Letter B In Bubble Letters

Letter B In Bubble Letters – As part of our phonics curriculum, we like to create letter crafts that go beyond representation – to include movement and different senses. To learn “B” (/

We made bubble paint for the first time a year ago as part of our “7 Ways to Play with Straws” brainstorm, and I plan to do it again because it was such a hit!

Letter B In Bubble Letters

Letter B In Bubble Letters

Food coloring was easier for the kids to manipulate than the paint – the purple paint shown below was made with food coloring, while the blue was made with paint.

Letter R Bubble Royalty Free Vector Image

You can do this in a couple of different ways – you can place the bowl on a piece of paper and let the bubbles flow onto the paper to create the art, or you can have your child blow bubbles and then place a sheet of paper over the top of the bowl to touch the bubbles.

Let the children work on blowing paint bubbles for a few minutes to create beautiful patterns and impressions on the paper.

The children who just did one big bubble blow ended up with very faint colors on the paper, which were not as bold as the color left by the children who spent a few minutes on this activity.

This is a great activity for the classroom because you can call up a couple of children at a time and do this with them without taking too much time.

Alphabet Letter B Png Transparent, B Alphabet Letter Blue, B Alphabet Letter, Bue Alphabet, Letter Png Image For Free Download

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