Letter C In Bubble Letters

Letter C In Bubble Letters – It is actually the type of letter that creates the puffy, bulging, and shape of the letters. These shapes make the letters look like bubbles. That’s why we call it the letters that wash.

Even though we can easily download a 6 inch bubble letters template, the letter style has a story behind it. Bubble letters are commonly known in street art or graffiti. Another name for this type of letter is softies. The first person to create bubble letters was Michael Lawrence Marrow. It is known as PHASE 2. It is an aerosol artist in America, based in New York City. He started creating softies in late 1972. He also created different types of bubble letters, including Phasemagorical Phantastic which stands for bubble letters with stars, Bubble Cloud, and Bubble Drip.

Letter C In Bubble Letters

Letter C In Bubble Letters

Usually, the best choice to make bubble letters is using capital letters. Because uppercase letters tend to have a larger size than lowercase letters. The bigger the size, the bigger the space. It helps us move our hands easily when making bubble letters.

How To Draw The Letter C In Bubble Letters Graffiti

This step really determines what the final form of the bubble letters will be. Be unlimited as we can. The rounder the line, the puffier the result.

3. Draw a small circle, triangle, or any hole-like shape of those letters.

If there is a hole or two in the letters, such as the letters A, B, D, or O, draw a small hole that mimics the original letters. This will define the letters so they can be read even though the shape of the letters has changed.

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Make sure that when markers are used, the line does not overlap. This can make the round line look messy and uneven. This step marks the end of our writing. We cannot change it. Careful.

How To Draw Bubble Letters: The Complete Guide [2021]

We can use the flashlight and direct it to something. If we do that from the top right, then the shadow will appear in the bottom left. If the light comes from the upper left corner, the shadow is in the lower right. The key is when the direction of the shadow is opposite of where the light is. Imagine this when we want to add shadows on our bubble letters.

The process helps to measure the right size of the shadows. They cannot overlap or be larger than the bubble letters themselves.

This helps define a bold and powerful shadow. The key to creating shadows is to vary how to make the shadows appear.

Letter C In Bubble Letters

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