Land Of Nod Wall Letters

Land Of Nod Wall Letters – If you look around the room and you feel that one special touch is missing, why not personalize your space with a wooden letter? Large letters can be combined on a wall or shelf to spell out a word, or they can serve as monograms that help you put your own unique stamp on your interior. These days there are many designs and styles to choose from, so keep reading for ideas and tips on decorating with wooden letters.

Many wooden letters feature details that create an industrial look. For example, the letters below have a distressed feel that combines a modern style with eclectic painting. The effect: a striking wall art statement.

Land Of Nod Wall Letters

Land Of Nod Wall Letters

This grouping of artwork and letters creates an intentionally mismatched look that channels both rustic and industrial style.

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There are many places to buy wooden letters, such as Restoration Home Baby & Child. The Vintage Industrial Letters in the next image feature a metal trim that is held in place by exposed nails. If you doubted for one second that they are industrial at heart!

These Wooden Block Letters from RH Baby & Child are inspired by composting blocks. The result: a vintage look that works well in classic and industrial spaces alike:

If spelling out names is a popular way to use wooden letters in children’s rooms, spelling out words is a popular way to display them in spaces like the kitchen. Below we see rustic-modern lettering that reminds us exactly why we bother running a kitchen in the first place!

Etsy is another wonderful source for wooden letters, and the small custom letter below comes from Etsy shop Summer Design Shop. In addition to this foot-tall letter option, Summer Design Shop offers a larger 20″ size. Request any letter of the alphabet and receive a beautifully crafted finished product made from reclaimed wood.

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The chest of drawers in the next picture is made by Luke Ellis of Kent and London. In fact, this piece inspired by vintage printing blocks might inspire YOU to add wooden letters to the furniture of your choice, DIY style! You can find purchase information here.

So many new design trends, so much time! Today’s vast array of wooden letters reflect the latest trends, and these Wooden Shop Letters from La Lando de Nodaro are no exception. For starters, they are paint drenched in colorful hues. And their wood-burned designs create a hand-drawn look (another top trend)! See more of these letters designed by Ampersand Design Studio at the top of the post.

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Carved acacia wood is accented with pastel and white paint for these Woodshop Monogram Letters from Anthropologie. Their modern shape and painted surfaces create a geometric look that fits the current celebration of all things geometric!

Land Of Nod Wall Letters

Paint-dipped style is alive and well… These Gold-Dipped Baby Name Letters from Etsy shop Cucumber Apple Studio are hand-cut from MDF, hand-painted, and given a gold-dipped finish. Each letter is sold individually, so you can spell out your little one’s monogram or full name:

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Why are we so fascinated by stones and minerals? Perhaps their natural beauty is irresistible! These Ice Crackle Monograms from Anthropologie are actually crafted from mango wood and resin. Although the resin is clearly not a crystal, it has a crystalline appearance from a distance.

Succulents! They are furious. So why not merge them with wooden letters and create a vertical garden with a message?!

We end today’s post with a collection of wooden letters that ooze classic style. These gold-colored letters from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child are a combination of classic and glam:

Put a bold spin on a traditional font by painting your letters a vibrant color! There is no doubt about the purpose of the room below. Yes, they explained it for us.

Christine Tustin Photography — Modern Boho Nursery With A Punch Of Tropics || Kith & Kin

Last but not least, these Wooden Bead Letters from RH Baby & Child combine earthy wooden charm with fluid shapes. Antique gray wooden beads are the materials of choice:

When it comes to wooden letters, do you prefer an industrial look, a trendy feel or a classic charm? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love for all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her particular interest in how design has changed over the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( explores fashion and […] If you’ve read a few of my posts, it’s probably clear by now that we spend a lot of time in our kids’ playrooms. When we moved into our current home, we didn’t have furniture to fill a formal living room, but we did

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Land Of Nod Wall Letters

Has an insane amount of toys. So it seemed logical that we would create a play space on the main level instead of running out to buy a bunch of furniture to fill a room that we would rarely use.

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This is how the room was staged when we toured the house. I have to wonder how often the previous owners used this place, as they also had two children:

I continue to be thrilled with this decision for many reasons. It’s wonderful to keep the toys tucked away instead of spread out all over the first floor, and the location of the playroom makes it easy for me to jump back in and check on the kids while I’m cooking dinner or running other errands.

This spot is also one of my favorite spots in our home in all its colorful glory. Recently, I created this gallery wall for the space. During that process, I moved this amazing Land of Nod clock to the gallery wall, which left an empty spot above our book nod:

I can’t stand having a blank spot on a wall for too long, so I decided to create some pom pom letters to go above the bookshelves inspired by the insanely talented ladies at J & J Design Group.

Decorating With Wooden Letters

I love the versatility of this project. You can make a single pompom letter and incorporate into a gallery wall, or you can spell out a favorite word or phrase. You can match the apple colors to your space, or choose a holiday-specific color theme and create some seasonal decor. So many possibilities!

Since my letters went over our bookshelf, I spelled out “read” and used pom poms in colors that complement our playroom:

So easy, right? I love how playful this looks, and how the letters pop against the gray walls. I am also working on a pompom letter H for my daughter’s room. Stay tuned to see the finished product! I show you how to make your own easy fabric covered wall letters that are perfect children’s decorations. Thanks to Aden + Anais for sending some coils my way to use for this project.

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Land Of Nod Wall Letters

A while back I mentioned that I had a bit of a love affair with some of Aden + Anais’s prints. I still am. In fact, I think it turned into a big love affair. But I’m not huge on a nursery with a strict theme. That’s why making some fabric baby letters with their subtle yet charming prints seemed like a no-brainer. Want to know how to make your own fabric letters? I’ll show you how!

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I started with some high quality kraft letters. I’ve rarely seen the odd letter hanging in the dollar section at Target, but good luck trying to spell anything using what’s available. So I used the smaller kraft letters from Land Of Nod which are about $4 a piece. They have holes in the back for hanging and basically, they are worth the bargain price considering where they came from. Now excuse me while I look at this bed for Kayla.

I took some beating to make the letters fluffy and plush and then found myself having a Sophie’s Choice moment trying to decide which of the super cute Up, Up & Away swaddles from Aden + Anais to cut. Call me a wimp because I couldn’t bring myself to use the one below with elephants and star balloons as it was my original childhood inspiration and I just love it.

I cut pieces of the bat, making sure to leave a lot of excess around the letters. Remember this – if you’re working with letters with cutouts or empty centers, make sure you pull the bat a bit through those slots or holes before cutting around the edges. Finally, you want to glue the batting around the letters so that it covers the entire front surface and sides of the letter, leaving only the back exposed.

Once you’ve cut the bat to size, you’ll want to hot glue it to the kraft letter. To do this without burning your little fingers, trust me when I say that you need to make sure you have something to press the bat against the freshly applied glue. I simply used the handle of my scissors to do this. If you want something very disposable you can use chopsticks, a plastic spoon, whatever you have. At this point you are halfway done with your DIY

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