Leather Piercing Tool 3 Letters

Leather Piercing Tool 3 Letters – To simplify the essential tools in leathercraft / leatherwork, I have created a one-pager infographic and table so you can have an overall view and comparison. Enjoy!

A round knife also known as a head knife is versatile and can be used for all cutting purposes in leathercraft / leatherwork. Commonly used for cutting thick hides and for skiving leather. You need to maintain and sharpen the blade. I don’t find this beginner-friendly compared to utility and x-acto knives with cheap replaceable blades. Note: You need to learn how to sharpen a knife.

Leather Piercing Tool 3 Letters

Leather Piercing Tool 3 Letters

A rotary cutter has circular blades that rotate when you push/pull to cut the leather. Suitable for thin skin and long straight cuts. I use it a lot.

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A utility knife is the perfect all-rounder beginner knife. It can also be used on thick skin. I believe this is a great cutter to kickstart your leathercraft journey. You probably already have this sitting somewhere at home. Get the ones with replaceable blades. Replace dull blades as you go. There are many types, choose the best one for you.

X-Acto / Xacto / Precision Knife is a good all rounder knife. Metal blades are sharp and replaceable. Personally, I use it for cutting fine details.

Skiving knife as the name suggests is used for skiving the leather. Skewing to shave thin layers of leather material. Personally, I use it for cutting and corner cuts and general cutting. ()

Edgers or edge bevelers are used to shave the angled or squared edges of the leather. The output is a rounded tip. There are several sizes and the size depends on the thickness of the leather or the finish you want. As a beginner, you can get quick change edge bevelers that can be used with interchangeable tips / blades of different sizes. No need to sharpen, new tips can be bought when needed.

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An edge burnisher or slicker is used to burnish (smooth) the edges of the leather. It is used to obtain a smooth and smooth finish to the leather edges. Usually used with a caustic agent (toconol, beeswax, gum trag, water, etc.). Wood slickers are ideal for multi-sized small projects. If you are planning to sew several pieces of leather together, you may need a larger size slicker. ()

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Diamond chisels are used to produce straight, consistent diamond-sized holes for stitching. Chisels are used to punch stitch holes along the stitch line. Available in 1, 2, 4, 8 “tooth” variants. I mainly use it for all my projects. For curves, smaller tooth sizes are used.

Corner punches are metal instruments with sharp, rounded edges used to cut through the skin. The same round corners can be achieved with a knife. I was cutting round corners with a ski knife. With some extra budget, this tool can save a lot of time. So you get standard corner cuts. Place it on edge and hit it with your mallet. Voila!

Leather Piercing Tool 3 Letters

The drive punch is a one-piece device that automatically cleans the leather punched from the side of the barrel so there is no obstruction. IMHO it’s a gem compared to rotary punches, which almost always leave some kind of skin snag (probably due to the quality of the rotary punch or my skill). Available in various sizes. ()

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It is a handheld multi-size puncher. You can change the size by turning the “wheel”. IMHO a quality rotary punch is a good and convenient tool but a cheap rotary punch is a nightmare. I had a couple of cheap rotary punches that kept breaking and didn’t really do the job. I now use drive punches.

A stitching pony is a wooden tool with two arms that holds the leather material firmly in place so you can use both hands for lacing or stitching. Using both hands wonderfully makes the sewing process easier.

A diamond awl is a sharp metal point used to mark or pierce the skin. It can be used to mark the skin before cutting or making holes in the skin for stitching. Typically, the skin is marked with a piercing iron or suture wheeler, then an awl is used to pierce the marks to create a suture hole. I rarely use it for my projects as diamond chisels are much faster. However, some leathercraft prefer to use an awl to have more control over the hole size.

An edge guide or stitch groover is a tool used to create marks or grooves for stitching. It is used to create suture lines near the edge of the skin. A stitch groover cuts the leather to create a groove that allows the stitch to sit in the groove. By applying less pressure, you can achieve marks similar to those made with a wing splitter. (without groove) ()

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A wing separator is a tool with 2 pointed arms to create scars on the skin. A wing divider is used to mark the stitching lines along the edges. You can adjust the distance between the arms and secure them in position. The arms are pointed, which is useful for precision work.

A piercing iron looks like a chisel, but it’s only meant to mark holes. Used with diamond / stitching awls. Place along the suture line, hammering lightly to mark the skin. Poke the marks with an awl to make the holes. Personally, I now use diamond chisels.

A stitch wheeler is used to mark the stitch hole locations on the skin. It has a metal wheel with sharp points on it. Used with an awl. Awls are used to pierce the marks to create suture holes. Personally, I now use diamond chisels.

Leather Piercing Tool 3 Letters

You want waxed threads because it’s easier to handle (prevents tangling) and works better with leather. Threads are available in various materials, colors and sizes. Choosing the type of thread material or size is based on personal preference. Common materials are nylon, linen and polyester. Thread sizes are generally available in 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm etc. Different brands have different size models. Choosing which thread size looks best for you depends on the size of the product. I personally prefer 0.8mm as it looks better in all projects.

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“Everybody uses John James needles”. This is probably true. They are strong and the pack lasts a long time. Needles are available in multiple sizes depending on thread and stitch hole size, which depends on your project. Thread and needle size are usually related to stitches per inch (SPI). I will create another post to explain more about this. Generally 6-8 SPI works for most projects. In short, getting John James size #2

Pattern and letter stamps are metal tools used to stamp patterns or letters into leather. You place the end with the pattern on the surface of the leather, use a mallet or maul to hit the stamp to imprint the pattern on the leather. ()

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A swivel knife is a tool used to carve patterns on leather. Place your index finger on the curved area at the top for dexterity when carving intricate designs. Personally, I wouldn’t see this as a beginner tool unless you’re into carving patterns.

A maul is a striking tool with a round/cylindrical shape wrapped around the head with poly. Comes in different sizes and weights. Depending on the task you can hold the maul differently. Grabbing the head portion gives some extra dexterity for more accurate strikes. Using a maul makes the arm/hand motion different from a mallet/hammer in that you use more of a wrist motion as opposed to arm swinging motions. A smaller impact surface ensures a better strike compared to mallets. ()

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Another notable tool widely used in leathercraft is the mallet. It basically has a hammer style shape. Materials used are wood, raw material, plastic and rubber. I personally do not recommend using a wooden mallet unless you have a limited budget. Raw or plastic is durable and works well. Perfect for punching your punch and stamp tools.

Hammers are similar to the hammer you use to hammer nails. Because it has a metal surface, metal hammers are not suitable for striking punch tools or other metal tools. You can potentially damage equipment when hitting metal with metal. I usually use these for basting my stitches, works great for taping seams. I use Maul for other notable tasks.

A poundo / rubber board is a piece of rubber board suitable for beating and cutting leather. It protects your knife and work table. The rubber surface helps protect knife edges and hole punches from dulling and chipping. Placed under your slabs as a damping surface to mute sound and reduce impact directly on your work table. When cutting leather, the board allows the blade to “cut” slightly to protect the knife and provide a clean straight cut.

Leather Piercing Tool 3 Letters

As the name suggests a cutting mat is used to cut leather. It protects your knife and work table. Have self-healing mats

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