Letters After Pis Crossword

Letters After Pis Crossword – Maron Podcast Host / THU 12-10-20 / Southwest Grassland / Slow Speech Review / Basic Stress in Modern Language

THEME: Element-ary!— Thematic keys should be thought of as [Chemical Symbol] + [remaining letters in key]; like this:

Letters After Pis Crossword

Letters After Pis Crossword

Word of the day: URIAH Heep (25A: ___ Heep, rival of David Copperfield) – Uriah Heep is a fictional character created by Charles Dickens in his novel David Copperfield in 1850. Hep is one of the main antagonists of the novel. His character is characterized by his blunt humility, carelessness, indolence and dishonesty, which often refers to his “flatness”. His name has become synonymous with sycophancy. (wikipedia)

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***HELLO READERS AND FELLOW SOLDIERS IN SYNDICATIONLAND (if the date is Thursday, January 14, 2021, that’s YOU!)!***.The calendar has turned on another year (thank goodness) and while that may mean a many things to many people, for me it means it’s time for my annual week of financial contributions to the blog. Every year I ask regular readers to rate what the blog is worth to them and give accordingly. Last year at this time I wrote about how 2019 was; my oldest dog died and the world was kind of a wreck. And then 2020 happened and I realized what a real devastation it was. In February my other dog died (R.I.P. Gabby). And then, well, COVID. And let’s be honest, even with a new president, 2021 is going to be tough. But I hope that the ritual of solving crossword puzzles last year has brought some comfort and stability to your life, and I hope that my blog has added some measure to your enjoyment of the solving experience. This year my blog is celebrating its 15th anniversary! I feel very proud! And old! A lot of work goes into producing this blog every day (Every day.) and the hours are, let’s say, less than ideal (I either decide and write at night, after 10:00 pm or in the morning, before 6 am) . Most days, I really enjoy writing, but it’s work, and once a year (now!) I admit that fact. As I’ve said before, I’m not interested in “monetizing” the blog beyond a simple, direct request once a year. No ads, no gimmicks. Just here for you, every day, rain or shine, whether you like it or maybe sometimes you don’t 🙂 understanding and relief along the way. I sincerely love this gig, and whether you’re a daily reader, a Sunday-only reader, or a hater, I appreciate you more than you know.

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He eats heads in the middle, in case you were wondering. Anyway, these cards are important to me personally and also, in my opinion, objectively beautiful. I can’t wait to share them over time. Please note: I do not maintain a “mailing list” and do not share my contributor information with anyone. And if you’re sending by mail and (for whatever reason) don’t want a thank you card, just indicate “NO CARD.” Again, as always, I am very grateful for your readers and support. Now to today’s challenge…

Well, there was no [Click sound?]. Never received an AHA from this one. Not while I was settling, anyway. This was an easy Tuesday puzzle with five completely random and possibly unknown answers placed in the middle. I just waited for the subjects to look like real phrases and then filled them in. I didn’t think to pause (for more than a few seconds) because of what I was supposed to get from the answer key. I thought the more I resolved the clearer it would become, but it never did. It only took me about thirty seconds, probably after figuring out the theme, which… Thank goodness. If I finish a puzzle and don’t know what’s going on subject-wise, the clock keeps ticking and the longer it goes, the more fun it is. Fortunately, I picked it up quickly enough to be amazed at my ingenuity. I never like a puzzle where *all* of the fun is in typing the key, but as this type of puzzle goes, this looks like a good example. But I know for a fact that most of the reason I can figure out what the puzzle is trying to do is because the puzzle was one. very easy to manage and b. not full by filling the gank. If the problem is feasible and the network is refined, the problem has many possibilities to solve the problem. If you let me get through it without too much effort and don’t throw trash in my face along the way, I’ll follow where you lead.

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Not surprisingly, the most difficult part of the puzzle for me revolved around the strangest subject phrase: CARBON-DATED. I still don’t know if it’s an adjective or a verb. I’m going with quality. Before I figured out the theme (but after I finished the puzzle) my first thought was “oh, CARBON-DATE, that’s a spelling of ‘carbonated’, maybe it’s something…” (this was not). Anyway, the DATE part was tough for me, especially the last letter. Since the key didn’t mean anything to me at the time, I was just trying to make a real phrase. CARBON … DATE? DATE? Now obviously DATED is the best option, but you can see that “D” is going through the hardest key in the whole puzzle: 52D: Constant Celebration? (PI DAY). Because “Pi” is a constant and you “celebrate” it on March 14th (that’s 3/14, so 3.14 uf is pretty dumb) (really, do you?) Anyway, on the first pass I got a slot with PISAY . Tried all the crosses and realized “S” was the problem, ta da. End of the puzzle. Also, my only mistakes were writing SAUDIS before SOMALI (14A: Like some Gulf of Aden natives) and writing EAR CANDY before CANAL EAR (22A: sound song?). Saudi Yemen in the Gulf of Aden, unless they travel to Yemen, which … ugh, let’s not go there today (or, what the hell, go there if you want). Not so exciting is something that looks like a temer (8-letter across) and has a “?” The key ended up not being a temer like any other temer. Unnecessary complications, bad editing. When I got to TALK SHOP and … no “?” Key (49A: Discuss work outside work, say). But it didn’t hold me back too much, so no big deal. The best wrong guess about subjects (which I had to build entirely from crosses and didn’t know how signs work): I had -VERBU in the middle of 43A: Aground? and the first convincing thing my brain gave way to was PASSING THE BUDGET. SILVER BULLET IS BETTER. Number of duplicates: 16a. [Have the answers], KNOW / 36g. [Science of knowledge], KEN. I just ran into the KEN key moments after filling in KNOW, so it rang.

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Letters After Pis Crossword

God! It seems like it was only last week when Samuel A. Donaldson was here with a crossword puzzle. (Check…) Yes. It was last week. She gave us Sewing Swifties last Wednesday, which I enjoyed.

Law And Justice’s Grip On Poland Is Faltering

But I think today is better for me. Sam gives us four phrases that contain two letter “words” and changes the word to its acronym (using the same letters). For example, I’M I.M. will be ID will be I.D.

It’s a 72-word grid and it’s amazing in its clarity and excellent padding. Look at the NE and SW sections which are very wide open. Sam

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