Chromebook Typing Wrong Letters

Chromebook Typing Wrong Letters – Has your school just bought Chromebooks instead of typical computers or tablets and are you trying to understand why? I see! I mean … why can’t they just stick to what we know works? Why are they wanting to jump on this new fashion for Chromebooks?

Chromebooks seem to be in vogue in education these days, but honestly … I don’t think they’re a fashion statement. Google seems to have really thought about how devices will help schools, and there are actually many benefits to both the district and you! Your district may be promoting this Chromebook initiative … but today I want to give you 5 reasons why Chromebooks are great for districts and teachers!

Chromebook Typing Wrong Letters

Chromebook Typing Wrong Letters

As we all know, schools have limited budgets and technology can get more expensive quickly! Chromebooks are an inexpensive alternative to conventional computers and tablets, and by purchasing them, your neighborhood can get more for its money. Plus, Chromebooks save your circle money over time: there’s no user fee, no annual fee, and no Google Apps fee.

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It’s easy to hope that this leaves more money for all the other things you need in your classes, but it probably won’t. That said, your neighborhood can get more devices on its tech budget … so maybe instead of four computers flying along the side of the room, you’ll have access to a set of classroom Chromebooks. Or maybe instead of sharing one laptop cart among five teachers, you might get one Chromebook cart to share between two teachers. This can help you use your Chromebooks more and try different activities.

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If you or another teacher wanted to install the program on your computer, this meant that tech support people had to physically come to your classroom to install it on your computer. Not a big deal … but definitely tedious and very time consuming if you want the program to be installed on every student’s computer and laptop. The same was true of updating the system… manually updating each machine one at a time. Chromebooks eliminate this problem… if you want the app to be installed on every student device, the support team in your district can deploy it to any Chromebook from anywhere with a single click.

When our technicians came to our buildings to install new applications and updates, we had to hand over all our devices… laptops, tablets, etc. “for the whole day”. Sometimes that day would turn into two … or three … as applications were installed and updated. Plus, someone came in while I was using my smartboard to update the teacher’s computer during the lesson. Sounds familiar? Well… this is no longer a problem with our student devices as I never have to update them, they just update automatically. This is definitely a nice addition once you get used to using them on a regular basis!

Of course, we want to make sure our students’ information is safe… and luckily Google wanted to take care of that. On our old computers, the district had to pay for additional software to keep students from being exposed to inappropriate material or to protect student data, but Chromebooks have many built-in safeguards.

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While it will not really affect daily teaching, it is a good idea to make sure that student data is protected. Plus, to get back on budget… if a school doesn’t have to spend money on additional security software, it theoretically frees up money for other needs in the classroom!

Gone are the days when bulky desktops took up half the class and laptops that you feared would drop students because they were so heavy. Chromebooks are lightweight and portable, making them easy to move between classes, and even students can take home with them. Perhaps your neighborhood is interested in implementing a 1: 1 initiative and wants students to be able to take something light with them… or maybe they want to implement laptop carts that can travel from room to room. Regardless of their purpose, the fact that Chromebooks are lightweight and portable is probably something your area took into account when purchasing them.

My students wouldn’t drop their old laptops because they were so heavy and awkward to wear, but now I’m afraid students will abandon Chromebooks because they are so light and easy to forget you even hold them! That said, when I need to borrow a laptop cart from a different class, it is very easy to roll the cart with 30 Chromebooks compared to the cart with 30 of our other laptops! For completely selfish reasons, my back really appreciates a lighter stroller!

Chromebook Typing Wrong Letters

In most cases, your Chromebook’s battery will last a full day. That said, there are some exceptions to this rule, and the more power-hungry you do on your Chromebook, the faster your battery drains (for example, watching videos will likely drain your battery faster than typing in Google Docs). With that in mind, if your neighborhood’s hope is to use technology more or ultimately ‘paperless’, having devices that take longer to charge will help them achieve this goal.

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I remember the laptops we used in my neighborhood … the batteries literally died after an hour and a half of use. I had three back-to-back classes and the last class had to constantly deal with low battery messages and device shutdowns during the project. These students were constantly kicked out of their tech time, and it made me feel terrible! Moreover, charging these laptops took ALWAYS, so charging them during lunch or during preparation hardly affected the battery life all day long!

When we finally got the Chromebooks, I was much less stressed about battery life and my planning was a lot easier! On Chromebooks, the only time I’ve seen a low battery message was when the devices weren’t properly connected to charge! I can even use the same laptop cart for every lesson I see all day long and never have to think twice about battery life. It makes a huge difference to my ability to use technology with my students whenever I want!

Will the Chromebook initiative in your neighborhood be your first contact with Chromebooks? If so, check out my previous post on five tips for using your Chromebook for the first time:

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