Letters To Santa Mailbox Diy

Letters To Santa Mailbox Diy – We’re kicking off our 2021 Handbuilt Holiday Series with a quick and easy project that’s perfect for anyone with kids. Today Anna White and I are sharing plans for these letters to Santa’s mailbox.

DIY tutorial for creating a letter mailbox to Santa. Make this holiday mailbox for kids of all ages to send their letters to Santa.

Letters To Santa Mailbox Diy

Letters To Santa Mailbox Diy

Every Friday before Christmas, we’ll share plans for a new gift building idea. We’ve been doing this Handbuilt Holiday series since 2013 (except for 2020). Hence we’ve put together 7-year gift ideas for you to build for all your friends and family. See the full Handbuilt Holiday collection here.

Diy Mailbox For Santa (two Ways!)

Almost every child wants to send all this important message to Santa. Why not make this wonderful mailbox for your family their very own place to mail these letters?

In the first step, create the frame for the mailbox by attaching the sides to the base. Follow Anna’s plans here for the remaining steps.

Thank you for joining me to build this mailbox. Please leave any questions in the comments below and be sure to follow me on social media for a sneak peek of tools and project inspiration: Hey everyone! Happy hump day! Today is the 9th of the 12 Days of Christmas and for this DIY I am bringing you a fun mailbox that you can make so your little ones can send their letters to Santa.

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Santa’s Helper Sets Out Mailbox In Her Neighborhood

I got this cute little mailbox at my local dollar tree. My daughter helped me share all about her on our last shopping trip.

I spray painted it with primer and then gave it two coats of my favorite white chalk paint.

Next, I painted the small flag in red. It took me several coats to get it all covered, but I was able to get most of it in the end!

Letters To Santa Mailbox Diy

Next, I cut some scrapbook paper that came in handy to add to the mailbox door as trim. I simply applied it with a glue stick (

Holiday Living 60 In Mailbox Sculpture With Clear Led Lights In The Outdoor Christmas Decorations Department At Lowes.com

Next, I took some Christmas greens from the Dollar Tree and untied them. I started to put the papers on top first with some hot glue.

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Next, I made a little poster to go to one of the cute dollar tree signs that read “Letters to Santa.” I can’t deliver the message my whole life so I rely heavily on Cricut.

I used some Dollar Tree tape to attach the bow to the tag and then used hot glue to stick it to the front.

Finally, I wanted to sit on a stand, so I took a candlestick that was painted earlier this year, added some hot glue and put it on top.

Letters To Santa 2021 — Ross Auxiliary

Note *Hot glue can peel off if you decide to use the candlestick for something else in the future.

I’m sure my kids will get away with using it. They’ve been playing at the little Dollar Tree since I finished them.

One of the things I love about this project is that you can use whatever Christmas decorations and decorations you have to decorate it and make it your own.

Letters To Santa Mailbox Diy

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Subscribe to The Latina Next Door and get notified of new posts, tutorials, gifts and upcoming offers instantly! I love decorating Christmas! But I love it more when I can do it without spending all my money. And this DIY Santa mailbox is perfect for a budget Christmas.

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Letters To Santa Mailbox Pdf Printable Diy / Christmas Holiday

But it’s made of two empty cereal boxes! Yes, a little glue and paint and a couple of cereal boxes will create a adorable mailbox for all your letters to Santa.

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If you saw my DIY letters to Santa’s mailbox a few years ago, you probably noticed a thread. I love using empty cereal boxes to make these simple Santa mailboxes.

Letters To Santa Mailbox Diy

Cereal boxes are made of chipboard. It is a material similar to pressed cardboard, but without the corrugation of ordinary shipping boxes.

Christmas Village Accessories Santas Mailbox Villages Sets For Christmas Decoration Cute Doggy Letter To Santa Resin Christmas Ornaments

The chipboard gives structure to the boxes, but it is easy to cut. Plus, since my kids love cereal for breakfast, I tend to have a good amount of these empty boxes.

Instead of recycling it, why not recycle it? I am happy to report that my letters to Santa’s mailbox two years ago still look like new!

The secret to raising cereal boxes (made of chipboard) is to make them look like metal. Nobody wants a cardboard Santa mailbox.

This red Santa mailbox looks just like a bright red mailbox due to the paint job. A few coats of bright red, high gloss spray paint and it transforms it!

Fairfield Parks & Recreation

Begin shaping your cereal boxes by cutting an arc in the sides. My cereal box was just over 3 inches wide. I found a kid’s cup that was a similar width and traced it over for an arc.

Make sure to leave at least 1 above the arch so that the front and back sides can cover the curve with a little overlap.

Also, leave a small tab at the top of the bow to secure the front/back. Cut out the shape and remove the flaps on top of the cereal box.

Letters To Santa Mailbox Diy

Add hot glue to the underside of the front piece and stick it to the side of the bow and to the tab on top. Repeat on the other side.

Make Your Own Santa Mailbox

Then oh the same for the back piece. Finish by gluing the back piece to the front to complete the bow.

Use an x-acto knife to cut out the mailbox hole at the top. Make sure it is large enough to fit an envelope.

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To allow for a way to remove the letters, cut a hole in the center front of the mailbox.

I measured 1 1/4″ on each side (this measurement will be used later to make the details, so be sure to remember which measurement you are using).

Dear Santa

I also left a few inches at the bottom and a few inches at the top under the arch.

I used the bottom of my box for the top due to some homogeneous spots. So I also had to hot glue the bottom tabs on the bottom.

The second box of cereal doesn’t need to be the same size, just close it. Remove the panels at the top and bottom of the box.

Letters To Santa Mailbox Diy

For the legs, measure 1 1/4 from the edge (or whatever measurement you used to cut the hole in the mailbox previously).

We Put A “letters To Santa” Mailbox On Our Sidewalk. Three Days Later, The Mailbox Was Full Of Children’s Letters. I’ve Never Felt So Much Christmas Spirit, And That’s Saying Something. :

Then form the bottom of the legs by drawing a line 3/4 inch from the edge on the bottom 2. Draw a diagonal line from the 1/4 line to the 3/4 line.

Also, measure 1 in front of the edge on the side of the box. Cut the legs until you get the corner piece.

Repeat with all four corners of the second cereal box. Align the legs with the body of the mailbox.

The point at which the 1 1/4 wide leg starts should be aligned with the bottom of the mailbox body. The top should be where the arc begins. Cut the top off if it’s too long.

Santa Claus Letter Mailbox With Pine & Berry Accent By Valerie

Use the scraps of the second cereal box to add trimming between the legs at the front/back and sides.

I made my cutting pieces 1/2″ wide and measured each piece wide so it filled the space between the legs.

From the rest of the scraps, cut a door to the front of the mailbox. Make sure it overlaps the hole at least 1/4″ on each side.

Letters To Santa Mailbox Diy

Now the mailbox is ready to be painted. I learned that red spray paint does not cover well. It took 5 layers of paint to hide the grain design

Santa Letter Writing Party

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