La La Land Piano Notes With Letters

La La Land Piano Notes With Letters – . It was composed by Justin Hurwitz. I arranged it for easy piano. This is not in the original key; I believe it was originally in E flat major, and this version is in C major. This is as simple as I could make it without changing the flow and direction too much.

We could further simplify many of the left hand bars into just two notes (quarter note and then dotted half note), allowing us to retain a bit of the movement or whole note chords (or even single notes!), making it considerably easier. However, since I included chords in this version, I decided to write the piece as seen. You can use the root notes of the chords if you want to simplify further. This would push the piece towards easy piano music if you took the root of the chords in the left hand instead of all the current stuff that’s scattered all over the place.

La La Land Piano Notes With Letters

La La Land Piano Notes With Letters

This is another “please simplify this” part. The original piece I was trying to give was by RonaldL on Musescore… and that appears to be a modification of a DJA28 transcription. The Musescore version looks a little intimidating apparently, so I rewrote a few things: reduced score; changed the key from 3 flats to no sharps or flats; additional pedal to avoid having to hold down previous notes while playing new notes with the same hand. I listened to this youtube video and then tweaked it a bit further.

Hound Dog Sheet Music

, so I don’t really know the story behind this piece. However, it seems that given the Youtube scene and the name of the piece, it should sound comfortable, hopeful and resigned.

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Also, I put this together while feeling so ill that I’m not teaching. I assume there must be at least one error somewhere. Where it is, I have no idea.

To download free sheet music for La La Land’s “Engagement Party” for easy piano as .pdf, please click here: La La Land – It’s Over Engagement Party – Full Score

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