Screwtape Letters Book Club Questions

Screwtape Letters Book Club Questions – Click here for a sample of the Screwtape Character Study Guide section! Check out the E-Guide version, available now! Get the book The Screwtape Letters HERE

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Screwtape Letters Book Club Questions

Screwtape Letters Book Club Questions

CS Lewis’ classic satire on the new trials and tribulations of Hell and Heaven. “CS Lewis is the best persuasion for the half-hearted, for the good man who would like to be a Christian but finds his mind in the way.” -New York Times Book Review

Bis Reads // A C.s. Lewis Booklist

What would happen if hell was organized as a top management system with managers and field representatives? Meet Screwtape, the general manager and uncle to Wormwood, the field operator who has been assigned a human patient for eternal safety. Hell doesn’t love, but Screwtape takes the leadership and training of his brother.

In a series of letters, Screwtape advises and works for the young demon about the best of human trials, weaknesses and failures, and the tragedy of his patience to become a Christian. Although this really complicates things, the two physical creatures won’t let it stop them.

From this distorted perspective, CS Lewis digs into the human condition, revealing some interesting, and sometimes embarrassing, traits. Touching on everything from insomnia to the “absurdity” of God’s love for humanity, Screwtape imparts his wicked wisdom to Wormwood. Although the mirror that held the human was cracked and cracked, it was still clear. Wit and parody mask an important study about what makes people tick; and asking the reader to think, he can teach each of us how to resist the temptation and cut off the enemy!

Pre-Reading Activities: Learn about the devil in scripture, art, literature & music. Artist’s personal concept of the demon. Bible Study on the Temptation of Jesus. Watch interviews with soldiers from WWII, Battle of Britain.

What I Learnt From Talking To Satan And His Devils (c.s. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters Review)

Literary techniques: include fiction, epistolary, paraphrase, extended metaphor, humiliation, death, suffering, anxiety, fear, and anxiety, humiliation, meaning, axiom, strange, humiliation, descriptive language.

Moral lessons and moral values: modern philosophy, materialism, apologetics, church, expectations & disappointments, sin, physical needs, trials bring growth, friendship, guilt, laughter and humanity, humility , humility, simple pleasure and gratitude, peer pressure. marriage and love, pride, danger.

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Activities and Writing Activities: including research history, writing a prayer, position paper on Christianity, collection of images of Christ, writing a poem, Samuel Taylor Coleridge poetry study, nursing home tour, group discussion on peace, prayer before classmates, thank you service. . fate, poem or poem about death, Complete essay like patient study , faith, timeline, human, historical connection to the book, distortion of reality, physical vs. spirituality, compare & contrast, women and men, motifs in the Screwtape Letters, church, forgiveness, research papers on CS Lewis’ other work, literary symbolism, activities such as dramatic presentations, playwriting and acting, write your own letter, self study.

Screwtape Letters Book Club Questions

We have included an in-depth list of additional books by the same author(s) and other books related to, or similar to, The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis. “After reading a new book, don’t allow yourself a new one until you read an old one in between.”

The Screwtape Letters By C.s. Lewis

I owe a lot to CS Lewis… My introduction to him was something of a false start: in 1939 I read Out of the Silent Planet as a child I loved space travel stories… In 1943 The Screwtape Letters… with little The three books which later became Christianity only, led me to something approaching a cult, and soon after the rebirth in 1944 the Pilgrim Crisis got rid of the knowledge I was in. [1].

And Mere Christianity, are perhaps his most widely read works. Since they were published in the 1940s, these books have ‘swept the heads of many people,’ with their creative depictions of Christian truth and razor-sharp criticism of modern (humanist) ideology. Like no one before or since, Lewis was able to ignite the world of thought for the love of Christ, and a deep understanding of the human condition.

