Knol Words 5 Letters

Knol Words 5 Letters – Kimberly (she/she) went down the pen/stationery rabbit hole on the express train, not wanting to be rescued. She can be found on Instagram @allthehobbies because there are really many, many hobbies!

Hang around in the pen hobby long enough, and inevitably someone will ask if they’re looking for a cheap flexible pen option. Answers usually range from “it doesn’t exist” or “nothing is better than old-fashioned flex” (without explaining which old-fashioned pens/nibs have flex) or “you could try the XYZ brand, but it’s not very flexible” or “would Zebra or Nikko The G nib is stuffed into a cheap pen until it rusts and then thrown out the window”. Do these sound familiar? As someone who knows a bit about how to use flex (taking the introduction to Spencerian and Copperplate classes means I’m an expert, right? I’m kidding, I’m kidding.), trying to find something truly flexible can be a frustrating experience at best not only Just elastic.

Knol Words 5 Letters

Knol Words 5 Letters

Before I go any further, though, here’s a quick explanation of “what is flex” (from my article on Stylosuite Flex Nibs – Flex is what you get when you apply pressure to the tines of the pen tip. Separation gives more What you usually get when you bend. Most nibs are not meant to be bent, but how much “bounce” they may get when applied can vary

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A little stress. Releasing this pressure allows the tines to come back together and write normally. Apply too much pressure and your tines may never fully return to their original position, your nib now “bounces”. As they say, each nib is a flexible nib…one time. So, never press your luck too hard with any nib, bend, dip or otherwise.

Dip nibs require the user to dip the nib into ink before dipping the pen again and write a few more letters/words. Some drawbacks include the tedium of constant dipping, which can cause confusion if you tap the bottle, or inconsistent ink flow in your writing if you dip too much/too little. Some vintage pens have nibs with varying degrees of flexibility (note that not all vintage pens have flexible nibs), but it does require knowing which manufacturers and nibs are flexible. Modern pens have had some success with springy/soft nibs that allow for some line variation. For example 742/912 and 743/823 (size 10 is softer/flexible than size 15) or 14kt gold Pilot FA nib pens like Pilot Falcon, they are good options, but they are not cheap (~$150-$300). There are also pen nibs that are cheaper options, but usually don’t have as much elasticity – usually somewhere between springy and semi-elastic. That’s where BlueDew comes in. BlueDew Pens is a Singapore company founded with the goal of creating an affordable and portable option for those who want to do their calligraphy work without dip nibs or vintage enigma. Let’s see if it fits the bill.

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BlueDew Flex pens come in a padded envelope with a case inside. I love that I don’t have to deal with extra boxes or packaging. The case has a magnetic flip, and the bottom of the case is nicely padded so you don’t have to clip the pen to the case. I like that branding is subtle. The textured case has since been discontinued, replaced by a smooth material.

BlueDew Flex pens come with a flex nib unit and converter installed. Rather than the usual standard international converter that comes with many pens, the BlueDew converter is different. It looks similar to the converter on old Nemosine pens, but the latter can be used with the usual Jowo/Bock nib units as well as with BlueDew nib units, but the BlueDew converter cannot be used with other nib units. You can also use standard international converters with BlueDew nib units. I was also able to partially fit the nib unit into the Bock thread pen, but not the Jowo. I confirmed this on their website, which says “Threads should match Bock pens, but lengths may not match.” The nib and nib are friction fit, so if the BlueDew case doesn’t fit your Bock threaded pen, you also They can be pulled into another enclosure. Be careful not to lose the small O-ring on the edge of the nib unit and make sure there is enough clearance in the cap as the BlueDew nib is a bit longer than the Bock 6 nib.

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Line up the nib unit at the collar (top of the case) and you can see that the BlueDew nib on the right is only a little longer than the Bock 6 – be aware of this if you put the nib into another pen.

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I’ve had partial success getting the nib unit into the Namisu Ixion, but apparently it doesn’t quite fit there.

The nib itself is where it is. It looks so much like a dip nib that I flipped through the dip nib section of Johnniere’s book (which is an excellent calligraphy resource) and found something very similar. The Leonardt Principal EF nib has the same vertical “cuts” on the tines, the same B-vent shape and similar cuts on both sides of the nib. I don’t know if the BlueDew nibs were custom made by the same manufacturer or were used as templates for the nibs. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Leonardt nibs to compare the writing experience with.

Knol Words 5 Letters

Speaking of writing experience, how did you write it? For my initial ink I used Waterman ink. Since I have two to play with, I used Waterman Inspired Blue in Ancient Ice Pen and Waterman Harmonious Green in Emerald. Like most immersion nibs, BlueDew nibs don’t have any tips, so you can get very thin lines with very little pressure. It also means that the nib is very sharp, so if you write too hard, it’s easy to scratch the paper, resulting in more feathers as the ink travels through the fibers. Both pens write beautifully in Waterman ink and have no issues with hard starts or rails. I do have some difficult starts and rails when I use drier inks like Robert Oster Avocado, so make sure to use at least an even-flowing ink, although you don’t need to use super wet or lubricated inks to get good results . You do need to write slower if you’re going to use it like a flex pen, but it keeps up with regular-speed cursive and printing just fine.

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In four months, I switched Emerald pens 3 times and used them about 20 times, doing a lot of flexible writing. PRO TIP: Using a flexible tip can help you run out of ink quickly! I have left the pen idle for 1-3 weeks at a time and have had no issues starting up. I also didn’t notice any drop in nib quality or the ability to bounce back from flex. I asked a few friends who use dip nibs how long it would take them to replace the nib due to corrosion or wear and they said 1-4 weeks depending on usage. Considering I’ve been inking Emerald for about four months, I’d say this is a huge improvement over using a dip nib!

I have run many times since inking these pens and the emerald one has leaked into the barrel. Thankfully, it didn’t leak onto the cap or nib. A few times, the pen didn’t write when it was turned on, so when I noticed ink droplets all over the converter and barrel, I unscrewed the barrel to check the ink level. I don’t have this problem with my ancient ice pen, it’s been inked for two months and taken on many of the same trips. Next time I ink on Emerald, I might try a different converter.

The BlueDew Flex Pen is $88, which I think is a good price for an acrylic pen with a flex nib unit and converter. Replaceable nibs, a pair, for $35 (nibs not sold separately). The flexible nib unit also fits BlueDew Writer pens. Shipping from Singapore to the US is $15.

All in all, the BlueDew Flex is an excellent flexible nib pen. You get the dipping nib writing experience without the hassle of dipping and the portability of a regular pen.

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Disclaimer: Thanks to BlueDew for providing two pens for review. Before receiving these, I

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