Slang For Sailor 3 Letters

Slang For Sailor 3 Letters – Being a sailor means learning many new habits, skills and lessons. Without a doubt, learning to speak like a sailor is like learning a new language.

You will hear a lot of specific terminology on board the ship, but you will also hear some navy terms relating to military establishments such as bases or government buildings. If you’re getting ready to go to a Navy training camp, familiarizing yourself with these terms will give you an advantage over your peers.

Slang For Sailor 3 Letters

Slang For Sailor 3 Letters

You’ll learn a lot more terms than those listed here, but these are some of the major military terms you’ll want to know right away.

Guide To Military Lingo

You’ll want to start practicing this language long before going to the Great Lakes Recruitment Command Center.

You may not use these navy terms on a daily basis on board a ship, but you will want to know the titles and ranks fairly well.

In the meantime, learn the jargon and pass this list on to family and friends. This way, they will know exactly what you are talking about when you start listing down while in training camp!

If you have a loved one at RTC Great Lakes, join our RTC Great Lakes Facebook group by clicking here!

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Slang For Sailor 3 Letters

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Slang For Sailor 3 Letters

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The Sailors And Soldiers (chapter 3)

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Slang For Sailor 3 Letters

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Sailors, Tailors, Cooks, And Crooks: On Loanwords And Neglected Lives In Indian Ocean Ports

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Sailors have their own language. And all sailors from the “Old Salt” to the New Initiates know the following terms:

• Chit: Chit in the Navy refers to every sheet of paper, from form to pass and even currency. According to the Naval History Museum, the word chit has been carried over from the time of Indian traders when they used sheets of paper called “citthi” for money.

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• Scuttlebutt: Navy term for a fountain. The Naval History Museum describes the term as a combination of a “scuttle” to make a hole in the side of a ship that would cause it to sink, and a “butt” or barrel or barrel, used in the days of wooden ships to store drinking water. So the word scuttlebutt means a barrel with a hole.

• Crank: Term used to describe a canteen worker, usually a new transfer, assigned to a canteen who qualifies for a regular watch.

• Cadillac: term used to describe a mop bucket with wheels and a bell. When seamen are assigned to clean, they prefer a luxury Cadillac to a bucket.

Slang For Sailor 3 Letters

• Door knocker: The knocker refers to the bottom of the watertight door frame. They are known to cause shin injuries. Drunken sailors hate them.

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• Cumshaw: A term used when obtaining something outside of official channels or payments, usually through trade or exchange. For example, sailors on a deployed ship got pizza in exchange for washing the C-2 Greyhound crew that flew them in. Younger sailors may use the term “drug contract” instead of cumshaw.

• Drifting gear: Term used to describe items that are not properly stowed. The shoes in this photo would be considered drifting gear. It is also sometimes referred to as “drifting is a gift.”

• Snipe: term used

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