Lewis was a veteran of the trenches and was a leading light at Oxford when he converted to Christianity from atheism in 1929.[2] Later he became Professor of Mediaeval and Renaissance Literature in Cambridge, becoming one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century. Lewis understood in his life the damage caused by the pride of sinful man, who turned away from God and he turned himself. In all of his writings, Lewis gently—yet with true honesty—depicts human behavior that has fallen to the whole world to be deceived and deceived.

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Nowhere is Lewis’s wisdom about our struggle with sin, the world and the devil more evident than in this

Catholic Book Club

. A collection of 31 letters – allegedly written by an arch-devil (Screwtape) to his disciple (Wormwood) –

It provides the addict’s guidance in deceiving and controlling ‘healthy’ human beings. Their purpose, of course, is to steal the believer from the ‘Enemy’ (i.e. God) and secure him.

Lewis’s account of the exchange between the two devils is written in a mocking tone. As Luther once encouraged believers to do, Screwtape is in part meant to mock the devil in his foolish delusions.[3] However, Lewis is very critical of the devil’s lies and their ability to hide the truth revealed in Christ and the Scriptures. Screwtape reminds Wormwood that their work has a sinister purpose: to ‘spill,’ again

Screwtape Letters Book Club Questions

Let’s do our best to divert the human mind from God to focus on ourselves—in challenging times and everyday. Because

As One Devil To Another

You can weaken his prayer by diverting his attention from the Enemy himself (God) to the state of his mind about the enemy… in all the activities that are appropriate for the enemy to divert his attention to himself. Let the abuser or the woman’s body focus his attention outside so that he does not think ‘Now I am entering the state called Anger – or the state called Lust. charity’ so he focused his attention on it until he stopped looking at himself to see our Enemy or his neighbors. (6 characters)

This world is an area occupied by the enemy, where the Screwtapian strategy is used daily to block and destroy the historically powerful Christianity in people’s lives, to turn everyone’s cultural environment into a destructive influence, to fill the imagination humanity and anti-Christian ideas and attitudes. and keeping people away from reason in the old sense of morality (that is, a thoughtful, responsible, rational life). Satan is fighting God by corrupting and destroying human beings in custody; Our story of man’s earthly temptation and descent into hell is therefore part of a larger conflict.[4]

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For Lewis, the fall of human nature shows a kind of ‘hatred against God’—by its very nature, it suppresses the truth about God and eagerly embraces lies (cf. Romans 1:18-23; 3: 10-18). . But Lewis is not afraid! The devil does not only deceive but deceive; blind to the truth that through Christ and his death and resurrection, sin and death and hell have been conquered once and for all. This does not prevent the devil from whipping the people of God like a dog chained in the house (for example Revelation 12:12 cf. Job 1:6-7; 2:3; 1Peter 5:8-9 ). As we await the specific return of Christ, we find ourselves in spiritual warfare; The war that Lewis saw directly permeated all of his writings and teachings. It was written by Packer

[Lewis would say] ‘We are in a secret and holy world War: stay where you are; persevere, do not be discouraged, because the truth, the truth, and Christ, the living Lord himself is with you (Ephesians 6:10-20).[5]

Prime Video: Walking With C.s. Lewis

The most annoying truth for the great Satan Screwtape, is what he sees as God’s incomparable love for His human creatures. That the ‘Enemy’ (God) was concerned and took such care in creating human beings is terrible, but in fact he humbled himself to become one of them in order to save them and overcome all the behavior of the devil. !

Remember always, the Enemy likes small organisms, and sets a negative value on the diversity of each of them. (13 characters)

One has to face the fact that all the talk of his love for men, and his service being completely free, is not (as one would happily believe) just propaganda, but a terrifying truth. He really wants to fill the universe with a lot of disgusting things of his own—creatures whose lives, on a small scale, will be as good as his own, not just to occupy them but to want their will to follow his own. (8 letters)

Screwtape Letters Book Club Questions

We want cows that can eventually become food; he wants slaves who can eventually become children. We want to suck, he wants to give back. We

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