the grille, I liked this middle section stacked with my favorite little ladders on opposite corners of the caddy. I also liked the way this was framed by TASK and ANTE on one side and GLEE and OARS on the other, creating a slight concentration of black squares in rows 5 and 11.

Klm To Debut Premium Economy Cabin On North America Routes Later This Year

Our theme today consists of food items with sea creatures in the name that are not actually SEAFOOD (38a, [Coastal plate, and what’s the answer to each surprisingly starry clue?]).

This was a fun set with a pretty tight theme. Can you think of any other items that fall into this category?

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To top it off, I love the folk “LOOKY HERE” and “SEE YA SOON”. “OH, POO” is another fun colloquial; I like it, even if it was a surprise. REGATTAS, SEQUENCES, DECRYPTS, END TABLES, YANKEE and ALT FOLK are all resources for the grid.

I’m not so sure about I-BANKERS [Some financial advisors, informally] even though I expect the I to be for “investments” and have nothing to do with Apple. And I’m on the fence about “I’M A FAN”. It sounds a little unnatural, but I’m also pretty sure I’ve heard it used before.

Air France Klm Orders 100 A320neo ; Signs Loi For 4 A350f

I have to question AREPAS [Colombian cornmeal sweets]. I don’t expect the average solver to know. Why not simply turn it into ARENAS, especially since there is already a food issue underway? But let’s turn this into a learning opportunity, shall we? For Wikipedia,

Arepa is a flat, round, unleavened pie of soaked and ground corn kernels or, more frequently nowadays, cornmeal or cornmeal that can be grilled, baked, fried, boiled or steamed . The characteristics vary according to the color, flavor, size and food it can be stuffed with, depending on the region. Simple arepas are stuffed with butter or cheese and baked in the oven. Multiple varieties of fillings can be seasoned or filled with combinations of ingredients such as beans, meat, avocado, egg, tomato, salad, shrimp or fish depending on the meal.

Nothing special here, no spelling changes required. The theme would be stronger if the letter F were banned from all non-thematic parts of the grid, which I suspect was intended, but there is an obstacle, bottom right at the intersection of FLA and FRAME (49a / 49d). I don’t see a quick patch for this, so it would involve significant rework.

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Klm Hub Letters Crossword

Good morning! The decisive music of today was Adele’s new album, in particular “I Drink Wine”. I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed one of Liz’s puzzles for Fiend – she tends to make Mondays more complicated. This was a very dissected grid, with those NW and SE corners connected to the rest of the puzzle by just one entry. (The NW was the last to drop for me – I probably spent half my time on that section.) Also, no entry in the grid was longer than nine letters – unusual for a non-theme!

Taoyuan International Airport

Lots of curiosities / proper names that I didn’t know, like NORIEGA, LILY BART, RUSS Feinstein, John LECARRE. A little clunky filler, like AGIN (Opposite “fer”) and NRC (Atomic-energy agcy.), But the voices of the middle crossing (VERBAL HUG / LIKE A BOSS) were delightful and I like the clues that are complicated but breezy, like [Writer’s Advice?] for ERASER or [“The Hobbit” characters] for RUNES.

This is my favorite type of theme-free puzzle. Lots of fun fills each area of ​​the puzzle, held together by a neat fill. SMACKEROO, ASROLOGIA, PEDAL TO THE METAL SPACE WALK, ARMADILLO, CLAYMATION… .all of my favorites in this puzzle.

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